Primos Baby Hoochie Mama Call

Primos is a renowned company that has been trusted by individuals for decades. Their products are made of quality materials and are meant to withstand tough conditions. They are backed by decades of experience and rigorous testing to ensure their quality. This is why they are one of the most trusted brands for baby equipment on the market.

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Designed to imitate the mew of an elk, the Baby Hoochie Mama Call produces a realistic sound and is easy to use, even with just one hand. It can be used to create mew, lost, and estrus sounds. This product has been a popular choice among bowhunters for over a decade.

Its special design creates the perfect calf elk call. Bulls are attracted to calf calls because they are not intimidating. Calves call back and forth all year round. When a bull hears a calf call, he will usually come to it to round up the cows.

A quality cow elk call should be reliable and durable. Fortunately, the Baby Hoochie Mama Call from Primos is built to last for an entire season. This product has improved volume and pitch and is foolproof in operation. Its silicone reeds last for a long time.

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