Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Hunting with Artemis Review

Hunting with Artemis Review

Artemis, the Greek goddess of Hunt, one of the twelve Olympians, is also the twin sister of Apollo, the god of archery.  Legend has it, that Apollo created the first bow for his sister, so that he can save herself from her wrath.

But it worked, and the bow became the most revered weapon of hers. In all her caricatures, pictures, and statues, you will always find a bow stretched so sternly between her hands, as she runs in her domain for the next hunt.

And so, the bow became a symbol of strength and the magnanimous art of hunting. The bow is your instrument through which, you connect your soul back to nature.

You roam in the woods, for your next prey, just like Artemis, once you spot it; you come to term to term with the decision of choosing by taking its life in one precise swoop.

You look into its eyes and just like Artemis; you connect to it, connect back to nature, and for a moment fall into a trance, captivated. You make a prayer for the creatures’ soul and free it from the mortal plain with a single swift shot.

You collect your bounty and understand the meaning of life and death. Away, from the reins of human life, you find yourself, and in your bow, just like the goddess of Hunt, Artemis.

The Takedown Recurve Bow by Samick Sage is one of the best recurve bows that you can buy today. It has a sleek design that gives you a grip and aim that is unparalleled. Its thick grip never falls short, no matter if it is snowing or raining.

The strength of the material is many times stronger than the traditional bows. The precision and movement of the string are agile and can be regulated easily.



The bow comes with B-50 Bow Strings, and a powerful arrow rest.


The bow consists of pre-installed bushings made up of brass that can be used for a brass stabilizer, plunger, quiver, sight, and any Will Fit Samick Sage kit for hunting.


The design of the bow is metallic limb pocket, it contains a single tapered knob, and the limbs are made up of black fiberglass and hard maple.

Maximum Draw:

The bow has a recommended maximum draw of 29 inches.

Brace Height:

The bow has a maximum recommended brace height between 71/4 and 81/4 inches.



Due to its fiberglass built, the bow is incredibly strong and will not break easily.


The bow is rust-proof, termite-proof, and weather-proof. So, it is longer-lasting, as well as enduring in pristine condition.


The bow’s height can be adjusted for the usage of any person. The bow’s strings can also be adjusted on the bow to increase or release pressure for any kind of powerful shots.


The bow is quite upgradeable and can be accessed by many upgrades by multiple professional bow company products.

Light Weight:

The bow is quite lightweight and can be easily slung on your back while moving through woods.



The strength range of this bow is quite impressive but fails after a long distance, the curving of the arrow and being reflected by weather and wind can have an impact on the shot’s strength over a longer distance.


The aim of the bow without an upgraded scope will remain completely dependent on your naked eye, which can be a problem in the shooting.


Although the bow is quite precise, due to the lack of scope and curving of the arrow, the precision of the bow may waiver.


The takedown recurve bow by Samick Sage is one of those market bows that do not disappoint in features or prize. The low-cost requirement of the bow along with many upgradable accessories can allure a lot of hunters.

This bow comes with an extendable fiberglass body that gives it that extra endurance and strength.  The sleek and brilliant design of the bow makes sure that the bow never looks dull.

The adjustable metallic strings give the bow more strength and let you work on varying strengths and shots.

It is a good bow for novices and professionals alike and can come in handy for an agile, thrilling, and breathtaking hunting experience. The quiver is lightweight and easily accessible so that you never have to struggle with finding the arrow in times of impending stress.

The grip of the bow is patterned and elastic, so it can work perfectly even in the wettest of environments. All in all, the takedown recurve bow by Samick Sage is a perfect blend of strength, agility, sleek design, and a low price.


The Takedown Recurve Bow by Samick Sage is a little more expensive than SAS Courage 60 Recurve Bow, but also comes with more adjustable parts. While SAS Spirit 62, is a bit better than Samick Sage’s version, yet the strength is still more with Samick Sage’s bow.

But Spyder Recurve Bow, in a similar prize proved more length adjustment and agility, along with TigerShark’s Premium Takedown Bow.

Still, almost no other bow can work so perfectly with many different arrows like Samick Sage’s Takedown Bow.  In the comparable market, The Takedown Recurve Bow by Samick Sage seems to dominate for now.


The Takedown Recurve Bow by Samick Sage is one of the best takedown bows in the market in a similar price range. It is a perfect bow for a novice or a professional alike. This bow comes with good endurance, speed, feasibility, and performance.

The bow can be easily understood and mastered; its sleek Recurve design builds it to give it a better aim than other types of bows. The fiberglass body is lightweight and well textured. The grip of the bow is all-weather ready.


All in all, the bow is a perfect bow for anyone looking for a recurve bow for hunting.  And don’t forget to pay respect to Artemis!