Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

HOYT (Hunting Optics) is a division of HOYT (Hunting Optics) Company, which has its origins in 1895. They are the leaders in bow design and manufacture. They use the HOYT in hunting, target shooting, and tactical.

HOYT Bows has developed into a premium brand for bows with thick arrowheads that is durable, lightweight, and hard-wearing. Their products are made to be consistent with the same advanced technology of their competition.

The all-metal HOYT Hunter series is designed to be a heavy duty blade which produces the longest flight distance of any bow on the market. The Hunter series is especially useful for those who hunt out of doors.

HOYT hunter series are made to be durable and strong. The Archer Series has proven to be the best choice for hunters. The series offers everything necessary for a competition bow.

The Archer Series is a four-string set, HOYT’s best selling model, and is built to be rugged and durable. The Archer Series has been tested for over 20 years and still remains one of the best selling bow series. It is known for its superior accuracy and reliability, and it has proven itself effective in many archery competitions.

The Archer series incorporates some of the finest features that are standard in HOYT bows, including heavy duty beam tension, a classic pull back for smooth execution, and an easy adjustable leg cross pieces for maximum comfort. These features make the Archer Series well-suited for both varmint and long-range hunting.

The High Speed Series is a blend of HOYT and an alloy. It is designed for accuracy and durability. It includes a self-gripping bow grip and includes a heavy fiberglass limb.

The HOYT Optics XR is a two-string, three-piece bow with an inner double spindrift. This system features a bow with a custom arbor that offers optimal string length adjustment and a lightweight shaft with the ability to use every bit of its potential.

The XR series incorporates all of the technological advancements offered by HOYT in a high performance set of hunting bows. It has a specially designed outer double spindrift, fiberglass limb, and an inner triple spindrift.

The Hunter XR series is a dual-firing, double-action, two-string, two-piece bow with an extremely long throw and unmatched accuracy. The Hunters XR combines accuracy and stiffness that would be impossible for a bow with its caliber.

The hunter series also uses HOYT parts. It was specifically designed for accuracy and reliability. It has a poly-laminate inner frame, a three-piece compound limbs, and an extremely lightweight fiberglass limb.

HOYT has been manufacturing quality hunting bows for over 100 years. Their line of hunting bows are designed for extreme accuracy and stability, so they make excellent choices for hunters of all skill levels.