Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Leader Accessories 30 – 55 Pound Compound Bow Review

Leader Accessories 30 – 55 Pound Compound Bow Review

There is nothing like bow hunting for an avid hunter or outdoorsman. Whether you’re heading to target practice or looking to feed your family, a compound bow can add accuracy, fun, and success to your hunting trip.

You may be looking to upgrade, or perhaps this is your first compound bow purchase, but you’ll be impressed with the features of the Leader Accessories 30 – 55 Pound Compound Bow.

The company that makes the Leader Accessories Compound Bows is out of Taiwan, but they have been around for several years with a solid track record. They even make some of the parts for bigger name companies that make crossbows. They have been in business since 1988.

This model does make an excellent beginner compound bow. Leader Accessories had made this compound bow to be user-friendly for younger and more experienced hunters. Many younger teens and women lack the strength for a stiff bow, but this one is more flexible and requires less arm strength.

The Leader Accessories Compound Bow allows you to set your draw length and draw weight, according to your shoulder width.

Use it for target practice or hunting. You can even add a bowfishing reel if you choose. The riser is made of aluminum, with cut-outs to reduce the weight. The weight is still somewhat high for someone who has to hold it for long periods.

It doesn’t require any assembly, aside from putting on the arrow sight and bow rest. It does come with a few accessories, but the quality of these is not as high as they could be. For example, aluminum arrows aren’t ideal for durability.

The user will get more use from purchasing some carbon fiber replacement arrows. It also has a release aid, D string loop, and wax, in addition to the sights and arrows.

Bowhunting requires silence if you are using it on animals. For shooting targets, of course, the amount of noise isn’t significant. Therefore, if you are using this to hunt, you’ll need to add a stabilizer as the string noise is somewhat high. A stabilizer or replacing the string with a higher quality string should help.

It is designed for right-handed users and does not come in a left-handed model. The actual weight of the bow is 3.3 pounds, but the draw weight is 30 – 55 pounds. The draw span is from 19 – 29 inches. It has a maximum speed of 296 fps (feet per second).

From axle to axle it spans 28 inches and the let-off is 70%. If these are the specification you need, the Leader Accessories 30 – 55 Pound Compound Bow would be a sound investment for you.


  • Very reasonable price for the quality of the bow and included accessories.
  • Sensitive release aid
  • Solid construction and parts
  • America-based customer support
  • Camouflage, aluminum arm
  • Works well for women or younger hunters
  • Adaptable for bow fishing
  • Adjustable draw length and draw weight
  • Drop-away arrow rest


  • Higher quality add-ons may be needed
  • Does not come with a stabilizer
  • Does not come with a quiver
  • The high string noise level

Down to Business

Leader Accessories has made a high-quality compact bow. It is well-equipped for nearly any hunter and at a lower cost than the larger big-name models.

It comes with some accessories that for the most part don’t achieve the same quality standards as the bow itself, but can be upgraded, if and when the time comes.

It is almost certain that a stabilizer will need to be added if the goal is accuracy and successful target shooting. This is a compact bow that can also be used for bow fishing if the appropriate reel is added. Be sure to read up on the instructions and tips that are included. When you use the dual-cam technology, you’ll appreciate the smooth shots it provides.

Similar Compound Bows

If you are a larger man who is strong enough, you may consider going with the Leader Accessories 50 – 70 Pound Compound Bow. It is larger and you will feel more in control with a better grip. You’ll also find that it gives your arrow more speed and power.

The XGear Right-Handed 50 – 70 Pound Compact Bow boasts many of the same specifications. However, it seems a little flimsy and won’t have the durability with the plastic screws. XGear’s version is also only for right-handed archers. It doesn’t, however, come with the extra accessories that the Leader Accessories model offers.

A fairly similar bow with the same draw weight is the iGlow 30 – 55 Pound Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow. It boasts the same top arrow speed and draws length. It’s the same weight and also is made of aluminum.

It has compression-molded fiberglass limbs. It is a durable, sturdy bow, but needs additional accessories to compete with the higher-priced models.

However, you could invest in some solid, durable add-ons, like a stabilizer and a good quality string, and it does not come with any bows. You could also add string silencers because the string is too loud for bow hunting.


The Leader Accessories 30 – 55 Pound Compound Bow does have a few advantages over its competition.

For about the same amount of money, you’re going to get the extra accessories package. You’re also getting the construction and quality from a company that has been in business for decades. Also, it comes fully assembled and ready to go.

The other bows I mentioned either don’t come with the add-ons, or they aren’t as suitable for archers with less strength.

Even though the add-ons that do come with the Leader Accessories 30 – 55 Pound Compound Bow aren’t the highest quality, they are still very usable and good enough to get you started, adequate to work until you see which things need to be improved.


For those just learning to use a compound bow, especially those with a smaller stature, Leader Accessories has delivered a very solid choice for a bow that will deliver accuracy and speed. Adjust the draw length and the draw weight to your exact measurements and become the marksman you want to be.