Best Hunting Dogs: Introduction

Dogs are proved to be most loyal animals. As a loyal companion, they are also good hunting partners to man. There are millions of dog species but not all make good hunters. Different kind of dogs perform differently depending on the type of the game being per sued. This article will give an insight on best breeds of hunting dogs in relation to a particular game. The breeds discussed will be chosen carefully to avoid repetition. This article will focus on the strengths and best breed when it comes to a particular game. It is an article which will guide you when picking your pup for the next game hunting.


Labrador Retriever also referred to as duck hunting dogs. Their body is double coated; this gives them warmth and makes them water repellant. Their webbed feet and otter tail facilitates their balance and easy navigation in the water. Many breeds of dogs can navigate in water, but what distinguishes the Labrador from other breeds is its intelligence. This breed matures faster than other breeds, and they grasp training concepts at very tender age. Due to bundles of energy in their body, it can hunt all day in the field, and play with kids in the evening when it comes back.


English Springer spaniel, it is also known as Pheasant Hunting Dogs. This dog is bred for purpose of hunting birds. It assists a peasant farmer to catch his or her hens for slaughter or sell. A farmer cannot use a gun to catch a hen; therefore Springer will be of great help. Springer is smaller in size, and this gives him an advantage when covering the ground. Their retrieving tactics are boosted by their increased energy levels coupled with good sense of smell. Springers are loyal and they work hard to please their masters.


The Chesapeake Bay Retriever similarly referred to as the Sea Duck Hunting Dogs. This breed of dog is popularly bred within United States. This breed of dog is well known for his hard working nature. Cheasapeake Bay was highly reliable in olden days as they were used during market hunting days. They were used to protect the guns and boats at the docks while the hunters were away. Therefore, these traits were acquired during those days. It has a thin and oily skin coats which enables it to withstand the cold seawater. It has webbed feet which enables him or her to maneuver the sea water while swimming. They like swimming, and their eagerness to swim enables them to retrieve the duck after it has been shot by the hunter in water. It has slow growth, and therefore this makes it hard to train him some tactics. But it has ability to work under very harsh conditions. He or she can retrieve a bird from icy water unlike Labrador.


Grouse Hunting Dogs, popularly known as the English Setter. He has a good nose which allows him to smell spooky birds from distance. He has the ability to stay at sight waiting for the hunter to position himself. After shooting the bird in the thick forest, Setter will retrieve the game easily. Setter has two distinct lines which distinguishes him from other dogs. He is most suitable choice especially when you want to go grouse hunting in the fields.

The pointer (English Pointer), popularly known as the Quail Hunting Dog, he is characterized with speed, sleekness and bird obsession. Due to their sky-high prey drive, pointers can work under harsh conditions to get a covey. As quails are found in territories with pricks and pines, this means that it is not easy to maneuver your way in their territory. But, Pointers’ thin coat enables him to endure heat and the pines during quail hunting. They have ability to hold prey for long until the hunter reaches where it is.


American Foxhound, also referred to as Deer Hunting Dogs. This breed was the favorite choice for George Washington. This breed is energetic and has stamina; this makes it suitable for deer hunting. The dog is fond of chasing game; their streamlined body nature helps them to run faster.

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Hunting dogs are different depending on the type of the game you are after. Therefore, as you go for a game hunting, you need to choose a dog breed to use wisely. Labrador Retriever is suitable for retrieving duck from water. English Springer spaniel can be of great help to a farmer especially when you want to catch a hen to slaughter or to sell. The pointer is most suitable partner for quail hunting.


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