Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Paintball has been around for decades. And yet, it’s just as popular today as it was 10 or 20 years ago. 

That’s because playing paintball gives people a chance to get outside, get active, and of course, shoot paintballs at their opponents. Paintball is appropriate for older kids, teenagers, and adults.  

While just about anyone can go out and have a good time paintballing, it helps if you have the right paintball equipment. But what do you need to excel in this high-speed sport?

We’re here to answer that question. Keep reading for a quick guide on the most essential paintball gear. 

Protective Gear

First, let’s talk safety. If you’re going out onto the paintball field, it means you’re going to have projectiles shot at you at high speeds. While this certainly adds to the thrill of paintball, it’s also the element that makes it dangerous. 

Investing in the right protective gear to protect your head, neck, and eyes is vital. Paintballs are far from lethal, but taking one to your eye can have life-altering consequences. 

You can also buy padded armor to limit the sting of getting short on your torso or extremities. However, this will make it much hotter on warm days and more difficult to move fluidly. 

High-Velocity Paintball Guns

Your paintball gun is one of the most important pieces of paintball equipment. Without it, you’ll be harmless and vulnerable on the field. 

For this reason, we recommend looking for top-notch paintball guns with excellent customer reviews. You want a gun that’s reliable and offers plenty of power. High-velocity guns will allow you to shoot faster and farther. 

If there’s one area in which you shouldn’t skimp on your paintball gear, this is it.

Ammo Containers and Extra CO2

One of the best paintball tips is to ensure you come to the field with enough ammo. No matter how nice your paintball gun is, it’s useless without paintballs. 

We recommend investing in a sizeable hopper to hold plenty of paintballs. We also suggest carrying several canisters on your person for extra ammunition. Once the paintballs start flying, people tend to get a little trigger-happy (especially newbies).

Additionally, carry at least one extra CO2 canister with you on the field. Your backup can be smaller than your primary to limit how much weight you’re carrying. If your primary tank runs dry or has a problem with the o-ring, your backup will be a saving grace. 

Proper Apparel

Finally, let’s go over your paintball clothing. As noted earlier, you can invest in padded or armored paintball equipment to reduce the pain associated with getting pelted with paintballs. You can also invest in vests designed to carry extra ammo and CO2 tanks.

However, you need to think about your mobility and comfort. Make sure you wear clothing that allows for running, ducking, rolling, diving, and any other movement that might keep you “alive” longer on the field.

Looking for the Best Paintball Equipment?

If you’re just getting started with paintball, we couldn’t be more excited for you. This sport is fast-paced, fun, and addicting. Just make sure you invest in the right paintball equipment to maximize your success. 

And if you’re looking for more advice about paintball gear or hunting equipment, you’re in the right place. Check out some of our other articles to find more content designed for outdoorsmen and women like you.

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