Sun. Jun 4th, 2023
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When it comes to hunting, there is no feeling that can be compared to that of natural habitat with a large array of species to choose from. Scotland hunting fits the correct definition of perfect hunting destination in the world as the whole hunting is transformed to more than just a sport to a great hunting experience that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Species to hunt in Scotland

Scotland is in the list of the few countries where you can simply enjoy the delight of hunting to full potential. This is largely due to the fact even though the species that can be hunted are controlled; they are in fact in large numbers hence a hunter’s small paradise. These species include the pheasant, partridge, hare, grouse, pigeon, and ptarmigan. For those who want a little more adrenaline running through their system, the opportunity to hunt bigger game animals is availed. Species availed for hunting include the Red, fallow, Sika deer, roe that takes deer stalking to a whole new level.

Hunting experience

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot

Ideally, Scotland offers one of the very best in hunting experience s as it is steeped in colorful history and tradition of hunting that is revered. The special atmosphere offered by Scotland allows hunting to be done both in low lands or steeped and hilled areas. Ideally, selective culling of animals is done in various ways, this includes the use of traps on known routes and stalking that offers one the opportunity to face off with the prey. The feel of an animal charging away from you when you have a one chance shot is like no other. This, however, is nothing compared to the adrenaline rush one feels as the prey charges towards you to fight for its survival.

Various hunting opportunities offered include that of a guided hunt for fewer experienced hunters. Seasonal hunters get to go to solo group hunts with friends; with the offer standing either per day or per week according to one’s budget. To make the hunting experience in Scotland even more so challenging, night hunts are offered to make it difficult and one has to rely on groupings and pure instinct to succeed. However, a sure way to succeed in the hunts is to simply go hunting during the October rut season where the animals are more concentrated on mating and thus are not as cautious in their everyday affairs.

Climate and weather

The climate in Scotland can simply be classified as fantastic. As a country that is bordered with ocean and sea, it has the privilege of having a rather constant weather temperature all year round even though it happens to be lower than the rest of Europe. This means that with a range of temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 celsius during summer, walking, stalking and the likes are so much easier as the weather is relatively cooperative’ and cooling you faster.

Firearm regulation and vaccines.

As expected when traveling to another country altogether for whatever reason, one has to ensure that they have the necessary vaccinations required. In Scotland however, this is ideally reduced to ensuring that you get your yellow fever vaccine at least 6 weeks before the visit. Ant malaria also comes in handy as mosquitoes will be feasting on your day and night during your hunt; a necessary evil that you will have to up with.

Even as you do enjoy Scottish hospitality at its very best, hard stance guidelines have been put in place to ensure that firearms entering the country are controlled. This means that if you are the sort that can’t stand using another person’s firearm, then you have to apply for it when applying for the UK permit visa. This is done through your host or hunting and sports association that will act as your host during the duration of your visit. Persons who are residents of Europe enjoy the privilege of presenting only the European firearms incense and get a pass, but this should still be done 28 days before the day of travel.

In all Scotland is proving the ideal hunter’s paradise for all the adventurous and hunting experience. Getting bored while here, regardless of the sporting association chosen is never an option as you will be busy clicking away and stalking, preying, crawling and hunting to your heart’s satisfaction.