Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

For night hunting, an infrared scope attachment can provide a better vision of your targets. These clip-on thermal devices are becoming increasingly popular among hunters and law enforcement officers alike.

These infrared scopes work by detecting the heat emitted by your target. You can use them even in total darkness, thick fog, or raindrops.


When it comes to infrared scope attachments, the Armasight Zeus 336 is one of the top options. This solid-state uncooled long-wave infrared weapon scope can be used day or night and its thermal imaging technology helps users detect targets through snow, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants.

The Zeus line of thermal weapon sights is powered by FLIR’s latest Tau 2 VOx microbolometer core and offers various detector and lens configurations to optimize performance, price point, and state-of-the-art digital technology for a range of applications and mission needs – from hunters to SWAT Teams and military designated marksman.

First and foremost, the Zeus 336 is equipped with an uncooled long-wave infrared thermal imaging sensor that emits a green sapphire tint to help you locate targets day or night. The imager transmits data to your display through an adjustable pixel array.

The Zeus 336 boasts a color organic light emitting diode screen with 800×600 pixel resolution, offering users clear images without distortion and making it waterproof too.

Finally, the Zeus 336 boasts impressive optical magnification and digital zoom. This feature allows you to view your target clearly, plus it has six customizable reticle patterns tailored to suit individual preferences.

The Zeus 336 thermal weapon sight is compatible with most Picatinny or Weaver rails and boasts a quick-release locking system for ease of installation – ideal for AR-15-style rifles. Additionally, its battery lifespan is impressively long at several hours; you can even buy an extra battery pack to extend its life even further. Plus, this scope boasts an integrated ballistic calculator and rangefinder which allow you to determine your target’s distance faster so you can take shots with confidence.


Thermal scopes have long been a tool of military and law enforcement, but are now making their way into civilian markets. This cutting-edge technology enables hunters and predator spotters to identify heat signatures that might otherwise go undetected at night.

They work by detecting differences in the amount of heat an object emits or absorbs, and displaying it as different colors and contrasts to help users identify potential targets. While some civilian-focused scopes utilize a rangefinder for displaying a field of view, others come equipped with onboard cameras as well as wireless connectivity to mobile apps.

One of the most sought-after civilian scopes is the Burris BTS 50. This lightweight, compact unit mounts to Picatinny rails and boasts an array of features like multiple color palettes, 10 reticle options, as well as user-adjustable brightness, palette, and reticle settings.

Another feature that sets the BTS apart from other thermals is Hot Track, which automatically recognizes positive heat signatures. This makes tracking animals at night much easier even in dense brush.

Additionally, it provides a warning system when predators are approaching and allows hunters to follow their movements. This is particularly useful for predator hunting since it’s easy to miss the heat signatures of moving targets.

For those looking to add an infrared scope attachment to their traditional riflescopes, the Burris Clip-On is an ideal choice. It’s lightweight and features various screen modes, multiple color palettes, and user-adjustable settings.

The Clip-On offers a simpler control system than most thermal optics on the market, featuring just two buttons: a power button and a control wheel with a center button for accessing menus and selecting settings.

Furthermore, the Burris clip-on feature Hot Track mode which puts a crosshair on the brightest targets seen in its field of view. This makes it an invaluable feature when hunting coyotes or hogs at night as it quickly identifies the animal and allows you to track its movements without fearing a false shot.

It is waterproof, making it suitable for hunting in damp conditions such as rain or dust when hunting hogs or coyotes. Equipped with a 17-micron sensor with a 50mm lens and 50Hz refresh rate, the device offers excellent imaging up to 1000 yards away for hunting or surveillance applications.


HikmicRO, previously known as Hikvision, is one of the leading producers of CCTV equipment and thermal optics. They began by producing thermal monoculars before expanding into clip-on and riflescope products.

These devices operate by detecting the temperature of objects and displaying it as an image on a screen. They’re commonly used by hunters, law enforcement personnel, and security personnel for various tasks like wildlife management, fire prevention/detection, search/rescue operations, and conservation projects.

They offer a vast selection of models to choose from, guaranteeing you find something suitable. Popular options include the Thunder TH35C, Stellar Pro 50mm, and Panther Pro.

The Thunder TH35C thermal clip-on device boasts both video and image recording capabilities. It connects to your phone via Wi-Fi, with full control through its dedicated app.

It has a high-resolution OLED display, which consumes less power than other types of displays and is more durable. You can set it to display different reticle patterns and colors. Furthermore, five zeroing profiles can be set for different distances.

Furthermore, it features a picture-in-picture function that magnifies your view in its window. Furthermore, you can control the scope remotely, stream in real time and share unforgettable moments with friends and family through this incredible app.

The Thunder TH35C is one of the more affordable options in HIKMICRO’s Thunder range and offers great value for money when it comes to thermal imaging. Its performance is comparable to other thermal riflescopes on the market and will enable you to make more accurate shots when hunting in dim conditions.


InfiRay is one of the top manufacturers of infrared scopes. Based in China, they offer a wide variety of products for sale around the world – thermal clip-ons, handheld night vision devices, and digital day scopes included.

Infiray’s DL-13 NV series is a pocket-sized thermal imaging scope with an impressively low weight. Not only is it compact and user-friendly, but its resolution of 640 pixels, battery life of over 8 hours, and controls that hunters use most conveniently at their fingertips make this device perfect for hunting expeditions.

The DL-13 NV features a dual battery system that supplies plenty of juice. The 6600mAh inbuilt battery offers 8 hours of run time, or you can add an inexpensive 18500 battery in the compartment for even longer fieldwork sessions.

In addition to its thermal imaging capabilities, the DL-13 is an excellent night vision scope, providing a crisp image of your target in all lighting conditions. With moon mode and star mode capabilities that enable you to observe even when it’s dark outside, this scope will give you a clear sight of your target.

Another feature I appreciate about the DL-13 is its user-friendly menu system. Pressing a button on the main turret opens this menu, which includes calibration tools and Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to an app for remote zeroing of scopes.

This feature is especially handy when using it with a spotter, as you won’t have to constantly switch back and forth between spotter and clip-on modes to utilize your spotter effectively. You can switch from spotter mode to clip-on in seconds, and the unit will adjust its menu accordingly.

The InfiRay Clip C is an ideal way to transform any day’s scope into a thermal camera without needing to re-zero it. This means you can use the same scope night and day with no changes made to the accuracy or center of the reticle. Furthermore, you keep using the same eye relief as with your day scope – an invaluable advantage for any hunter.