Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Hunting – How to start and How to do it well?

Hunting – How to start and How to do it well?

Hunting is a great activity if you are looking for a way to fill your freezer inexpensively and rather ethically. However, hunting is also intimidating and challenging too, and at the beginning, it can be discouraging. There are several reasons why any wanna-be hunter should power up through this period of doubt and continue to learn the art of hunting.

Here are the most important benefits of hunting that will be your well-deserved prize after you master it:

  • You get in touch with nature
  • You learn to be more patient while waiting for your prey or game
  • You learn to appreciate the smallest things
  • Hunting is the purest form in the ideology of gathering wild meat that is very healthy
  • You take action in the animals’ lives
  • Those who are hunting deer are making the world a safer place, as deer have a great impact on the deaths of motorists every year
  • Hunting funds conservation programs and helps the animals
  • Hunting connects us with our roots and our history

All in all, we have to say that it is an excellent, legal and ethical tradition, which is why we gathered some helpful information and tips on how to responsibly and safely harvest and hunt your local food, and how to become a better hunter too:

Novices and amateurs must educate themselves

There are educational courses for hunters that can be very beneficial to your safety and your skills. By visiting these courses you will know more about hunting and the lifestyle, as well as you will understand more about wildlife.

Another benefit of this course is that you will meet other hunters, young and old, and you will surely make some friends. Lastly, this is a great place for you to fire your first shots, as someone will be there to tell you how to hold your gun or bow, how to aim, and other important tips.

This should also come with the obtaining of the hunting license and other administrative work that is needed for having a successful and legal hunting trip, without the risk of getting caught and facing high fines.

Make sure to know the regulations at all times

Laws can be changed, and even though you think you know everything about hunting, it is best to get informed about hunting regulations. You can sign up for a local newsletter or magazine that will provide you with this information, or just hang out with other hunters and update each other. You will also know what you must have on you and which actions you must take before you go hunting.

There are restrictions on where, when and what you can hunt due to the hunting seasons, different types of land and the existence of endangered species. Also, some areas don’t allow every hunting equipment and tools, which is why you need to know everything about the area you intend to hunt in. Note that there are rather high fines for breaking hunting and fishing laws.

Level up with bow-hunting

After you master the art of hunting with a gun, we warm-heartedly recommend trying hunting with a bow. It is more pleasurable and the results are more satisfying. However, beginner hunters would have a problem with a bow, because of a lack of practice.

Even if archery equipment is harder to use than firearms, it doesn’t mean that firearms are easy – you must practice with every hunting tool as much as possible if you are looking to succeed in the hunting field.

Learn your hunting area

Before you go and hunt, you must know where you are going and what to expect when you get there. You need to learn your terrain and look for the signs of the animals you intend to hunt. The best time to do this is before the hunting season opens because the chances of finding the trails of animals are much higher.

It is also needless to say that the area you intend to hunt in mustn’t be restricted for hunting or going there.

Have the proper hunting gear – invest smartly and be safe and comfortable!

To have a proper and problem-free hunting adventure, you must be prepared for the field you are going in and for the weather you will be facing. If you hunt in the winter, make sure to wear warm clothes because if your body is shivering your chances of shooting precisely are lowered and you will come back home with a cold and empty-handed.

Additionally, your clothes must be comfortable because you could spend hours and hours in the hunting field, and the same goes for good and comfy footwear. Try finding footwear that is waterproof because you might step in puddles and this can ruin your whole hunting trip.

You will see that carrying a strong and sharp knife, a length of rope that is light and enough ammo or arrows for your gun or bow is quite helpful too. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money, but you sure need to have the proper hunting equipment.

If you have done everything else, you can start right away

However, it is safe to say that you shouldn’t expect much if you are a novice. This means that your prey will run away from you faster than you get to shoot it and your chances of bringing home a trophy will be lower. Just remember that you are still learning and the first time you go hunting, you should be satisfied if you even get to aim at a prey without it running away.

This is why it is recommended to start with a small game, as your chances of success are higher and you will not go back home disappointed without any results. Remember, practice makes perfect.


Lastly, we can say that after you go through the necessary steps and learn the basic tips about hunting, you are ready to go in the field and enjoy yourself. Hunting can be of the most satisfying activities.

Climbing the hunting mountain is not easy, but it brings many benefits and it helps you stay in touch with nature and with this part of your life. We sure need that in today’s dynamic society.  Hunting is natural and it is been a part of our history for thousands of years; therefore, honor your hunting heritage and enjoy yourself!