Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

kimber super jagare review

The Kimber Super Jagare is a 10mm hunting handgun with a powerful 10mm cartridge. It is ideal for hunters who want a handgun with the right combination of power and recoil. In order to ensure this, Kimber made the gun with a 10mm cartridge.


The DeltaPoint Kimber Super Jagare is a 10mm pistol with a stainless steel frame, micarta grips, and a ported stainless steel barrel. The stainless steel slide and barrel have a Diamond-Like Carbon finish. Additionally, the gun has a two-hole trigger and a beavertail grip safety. Lastly, the gun is finished in a stylish charcoal gray finish.

The Kimber Super Jagare is designed to be an excellent choice for hunting. This fully-automatic model has a 6-inch match-grade barrel and a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red-dot. The Super Jagare does not have iron sights, but does feature a through-slide barrel porting system for effective recoil mitigation. It also includes a diamond-like carbon coating and corrosion and wear-inhibiting coatings. It is also shockproof and weighs just 1.9 ounces.

A good hunting handgun should have enough power to kill a deer, but not so much recoil that it breaks a hunter’s wrists. The 10mm cartridge is perfect for this because it has the right balance of power and recoil. With the DeltaPoint Pro, you can easily target wild animals without worrying about misfiring.

The Super Jagare has a charcoal gray finish, a full-size magazine, and a Micarta grip. It is also easy to hold and shoot. The pistol also has a stainless steel frame and barrel. Overall, the Kimber Super Jagare is a great hunting handgun.

Barrel porting

The Kimber Super Jagare pistol is a single-stack 1911-style handgun with a ported 6-inch barrel and a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red-dot sight. Porting improves bullet velocity and reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil. Porting also reduces noise.

This firearm also features a full-size stainless steel frame and an extended slide. The barrel is a six-inch match-grade barrel and is fitted with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red-dot. It does not accept iron sights. The barrel features Kimber’s trademark through-slide barrel porting for recoil mitigation. It also features corrosion and wear-inhibiting coatings. The slide also features Kimber’s Diamond-Like Carbon coating.

Porting also helps reduce muzzle rise and improve target recovery. The Kimber Super Jagare is well balanced, reducing felt recoil. With its ported barrel, the Super Jagare can shoot 10mm bullets with less muzzle rise. Its rounded frame and undercut trigger guard make it comfortable to hold and shoot.

The Super Jagare pistol is a good choice for hunters looking for a smaller hunting pistol. The 10mm round chambering makes it a useful choice for small and medium game animals. The gun’s stainless steel construction also makes it sturdy and weather resistant. It weighs only 42 ounces unloaded.

Ambidextrous thumb safety

The Kimber Super Jagare is a 1911 pistol that is designed to make racking the slide and firing it a breeze. It has an ambidextrous thumb safety, an oversize beavertail grip safety, and a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro reflex sight. Its 6-inch barrel is ported to improve bullet velocity and minimize muzzle flip. The Super Jagare also has an easy-to-activate safety lever.

The Super Jagare’s Leupold DeltaPoint Pro scope has a 2.5-MOA electronic red dot and a DiamondCoat lens coating with blackened edges. The lens is shock-resistant and features a CR2032 battery. The gun weighs 1.9 ounces. Kimber’s carry melt treatment adds additional durability to the Super Jagare.

This semi-auto rifle is perfect for hunting small, medium, and large game. Because it has a 10mm round, it’s suitable for hunting both big and small game. The 10mm round also makes it a good choice for handloaders. The 10mm factory rounds are of high quality.

Checkered magazine release

The Checkered magazine release is designed to make magazine changes easier and faster. This release is made of solid bar stock, is heat treated, and has a smooth, machine cut checkering. It fits both model years and replaces the smaller factory magazine release. It will not rekey your firearm, but will provide smoother magazine changes than the factory magazine release.


The recoil of the Kimber Super Jagare is a strong factor when considering this gun, but it can be managed with proper shooting principles and an additional grip. This video will teach you how to grip a gun and how to handle the high recoil. It also shows you how to properly shoot with this gun.

The Kimber Super Jagare is a powerful 10mm handgun with a great balance of power and recoil. Its barrel porting allows gasses to escape and helps to minimize recoil. Its stepped porting also reduces the recoil felt and promotes a faster lock time.

The Super Jagare can be used for hunting large and medium game and can be handloaded with handloading powder or factory rounds. The gun is also great for varmint hunting. Just make sure to stay within the effective range of the cartridge. It will be hard to shoot an animal that is too far away to be taken down by a single shot.

A dedicated hunting pistol, the Kimber Super Jagare chambers the powerful 10mm round, while the 1911 frame makes it a practical gun. Its Leupold DeltaPoint Pro reflex sight makes it easy to target wild animals on the move. The pistol also features a compensator to keep you steady during the shooting process.


The Kimber Super Jagare is a full-featured hunting pistol, chambering a powerful 10mm round. Its 1911 frame features a port for gasses to escape and a stepped porting of the slide for easier racking and release. The gun is easy to use, with a thumb safety and ambidextrous slide release.

If you’re looking for an affordable hunting pistol with a lot of power and good recoil, the Kimber Super Jagare is worth considering. It features a 6-inch, ported barrel, a single-stack magazine, and weighs approximately 42 ounces.

Among the many features of the Kimber Super Jagare are its skeletonized aluminum trigger, extended slide, and ambidextrous thumb safety. The gun also features a standard recoil spring and guide rod that weighs approximately 18.5 pounds. The gun is also very well-protected against wear and corrosion.

The Super Jagare is also shockproof and offers Kimber’s carry melt treatment. It is also very quick. However, it does require a significant amount of practice to dry fire. It is not recommended for backcountry bear protection. The gun is ideal for hunting. In addition to being highly durable, the Super Jagare is also extremely easy to clean and stores.