Hunters Specialties Raspy Old Hen Diaphragm Turkey Premium Flex Multi Standard

The Raspy Old Hen Diaphragmm is made with three ultra-thin reeds for realistic turkey sounds. This product also features a premium flex frame and Infinity latex. These features make this one of the most realistic turkey sounds available.

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This turkey diaphragm is made to give a full range of turkey sounds, from a soft early morning tree call to a hard-cutting wild turkey hen call. These diaphragms are made with an ultra-thin reed center and a premium flex frame that features Infinity latex and a comfortable Yellow tape. Those who enjoy hunting will find this diaphragm to be a great choice.

This double-reed, split-top mouth call is easy to use by callers of any level. It has an ultra-thin reed and a top reed that is double-split. It produces a perfect note and tone.

Diaphragm turkey calls are often available with warranties, but it is important to check these out carefully before purchasing. A one-year warranty will be sufficient for most people, but if there is a problem, the warranty will provide options for return or replacement.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran turkey hunter, the Raspy Old Hen Diaphragmatic Turkey Call Combo will help you make a consistent call. Its maple-wood lid and cherry wood base ensure consistent and natural turkey calls. The Glass pan call, with a carbon striker, is waterproof and comes with a carbon striker.

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