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There are several methods to securely attach your arrow inserts onto the shaft of your arrow. You’re seeking an adhesive system that can endure repeated impacts without breaking.

  There are both positive and negative aspects associated with each type of adhesive. It is worthwhile to look at the most well-known big names to determine which one is the most efficient.

Preparation Issues

 No matter what product you are using the most crucial aspect is cleaning before application.

The insert’s surface should be roughed as well as the inside of the shaft. Clean the shaft’s inside using hot water or pure alcohol. Acetone is a good choice.

It is vital to ensure that every particle of carbon dust gets removed following the gentle sanding process.

Make use of latex gloves and wash the inserts too.

The process of preparation and cleaning generally is more influential on the effectiveness of the glue application than the adhesive you select.

Three types of adhesives dominate the market three types of adhesives: hot melt glue 2-part epoxy, and single tube.

Hot melt is available in the form of a stick or block and must be melted with a heat gun or similar tool before applying it to the archery.

The epoxy solution provides an unbreakable adhesive, which is great if you do not want to take off the insert.

People who use hot glue generally use it when they have to take off their inserts at some time.

The single-tube glues are usually accessible from archery experts like the arrow makers as well as a simple and cheap point and stick.

We’ve provided a list of adhesive options that include each of the three commonly suggested glue kinds.

A Selection of Glues for attaching the inserts of Arrows

30-06 Insert Weld

This is a viscose-rich rubber adhesive that is designed for use in conjunction with carbon shafts and aluminum shafts.

It can fill gaps that are up.008″ It is shock-resistant – vital when dealing with modern-day Arrows.

It’s got a fast bonding time of 30 seconds. When it is set, it has a tensile force of 3700psi.

The company will only ship products that have under 90 days from manufacturing and also explain that this allows you 265 days for you to use the glue you purchased.

Insert Weld comes in bottles that are either 0.5 1 oz or 1 oz.

Pine Ridge Insert Glue

A different industry-specific glue for the industry is Pine Ridge Insert Glue.

It comes in a tiny bottle with a small applicator nozzle, which is ideal to get the glue into the tightest of areas.

It can work after application which can be between 90 and 120 seconds, giving the user enough time to have it correctly applied and placed.

Another adhesive has proven to be very popular with hunters. It is also, when correctly applied, has caused little or no issues with inserts ripping out.

G5 G-Lock Blu-Glu

Blu-Glu is an adhesive that was designed to be used when installing the inserts, nocks, or fletching.

It’s a translucent blue hue that allows you to get an idea of the level of coverage that was applied. it helps to prevent dripping and mess.

The glue becomes clear when it is dried and is not noticeable should any visible.

It offers a durable and flexible bond that can be able to withstand heavy impact to ensure that the inserts stay where they’re positioned.

Blu-Glu is available in bottles of 0.7 oz. Blu-Glu is available in bottles of 0.7 Oz in size.

Hot Melt Glue Suggestions

Easton Low-Temperature Hot Melt

Easton produces a low-temperature hot melt glue and recommends the use of low temperatures to prevent damaging the shaft.

The glue comes in the form of a 10″ size x 0.5″ stick. It, as the name suggests can be melted to a lower temperature.

This glue was designed to point and insert installation on A/C and aluminum shafts for arrows.

The glue stick comes with an MSRP value of $6.99.

Normally, I’d direct users to the Easton website for more details. However, it appears Easton is out of almost all the adhesive items that are listed.

Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool-Flex

It is a hot melt glue made to secure points inserts, outserts, and pin bushings to carbon shafts.

The main reason to consider making use of the Cool-Flex is the fact that it’s adjustable for when and if you need to take off the inserts.

Its flexible properties allow it to give a tiny amount of force without cracking after repeated hits against the object.

It needs a spark at first for the installation of the inserts in the carbon, aluminum, or fiberglass shaft. The removal of the inserts could be accomplished by submerging them in hot water.

The glue can be used to secure pins, points, and outserts. bushings as well.

Cool-Flex cures after it is left on the counter at room temperatures for five minutes. Its melting point is 280 ° F (137.8 C).


JB Weld Epoxy

It is JB Weld Epoxy is a two-part epoxy that is available in twin tubes. It is combined to form a powerful bond that can take up to 24 hours for it to fully set.

The epoxy is set as dark grey bonds using the ratio of 1:1. Its initial set time ranges from about 4-6 hours with a complete cure lasting between 15 and 24 hours.

The epoxy will be set over time. It has a tensile force of 5020 psi or more therefore there is no chance for the insert to come loose after it has been placed.

Two-Part Epoxy AAE

Arizona Archery Enterprises has a two-part epoxy specifically designed to be used for attaching inserts and nocks.

The hardener and resin are available in a syringe that is simple to apply to smaller components and also the tight inside of the shaft of the arrow.

Like JB Weld epoxy, as with JB Weld epoxy, this product requires 24 hours to cure to create an extremely strong bond.

Once it is properly set, the inserts and nocks will be inside for good.

Devcon 2 Ton Clear Epoxy

It is a solid adhesive that has produced satisfactory results in fixing inserts.

The epoxy is a two-part mix that is formulated in an amount of 1:1.

It’s rated as ideal for applications where the impact of high intensity is expected. It is an opaque epoxy.

It can be done before drying for approximately 10 minutes and will then set after about 25 minutes.

According to the label, after it is set, it will have a capacity of 2000 psi.

The smallest size of the bottle that it includes is 25ml.

Can You Use Super Glue?

Certain hunters have reported using Super Glue for installing inserts and many have experienced excellent results.

The issue with this type of adhesive may arise as it dries.

It may become tough and brittle, so the adhesion becomes more prone to break. This increases the chance of the insert slipping loose, and eventually separating.

Gorilla Blue Cap Super Glue

One of the most popular varieties that is Super Glue among bowhunters is Gorilla Super Glue.

It’s a cyanoacrylate-based glue that works for a wide range of substances including plastic, metal stone, and others.

It’s advertised as an instant glue that dries in 10 to 45 minutes.

It is therefore essential to get your work done quickly and precisely before the time when the bond turns permanent.

Super Glue can withstand strong bumps and knocks and can be able to withstand an arrow’s force striking targets.

Hot melt adhesives with low temperatures can be a great alternative if you are thinking that you’ll need to eventually remove the glues.

 24-hour epoxies offer the most solid hold however they are not permanent. You can take off an insert placed in epoxy, but there is a risk that the arrow may be damaged.

Single tube glues offered by companies that sell archery accessories offer strong adhesion, but they will become fragile over a longer period.

The kind of glue you decide to use for inserts will depend on your personal preference with regards to how long you’d like that insert to remain in your Arrows.

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