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The ideal boots to sit on a stand should be supplemented by multiple steps to guarantee the comfort of your feet for six hours even in the coldest of weather.

Tree hunts in winter’s harshest conditions can be particularly brutal. It’s up above the ground and is exposed to the most brutal weather elements coming from every angle.

If you’re not protected beyond the occasional layer of winter clothes, you will quickly be frozen to the core.

The most vulnerable area in your body which you quickly discover that it is your feet.

Regularly insulated hunting boots don’t do the trick when trying to keep cold out. This is true regardless of whether you’re wearing comfortable rubber boots for hunting or a different kind of well-insulated boot.

This is because after you stop moving your circulation, the blood vessels in your extremities won’t give you the warmth you need.

One of the last things you want is an extended time in a tree standing with feet that are frozen to the point of pain.

There is an effective method that has been proven to ensure that your feet remain cozy and warm throughout your stay in the treestand. It’s easy to apply and won’t hinder your activities from doing anything.

The Four steps to warm Feet in the Stand of the Tree Stand

  • Put on a pair of high-quality hunting boots
  • Bring an extra pair of thick wool socks that you can change into once you’re at the tree stand
  • Keep hand warmers inside your boots
  • Protect your boots by putting them on with boot covers

Wear a high-quality pair of Hunting Boots

Good hunting boots of high-end quality are quite easy to find. They are designed to meet any kind of terrain, including harsh terrain and cold weather.

The most resounding recommendation when searching for the right boots for your stands for trees is to select the boots that are comfortable and then put on the insulation of your own later.

The great thing about your hunting boots when you hunt in a stand on a tree so far as walking fact is that they just need to get you to the tree.

Then, their function is to provide you with protection against elements.

Pro Tips: When buying your tree stand hunting boots, make sure that you leave ample space inside the shoe box. Take a size larger in case you must. If your feet aren’t tight enough to touch the inner walls of your boots, they’ll rapidly become cold.

Here are three top-quality winter hunting boots you can count on to make for a relaxing day in the field.

The LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 1600G Boots

This is a top-quality hunting boot that is suitable for wet and cold weather. The rubber exterior is waterproof and scent-free. and 1600G Thinsulate for insulation ensures the feet are secured while you head towards your tree stand.

It is also a sign that once you’ve settled into your seat, you will be able to rest assured that you have taken all the necessary measures to keep your feet warm. All of this is enhanced due to the insulation properties of Neoprene.

These boots are snug to wear and have a distinctive tread pattern to maximize traction. They are also able to be removed and put back on thanks to an Active Fit style.

They are water-resistant and specifically designed for snow conditions.

Muck Arctic Pro Boots

Similar to those Alphaburly boots, the Muck Arctic Pro boots have an exterior made of neoprene to serve as a completely waterproof barrier against the elements that surround it.

An 8mm thick neoprene with fleece lining provides warmth, as well as an incredibly comfortable boot for long walking.

The boots measure 17.56 inches tall and have elasticized Topline bindings to keep the cold and snow out.

The boots are rated for comfort between -60 degF and 30 degrees (-50 degC to 1 degC).

It doesn’t matter if you’re in motion or climbing up your tree stand, in any frigid weather, Arctic Pro boots will be able to withstand the harshest conditions. Arctic Pro boots will perform with a high degree of efficiency.

They’ll also be easy to remove and then put back on while making your way to the extended tree stand.

Danner Pronghorn” GTX 1200G Hunting Shoe

Danner Pronghorn boots are a must. Danner Pronghorn boots are considered to be the finest leather hunting boots for the upper available.

Along with the uppers of the full-grain leather boot, Gore-Tex Liners provide water-proofing as well as ventilation.

You can then add 1200G PrimaLoft insulation for the ability to retain warmth. With the Vibram SPE midsole, it will be extremely comfortable walking.

They have served as the mainstay of the Danner collection for several years. They are an excellent option for hunters of tree stands in wintery conditions.

Bring A spare pair of Merino Socks Thick and Thin

The assumption is that the socks you put on as you trek from your campsite to your treestand will turn damp, either due to sweat or the trails.

It’s all fine and good when you’re out and about. However, once you get into your spot and put down your feet, the humid air will quickly turn into a cold and uncomfortable sensation. If you leave your feet on the floor your socks are sure to make for a cold and cold day.

Before you do anything else, you should take off the socks you originally purchased and replace them with a spare pair of socks from your bag.

Starting with dry socks means that you begin with dry feet.

Here are some ideas for high-quality, thick wool socks.

Wigwam Minius 40C Silver Socks

They are thick socks that have added cushioning for extra comfort of your feet and provide support. They’re constructed from a 75% merino blend with the addition of Olefin to give you durability.

The goal of these socks is to keep feet warm during extremely frigid temperatures.

