Rocky Mountain Elk 101 Diaphragm Call 3 pk

The Rocky Mountain Elk 101 Diaphragm call is a high quality call that produces realistic sounds of cows, bulls, and calf. The call produces nasal sounds of a cow and a higher pitched screaming bugle. The call is great for use during hunts or in the field.

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This call is made of high quality latex and is durable. It comes in three different sizes, including all-star, contender, and champ. It is available in black or brown and is made in the United States. Each call measures approximately 3.7 inches in length and weighs about eight ounces.

Before using your elk diaphragm call, make sure to break it in first. Some models will require more break-in time than others. This will depend on the thickness and stretch of the latex. Make sure not to give up on your call too early or you may miss an opportunity.

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