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One option not available from a majority of businesses is bow sights that have the crosshair visible in the view window.

  These kinds of sights are often called bow reticle sights. They can be very appealing to shooting enthusiasts who have recently switched to bow-hunting.

 This is is practically the normal practice when it comes down to rifle scopes, and it is suitable for bowhunters, too.

A single crosshair provides bow hunters the opportunity to find an intersection between the vertical and horizontal planes. Where they intersect should be at the center of the goal.

There is also the multi-range crosshair sight, with the top crosshair presenting you a “zero” mark and others that offer subsequent distances (30, 40 50, 60 yards, and so on.)

Below is a list of bow sighting devices that use crosshair target systems in place of (or in one case and) the traditional sight pins.

A Collection of Bow Sights for Crosshairs

  • Apex Gear Covert Pro
  • TruGlo Range Rover Pro 2
  • Axcel AV31 Plus
  • Spot Hogg Hunter
  • Sight Master Elite Micro II

The description for Crosshair Bow Lights

The short comparison table above gives the most basic information about the bow sights that could be considered to be among the top price-to-quality available. In this article, we will examine a deeper look into each of the bow sights, describing their characteristics and what you could expect should you buy one.

Apex Gear Covert Pro Bow Sight

The features that are part of Covert Pro According to the company

  • Easy, ultra-smooth adjustments with one hand.
  • This bundle includes more than 120 yardage tapes that have been pre-marked to help you set up your project.
  • GRAVITY-LINE(TM) adjusts the rotational angle to align the pin’s movement to gravity.
  • Rear-facing yardage tape that is easy to see the place.
  • The push-button is tactile and allows for brightness control.
  • Ideal for all conditions of light.
  • Adjustable 2nd and 3rd Axis.
  • Simple and quick set-up.
  • New adjustable yardage marker and stop at the end of the travel elevation.
  • Adjustable for right and left-handed users. Adjustable for left and right-handed.
  • A battery’s life of 700 hours is approximate.
  • Automatically shuts off when it has been in use for 4 hours of inactivity without adjustment.
  • Patented.
  • AG2301GB – 1 adjustable green LED.
  • AG2302GB – 2 adjustable red and green LEDs.
  • AG2301BD – 1 green LED that can be adjusted A detachable bracket.

This bow sight is equipped with a reticle that resembles a riflescope in place of sight pins, which helps in locating the goal.

The sight has an illuminated dot which is adjustable with third and second-degree adjustments. These can be controlled with an elevation control that is driven by a gear.

It is equipped with a rear-facing yardage tape that allows the user to adjust shots up to 120 miles. It utilizes the PWR-DOT instead of one pin. There are eleven levels of green illumination to select from to ensure that any lighting conditions can be suitable.

The sight comes in a two-dot version that includes the red dot as well being the first green dot.

The picture has been made public by the company around the $220 price point.

TruGlo Range Rover Pro 2 Bow Sight

The features in the Range Rover Pro According to the company

  • PWR*DOT(TM) technology employs an LED-illuminating system within the lens, instead of a pin that is conventionally used.
  • ZERO-IN(TM) adjuster dial that comes with more than 80 yardage tapes pre-marked (included) to make setting up simple
  • Black reference circle with a lighted dot in the center for better long-distance accuracy
  • Red and green LEDs that can be adjusted that has 11 settings for brightness (3V-CR2032 battery supplied)
  • Micro-adjustable windage – precision click design
  • Windage lock and toolless yardage
  • The sight housing can accept a 1.87 in. Scope lens (sold separately)
  • The adjustable stop at the end of travel can be adjusted to allow maximum yardage.
  • Laser made reference markings to adjust elevation and windage
  • It is adjustable for right and left-handed shooters
  • Adjustable quiver mount included
  • Lens cover included
  • The bracket has been updated to ensure compatibility with a variety of bow models.

Range Rover Pro Range Rover Pro features PWR-DOT technology, which provides an extremely visible dot that can be adjusted to target and visibility.

The model with 2 dots uses an aiming reticle with a crosshair inside the sight window. This aids in bringing your target into sharp focus. The Zero-In technology allows it to be adjusted to elevation micro-adjusted using an easy dial.

