Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Sports Fever Crossbow by SA Review

Sports Fever Crossbow by SA Review

Crossbow hunting is one of the most exhilarating sports one can play. It involves running in the mountains, stalking in the densest of forests, using our animalistic muscles and instincts. It connects us deeper to nature.

It attached a direct line to our ancestors that roamed the woods in search of prey and conquered the jungles using crafted weaponry and on top of them was the mighty bow.

And just like humans, our bows went through evolution with time, and so crossbows were born. And today, crossbows have become a huge part of the hunting community.

They are light, agile, strong, and top of all; they can shoot from a much longer range than normal bows. They are stealthier than bullets and do not poison the kill.

And on top of it all, they increase the hunter’s senses and bring him/her closer to nature.

There are many great crossbows in the market, but only a few can match the strength, the agility, and the prize of Sports Fever Crossbow by SA. It is the perfect bow for a hunter. Its compression fiberglass ensures that it is longer lasting than its predecessors.

It comes in camouflage cover that will let you move in the woods without detection. It’s corking is easy and doesn’t make much sound, so that the sound does not alert the prey and let it escape.  Here are its features:



The whole crossbow amounts to 4.85 pounds, so you do not have to be breathless while chasing the prey on foot.

Good length:

From tip to tip, the crossbow is 31 inches long, long enough to provide strength in the shot, but short enough to not get caught in the woods.

Strong material:

Unlike wood, ash wood or metal, limb compression fiberglass is stronger, more agile, and lighter.

Along with these features, the bow also comes with these accessories:


You get 4-16 inches 2219 arrows made up of aluminum. For stronger and sleeker shots.


The scope is Multi-range with the resolution of 4X32. So that you can take better aim over a long distance.


The crossbow comes with a padded sling for your shoulder. So, that you can effortlessly carry the bow without tiring your hands.


The crossbow comes with a rope cocking device for free, so that the cocking does not make any noise while you are nearby the prey.

Hex keys:

The crossbow comes with Hex Keys so that you can make sure, you are the only one who can use your crossbow.

The crossbow can easily be turned into an instrument for target practice. This bow will assist you in making even more precise aims than before. The product’s price is well under most people’s budgets.

The crossbow is durable and will be your partner for years, no matter the terrain. The crossbow being so brilliant itself does not excite you, so then there are a few more reasons for why this crossbow is the one you need:


The bow has an ambidextrous safety feature that works autonomously. So, no one else can use your crossbow, while you will be able to shift the safety off momentarily.

Foot Stirrup:

The crossbow comes with a foot stirrup that is both large and boot style. So, your crossbow can spread the energy of the shot on your shoulder over a larger area.

Scope Mount:

The crossbow’s scope mount is weaver styled so that the grip of the scope remains firm on your bow, and it is adjustable, for a capricious movement.


The barrel of the crossbow is lightweight and composite so that there is no hindrance in the performance.


The quiver is fast and can detach and attach arrows faster than your senses.


The whole body of the crossbow is in a Camo pattern, which enables it to easily blend with nature.

The crossbow further expands upon the hunting experiences by being upgradable. And here are the upgradable accessories that come with the crossbow:

  • The crossbow has a fever recurve. So, you never miss a mark.
  • The crossbow comes with 20 inches carbon bolts of 6pk, that you can practice with.
  • The scope of the crossbow contains Dragon Eyez of 1500yd and 7×26 millimeters.
  • The crossbow also comes with a replacement of the fever sling, so that you always have a spare.
  • The scope of the crossbow is 4×32, multi reticle and is illuminated.
  • The fast detach quiver is empire quick and comes with a universal mount.
  • The crossbow comes with a limb tip pair.
  • The crossbow also has 3 multi range red dot.
  • The replacement limb, which comes with the crossbow, is 175lbs.


The sports fever crossbow by SA is one of those crossbows that are specially created in taking ponderous consideration of real crossbow hunters. The crossbow will work more than just a weapon of shooting, the crossbow can also double as a hitting weapon in those desperate situations with the wildlife, because of its strong fiberglass body.

It is durable and will last much longer than you might expect. The scope of the crossbow is precise and quite adjustable, so no matter what your height, vision, or strength might be, the sports fever crossbow by SA will be easily accessible by you. The crossbow comes with a detachable shoulder sling, which will help you easily carry the bow.


Due to its low price, high endurance, multi-purpose accessory bag, and easy accessibility, this Sports Fever Crossbow by SA comes on top of the crossbows in the similar price range. It gives you incredible precision and due to the rope corking device, the corking of the crossbow will never be noisy, which can be dangerous otherwise.


The crossbow is lightweight and so, you will not get tired while carrying it over long treks and stalking. All in all, this crossbow is good for novices and A-listers alike.