Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

If you’re looking to enhance your night hunting experience, a night vision scope for a crossbow is an excellent option. However, make sure you select the best scope according to your requirements.

Lens quality and coating make a significant difference, while nitrogen-filled lenses help keep moisture out of your view.

Objective lens

If you plan to shoot crossbows at night, a good night vision scope is necessary. This type of optic features an expansive objective lens that lets light into the scope, providing clear target visibility even in low-light conditions. Be aware that some may be bulky so make sure you select the correct size.

When shopping for a night vision scope, it is essential to be aware of the main factors that determine its performance. You must consider factors like an objective lens, magnification, the field of view, and illumination.

When hunting with a crossbow night vision scope, the first factor you should consider is its magnification power. For optimal clarity and visibility in dim light conditions, opt for a scope with an effective magnification range of 32-40x. This will provide you with a wide field of view and enable you to target the entire target area.

Another factor you should consider when purchasing a night vision scope is its objective lens diameter. This measurement indicates how much light can enter into the scope and how bright an image you will get when looking through it.

Larger objective lenses give you a sharper image, but they’re bulky and cumbersome to transport. To make moving it easier when out in the wild easier, opt for a night vision scope with an average weight.

Finally, ensure your night vision scope is weather resistant. This feature is essential as it keeps rain and moisture out of the scope so it won’t fog up or become unresponsive. Fogged optics won’t function properly.

For crossbow shooting, the ideal night vision scope should offer a wide field of view, bright illumination, and high-quality image. This will guarantee that you can see your target clearly and hit it precisely. Furthermore, make sure it has an adjustable reticle so you can aim precisely at your intended target.


Magnification refers to how much a scope’s image of an object is magnified compared to what the naked eye can see. For instance, with a magnification of 4, a target will appear four times larger than it would appear with just the naked eye.

Magnification is an essential feature of scope, as it helps you focus on your target and ensure that the bolt hits its intended mark. Furthermore, this feature increases the effective shooting range of your crossbow so you can get more distance out of each shot.

Magnification isn’t the only factor in improving your night vision. The quality of the glass in your scope also matters as higher-grade lenses tend to have better light transmission which will enhance clarity and contrast in low-lighting conditions.

No matter your budget, there is a range of night vision scopes that can fit within it. To narrow down your choices, determine your target budget and then pick the best scope that meets all your requirements.

Some of the best night vision scopes for crossbow use include the Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope, Firefield Tactical Night Vision Scope, and Sightmark Photon XT. These options feature various reticles and color modes with their night vision technology as well as an 850nm infrared illuminator to help you see clearly in low light conditions.

The Sightmark SM18008 is an ideal night vision scope for crossbows due to its wide field of view, specialized reticle, and multi-coated lenses. Plus, it’s waterproof with quick adjustments for windage and elevation so you can quickly and accurately aim your bow.

This model features a 3x fixed magnification and 42 mm objective lens, providing decent light transmission. Additionally, it has a single red duplex reticle as well as an inbuilt IR illuminator to provide clearer night vision.

This first-gen design is an ideal option for crossbow hunters looking to enhance their night vision capabilities. It offers 2.5 power fixed magnification and fits most modern crossbows with its 50mm objective lens that can be programmed with up to 10 different reticles and nine colors, plus it comes equipped with an 850nm infrared illuminator that provides a detection range of 200 yards.

Battery life

Battery life is an essential factor when selecting a night vision scope for crossbow use. It allows you to plan how long the scope will operate before needing to be recharged, which is especially helpful when hunting outdoors or in remote places where reaching a charging station may take some time.

Most of the top night vision scopes for crossbows on the market will come with a battery that provides between eight and twelve hours of illumination. This should be sufficient enough for an entire day’s hunting expedition, though having spare batteries handy just in the case proves useful is always recommended.

Some scopes even feature the option to connect an additional battery pack that provides even more power to the device. This is great if you need extended battery life on a hunt that will last all weekend long.

When looking for the ideal night vision scope for crossbow use, durability should be key. Especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, look for models with a high-resolution sensor to deliver clearer images. Some even feature multiple reticles and an IR illuminator to boost visibility in low-light conditions.

When purchasing a crossbow scope, it’s essential to check its frame rate. This will enable you to track moving targets accurately.

This can be especially advantageous when trying to hit targets at longer ranges or in dimly lit environments. A high-resolution sensor and fast refresh rate will help maximize your investment.

When selecting a scope, you’ll want to look for one that offers multiple reticles so you can find one that best suits your shooting style. Some scopes even feature red reticle indicators to show if you’ve hit your target. In dark environments, red reticles help minimize blind spots and ensure accurate shots.


Night vision scopes are essential tools for hunters who hunt at night. Not only does it help you locate your next target, but it gives you a good indication of where to shoot once you’re there.

Before purchasing a crossbow night vision scope, it’s essential to factor in the price. While some scopes are very affordable, others can be quite pricey. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to a price point.

When purchasing a night vision scope, keep in mind its features and quality. Some models boast plenty of impressive capabilities while others only provide a few. Furthermore, the design of the scope plays an important role in its cost.

When selecting a night vision scope, one important factor to consider is its magnification. Opt for at least 5x magnification so you can easily spot close-up targets – essential when crossbow hunting.

Magnification can have a significant effect on the field of view. A higher magnification results in a narrower field of vision, making it harder to spot targets at long distances.

When searching for a high-quality night vision scope for crossbow shooting, opt for one with an objective lens of around 32 millimeters in diameter. This size ensures you get a bright image even during early morning hours or dusk when hunting at night.

You have a wide range of designs and colors to choose from. Some options feature rubber coating for improved durability as well as improved light transmission so the image appears clearer. Plus, night vision scopes can be combined with infrared technology which enables you to see through thick trees and shrubbery for greater precision aiming – perfect for hunters who prefer using bows at night.