They are cushioned for more comfort and are treated with SmartSilver for their anti-bacterial properties.

Darn Tough Hunter Over The Calf Extra Cushion Socks

These are excellent hunting socks to wear in winter conditions.

They are made of 79% merino Wool, 19% nylon, and 2 percent Lycra spandex.

The combination of these materials means they offer great warmth as well as breathability and toughness. They are, in addition, very comfortable and will be extremely beneficial for difficult walks to trees.

Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks

The style these winter-themed thermal socks are designed meant for walking, but they will be useful for those who hunt.

They are made of 80percent merino wool and 15% polyester. 4% nylon and one percent spandex.

Cushioning at the most important areas of contact on the foot ensures they will be extremely comfortable shoes to wear when you are in motion.

The wool content of merino ensures they’ll be extremely warm and practical when sitting in a tree stand.

Put a hand warmer in Every Boot

Here’s the deal.

However well-insulated your footwear is but they’re not going instantly warmth your feet. Particularly, if you’re stationary in the tree stand.

Imagine it in this approach.

It could be the most beautiful house, the most fully insulated ever built.

On the coldest winter days, you’re not likely to be sitting in your home insulated without the heater on, and expecting that it will be warm.

What you’ll do is turn on the air conditioner, or turn on an enthralling fire, heat the home, and let the insulation keep your home warm.

When you stop walking and settle in the tree stand you’re shutting off the air conditioners in your shoes.

Circulation to the extremities of your body isn’t the best, and, on an icy winter day it’s likely to require some help…and that’s when hand or toe warmers become a necessity.

A Selection between two hands warmer strategies

Before you put on your boots after you have replaced the socks, you can take two hand warmers and insert one in the toebox of your boots.

There are two different ways you could set up your hand warming devices.

The first step is to place them on top of your toes in your boots.

The other is to put an electric heater on your foot outside the other sock. Then, place another sock on over it, taking the warm inside. In this instance, you’ve double-socked, and then hand-warmer to add more warmth.

HotHands Hand Warmers

There are many different brands to choose from, but why not purchase an entire pack with HotHands hand warmers.

They are reasonably priced, last between 5 to 10 hours, and provide a significant amount of warmth over a long time.

They’re also a great size to slip into shoes that sit on top of your feet.

Slip-on a pair of Insulated Boot Covers

The last step to protect your feet from frigid winter weather and make sure they remain warm all day long will be to dress them in the set of boots covers.

These are insulating, lightweight covers that are worn over boots to keep warm and block out cold and wind.

They are designed specifically for prolonged stays inside the stand. They are the last element of a proven strategy.

These are two premium and extremely efficient boot covers that can perform the task very well.

Arctic Shield Boot Insulators

The boot insulators come with an outer shell of polyester and a liner that will hold the warmth of your feet when placed on top of the boots.

They’re lightweight and fold into a small package, so they don’t take up much space in your bag, or inside your pocket, if you prefer.

The boot insulations are available in the sizes listed below:

SIZING: 6-7 Men’s Shoe Size 8-9 for women’s size of the shoe

Medium: 8-9 Men’s Shoe Size 10-11 Women’s Shoe Size

Large: 10-11 Men’s Shoe Size / 12-13 Women’s Shoes Size

*X-LARGE Shoes for Men and Women Sizes 12-13 / 14.

2X-LARGE 14.15 Men’s Size for Shoe / Women’s Shoe 15 Size

Ice Breaker Boot Blankets for Ice Breakers

A second protective covering for boots is the Boot Blankets function similarly to the Arctic Shields.

The product comes with a two-ply 300 grams (high loft) insulation sandwiched between a tough poly/cotton exterior shell and a waterproof nylon-resistant inner.

Making them fit is extremely easy thanks to the nylon heavy-duty zip. The addition of a drawcord allows you to make a comfortable fit.

The company advises that size of the boot refers to the normal 10-” tall insulated shoe. over-boots could require a bigger size to accommodate.

Boot Blankets are available in the following sizes: Boot Blankets come in the following sizes:

Small Men’s Shoes Size 6-7

Medium8-10 men’s shoe size

Large 11. -13 Men’s Shoes Size

Large14 And 15 for Men’s Size of Shoe Size

We set out to find the warmest hunting boots to wear standing in tree stands but realized that these boots are only the initial step in the process.

A quality pair of insulated hunting boots good socks that are thick that provide warmth to feet and protection from outside elements are crucial.

If you’re prepared to walk the extra mile for keeping your feet cozy, you will be able to take advantage of the coldest of days and not have to worry about your feet.

Also, a word of warning Makes sure that your boots are in good condition. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being lost when you move simply because of your squeaky boots of hunting.

Even the most frigid of weather can be fought off successfully, and all you need to think about is getting prepared for the moment that the bucks show up.

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