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Are you looking forward to your next big hunting trip?

Hunting is about a lot more than just shooting the perfect shot. Hunting is a great way to immerse yourself in nature, unwind, and bond with your fellow hunting mates.

But, as enjoyable as hunting can be, you need to do some serious planning beforehand. If you don’t properly plan for your hunting trip, you’re not going to have as good of a time as you would if you did plan things out.

This is why you need to create a hunting checklist that lists all the gear you need.

Without the right hunting gear, your hunting skills won’t be at their peak, and you likely won’t be able to enjoy yourself as much.

So, what do you need to bring on your next hunting trip?

Check out this guide to discover the ultimate hunting checklist.

1. First Aid Kit

Injuries on hunting trips are more common than you think. Even if you’re incredibly careful with your guns, you’re still susceptible to all kinds of different injuries when spending time in the wilderness.

You could trip and sprain your ankle, cut yourself on your hunting gear, or even just fall to a really bad headache.

Therefore, it’s very important that you come prepared with a first aid kit. At the very least, your kit should include bandages, gauze, burn cream, and aspirin. You should also include any personal medications you may need such as pills, eye drops, or inhalers.

Taking this small measure to ensure your safety can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, so don’t forget to pack your first aid kit!

2. Flares

Flares are an absolute must if you hunt by yourself, but they’re also still smart to bring if you’re hunting in a group.

Quality safety flares can burn for up to 15 minutes and are still visible in inclement weather.

This is another item that could mean the difference between life and death if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, so never leave for a hunting trip without one.

3. Lighting

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best things about hunting is that you get to immerse yourself in the wilderness and escape the outside world.

While spending time in the wilderness is a great way to unwind, it also means you’re spending large amounts of time without electricity.

Because of this, you need to make sure you come prepared with your own light source.

There are all kinds of lighting options out there for hunters, but an LED headlight is probably the best option.

Having free hands means it’ll be easier to dig around in the dark for items you can’t find. And, if you find yourself in the face of danger, it’ll be much easier to run away with free hands.

4. Fire Extinguisher

We all love campfires, but truck fires? Not so much.

In the event your truck or something else catches on fire, you should bring a fire extinguisher with you on your hunting trip.

A basic extinguisher can be picked up from your local home improvement store for around $20, and it’s a great item to have on hand for peace of mind.

5. Water

While there are plenty of things that can help with your survival on a hunting trip, water is perhaps the most essential.

In fact, you should save the majority of the weight in your pack for water, that’s how important it is.

To minimize the amount of space your water takes up in your hunting pack, we suggest putting it in a bladder.

Also, it’s always good to overestimate the amount of water you need to bring. The last thing you want is to have to leave your hunting trip early due to dehydration.

6. Food and Snacks

Hiking and hunting all day tend to make a person pretty hungry.

Therefore, it’s very important that you have a good supply of food and snacks with you to keep your energy up.

When it comes to food and snacks, we recommend bringing items that are easy to transport and that won’t perish easy. Trail mixes, pre-packaged meals, beef jerky, canned beans, and granola bars are all great options.

7. Knife

Of course, you can’t embark on a hunting trip without the right knife.

While there are all kinds of knifes someone can bring on a hunting trip, we recommend bringing a good field dressing knife at a minimum.

The knife should have a strong, sharp blade and also allow for easy and fast cleanup.

8. Quick-Dry Towel

Once you’ve discovered the magic of a quick-dry towel, then you’ll never want to use a regular towel on your hunting trips again.

The great thing about quick-dry towels is that they’re super absorbent and lightweight. In fact, most quick-dry towels can hold eight times as much water as regular towels.

In other words, with a quick-dry towel, you never have to worry about weighing down your bag with a wet, stinky towel. Quick-dry towels are nice and compact and will fold neatly into your bag without

9. Cargo Box

With all the gear that you need to take with your hunting, there’s a good chance that you’re vehicle is going to be pretty full.

But, instead of jamming everything into the car with all of your fellow hunters, you should purchase a roof cargo box.

A roof cargo box is the perfect solution for anyone who needs extra storage space in their vehicle.

This Roof Box for Camping guide can help you choose the right cargo box for your vehicle and needs.

Hunting Checklist: Are You Ready to Hunt?

By following this hunting checklist, you’ll have everything you need for a great trip!

If you have any questions about any of the items on this list, please drop us a comment below.

And, be sure to check out our blog for more lifestyle tips and tricks!

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