Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
The Bear Archery Cruzer Bow – What Younger Bow Hunters Need!

The Bear Archery Cruzer Bow – What Younger Bow Hunters Need!

It is no news that bow-hunting can be a very pleasurable hobby which is why numerous people enjoy it and seek ways to improve their experience. Additionally, many hunters want to share their bow hunting experience with their children, and many youngsters who want to learn how to bow hunt.

However, not every archery equipment is suited for these types of hunters and it is the reason why the Cruzer bow from Bear Archery comes as a refreshing and effective solution to this problem. We are talking about a bow that is adjustable and can be used by almost anyone with any skill level.

In addition to this, it is extremely durable and once you get used to using it, you are likely to never want to change it again. Also, it is very lightweight, making it very easy to carry around even for longer bow-hunting adventures. Any younger person who hunts with this bow will be comfortable with it and will make a lot of shots that are smooth and accurate at the same time.

It is extremely silent and it enhances your bow-hunting experience even from the moment of opening the package because you are ready to go! Your hunting adventures will be better and the results will be higher because no prey will run away from the noise of your bow.

There are numerous reasons why this bow is an excellent choice for other archers too. It is very easy to use and you are relieved from any problems you would have with bigger, noisier or heavier bows. It is accurate, precise, durable and most importantly – reliable. It is made from high-quality materials and the design is impeccable. Here is why this bow is the best choice for younger bow hunters or hunters who want to make the most out of their hobby:


  • It is made out of Aluminum
  • It weighs 3.6 pounds
  • It has Quad Limbs with the feature of max-preload
  • It has a boosted grip design that enhances accuracy
  • It draws length from 12 to 30 inches in ½ inch increments and it fits almost anyone
  • It has adjustable draw weights starting down at 5lbs and goes to a maximum of 70lbs
  • It is quiet and accurate


  • It is very easy and comfortable to use
  • It can be used immediately after opening the package because it doesn’t require adjustments
  • It is an excellent choice for new bow-hunters
  • It is very durable
  • It is very light and it is easy to carry around even for younger people
  • It is adjustable, so it can be used for archers of different ages
  • There are a stabilizer and a suppressor for the string, making the shooting quiet and smooth


  • There isn’t another color design
  • The maximum speed is 310 fps, which can be too low for professional bow-hunters


The Bear Archery Cruzer Bow is a top-notch bow and it can be used by almost anyone. It is tremendously light and you can make an archer out of your child without facing any equipment issues. Additionally, what is best about its features is the durability – there is no doubt that it is made to last.

This means that when you buy this bow package, you will use it for quite a long time without a need to adjust or fix it. It is also an excellent choice for those who are new in the field of hunting because when you have it, you are ready to go. It comes completely assembled and you can go hunting right after taking it out of the box.

Regarding the hunting experience, it must be said that it has limbs that are quad styled and the release will be smooth and without any vibrations. This means that you can stay rest assured that your shooting will be as precise as possible and you can rely on the excellent performance of this bow.

When having this bow, you have 75% let-off, making it much easier to draw and maintain your aim for a longer period.

Because it generates a fair amount of kinetic energy, your chances of achieving accuracy and humane killing shots are very high. It is not as powerful as the other Bear products, but if you prefer a smaller bow, it is an excellent choice – your arrow will fly smoothly and it will hit the target you aimed for.

Moreover, because it has limbs with a preloading feature and the vibrations are lowered, you can rely on its accuracy. Additionally, it has a string suppressor and a stabilizer that makes it impossible for your prey to hear you. With this bow, you can come much closer to your prey and be sure that other sounds and noises that can be made from other compound bows are impossible in your case.


If you are looking for a bow that is going to be compact and easy to carry – the Bear Archery Cruzer is the right choice for you! It is smaller in size which is excellent for shorter archers and it can be used in tight blinds. It weighs around 3.6 pounds and it is light as a kid’s toy.

Feel free to ask your younger child to join you on your hunting adventure! As a benefit for new archers, this bow comes with a 6.5 brace, which makes practicing your aiming skills even better and easier.

However, this doesn’t mean that only younger and shorter archers can use it – it is adjustable and archers of any size or skill level can use it efficiently without any problems. It provides you with fair speed and it is very likely to fulfill your bow-hunting needs. It has a smooth and consistent performance with an easy draw cycle.


Take it with you on your next hunting trip and see for yourself how the Bear Archery Cruzer can ease and improve the hunting experience of any archer – younger or older!