The LED can be seen as red or green to accommodate all eye levels and has eleven different brightness levels.

The device has been awarded an MSRP value of $229.99.

Axcel AV-31 Plus Scope

The features of AV31 Plus, as per the company

  • 31mm diameter
  • “T”-Connector and 1×10-32 Stainless Rod
  • Rheostat Cover
  • Torque Indicator
  • Crosshair
  • It is available in Black, Blue, Green, and Purple. Also available in Orange, and Red.

Users who own the Axcel bow sight looking for crosshairs that will aid in their precision will be happy with The AV31 Plus range.

It’s made with an overall size of 31mm (a 41mm version, the AV-41 version can also be found) and features an easy-to-see crosshair insert.

Its visibility is enhanced thanks to the adjustable fiber cover rheostat, and precision assistance is provided by the built-in, in-line sight bubble and the torque indicator ring.

The scope comes with an Axcel threaded rod with a T-bar connector to allow for easy assembly. Axcel pins are all compatible.

Spot Hogg Bow Sight

The features of Spot Hogg Hunter According to the company

  • MRT Pin Guard
  • Self Locking Gang Micro-Adjust
  • Micro-Adjustable 2nd and 3rd Axis
  • Steel 6061 aluminum constructions as well as fiber protection

In the strict sense of the term “scope crosshair,” Spot Hogg sights aren’t true crosshair sights. They do however have a vertical line that runs along the middle of the sight window. This line connects with the pins that are used to create the crosshair.

Hunter is a good bow sight. Hunter is a top-quality bow sight, available in the 3-pin five-pin, seven-pin, or configuration. The housing of the sight is constructed of 6061 aluminum, which provides security for fibers.

It can be micro-adjusted on the third and second Axis and is equipped with an auto-locking gang micro-adjustment process.

The benefits of a crosshair-targeting system are all wrapped up in the tough and solid Spot Hogg bow sight.

Sight Master Elite Micro II Bow Sight

Specifications of Elite Micro II According to the company

  • Easy Windage Adjustment.
  • A shorter radius for high-performance bows means smaller, less compact sight.
  • Starburst 2XL Fiber Optic Scope that is equipped with fiber optics from Truglo. It is the brightest and best of fiber optics. Polycarbonate with a non-glare black ring that lets in more light. It has a bottom-mounted sight pin with crosshairs and bubble level.
  • Elevation micro-adjustment using a brass lock-down knob to your yardage arm.
  • 1 7/8″ vertical travel
  • Wear-resistant stainless steel and brass bushings.
  • Bubble level on a clear polycarbonate scope ring.
  • Individual yardage markers (extras included).
  • The seven-Position Scope Plate is in the vertical plane at all times.
  • A precision-machined frame of aluminum, with brass offsets to mount an arrow.

Sight Master bow sights Sight Master bow sight aren’t so well-known as other brands, however, it is recognized by bowhunters for being a precise and reliable range of sights.

It is designed to be an easy-to-change scope that is lightweight and compact. It is promoted by the manufacturer as the “One A Touch’, which is an adjustable bow sight.

It incorporates fiber optics via TruGlo inside the scope 2XL which is also equipped with an easy-to-read crosshair overlay.

This particular model includes the ability to adjust windage easily that is 1- 7/8″ in vertical movement.

For shooters looking for a durable bow sight with an eye-sight window with a crosshair, the Elite Micro II provides a worthy option at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of using Crosshair Sights


Some shooters like crosshair sights as they allow them to locate the center point, and also aid in more accurate shooting.

There is a debate that the presence of crosshairs could clog up the view window with unnecessary “noise” but with extended use, their presence is more beneficial rather than an obstruction.


These kinds of sights are ideal when shooting large targets, where they don’t obscure the target you’re shooting at. The lines that intersect can help you focus your focus more precisely.


 There are some positive reasons to use an eyepiece with crosshairs, and even though there are a couple of options but the range is small. The options available are overwhelmingly praised in reviews and there are a variety of affordable options to choose from.

If you decide to simply purchase an extra scope to seamlessly integrate into your favorite scope or opt for the whole package, if you prefer the clarity of crosshairs, you’ll be well-served.

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