Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

best bow sights for elk hunting

In a nutshell, the best bow sights for elk hunting are those that let you see the elk’s antlers without a shaky hand. Single-pin and multi-pin sights are available and are used most often for this purpose. Some popular single-pin models include the HHA Ultra, Trophy Ridge Drive Slider, and TruGlo Range Rover. Some elk hunters prefer multi-pin sights, such as the G5 Optix XR, which has three fixed pins and a floating adjustable pin.

Apex Gear

If you’re serious about elk hunting, you need to have a high-quality bow sight. Apex Gear is a leading provider of performance archery accessories, and their bow sights are no exception. These sights feature adjustable distance, elevation, and windage controls. They are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware and are ideal for right-handed shooters. Here’s a closer look at their features.

One of the top features of Apex Gear’s bow sights is its CONFIDENCE. The React series gives you confidence even when the light is not perfect. You can easily adjust the sight for optimal range and distance even when you’re out in the dark. Its design also prevents fogging, which is great for early morning hunting in the dark. It also has a hood with three LED lights to illuminate your target.

The Apex Gear Covert elk bow sight has three distinct aiming points and a high performance dial to the yard. The sight’s reversible bracket allows you to shoot at different elevations and angles while still being able to use the sight at any angle. It is designed to fit all SAS bows. It also features a glow-in-the-dark ring around the sight.

Other features of Apex Gear bow sights for elch hunting include the React Technology that helps improve your accuracy. This technology is made of mathematical precision to ensure the pin reaches the target in the right distance. It also features vertical in-line pin technology to clear the way for unobstructed vision. These features make it an excellent choice for elk hunters. They also have a wide range of mounting options to accommodate all types of bows and crossbows.

Black Gold

The Black Gold Pro Series sight is designed with a patented fiber coil for unmatched pin brightness. This sight is also equipped with a micro click adjustment knob. The top-mounted fiber coil provides a more stable shooting experience, and a patented photochromatic detects UV light and dims pins automatically during sunny hours. This sight is an excellent choice for elk and mule deer hunting.

The most versatile model is the three-pin Black Gold sight. The Ascent Verdict has a slight edge over the Mountain Lite, but both allow you to set the sweet spot on elk. The adjustable sight will let you adjust the distance to thirty, forty, fifty, or 60 yards without dialing. There are no complicated settings for these sights, which makes them an excellent choice for elk hunting.

The compact slider mechanism has two axes of adjustment. A knurled knob on the side operates the compact slider mechanism, and a small lever next to the sight tape locks it down. The MRT Rings, which come in Small, Triple, or Single, ensure that the sight is aligned properly with the bow. This allows for precise alignment of the eye to peep housing.

The RANGE*ROVER M4 is another popular model. It features five fixed pins in a lockable housing, each descending in diameter. It also has a quiver mount that allows for easy quiver mounting. It’s also very affordable at $280. If you’re looking for a high-quality elk hunting sight, consider the TRUGLO RANGE*ROVER M4 and its many benefits.

IQ Bowsights

IQ Bowsights are the best elk bow sights available today. These innovative devices are designed to improve accuracy for both elk and target shooting. Their patented Retina Lock dot ensures consistent aiming and elevation. Unlike traditional sights, the IQ Micro uses a 50 percent thinner bladed pin construction and a built-in sight level.

The IQ Ultra-Lite Bow sight features the IQ Retina technology and Silent Coat finish. It uses a mathematical calculation to automatically adjust the pins. These sights are lighter, more reliable, and have high performance. While aiming with a movable pin, you must ensure it is in contact with the inside bow sight. Aim for the middle.

The IQ Bowsights have an impressive list of features, including the React Technology, which is mathematically precise and provides a clear, unobstructed target view. It is available in single-pin, double-pin, or multiple-pin configurations. All of these features ensure accurate shooting. These elk bow sights are a must-have for any elk hunter.

The IQ Bowsights are also highly accurate. The preprinted sight tapes are invaluable when sighting in your bow. The accuracy of these sights is outstanding for distances of up to 80 yards. These sights can help you see the pin in the center of the target. This feature is particularly useful for those who have difficulty focusing with a single eye. However, it’s important to remember that using magnifying glasses while hunting is illegal in some states. Check with your local wildlife division before trying this out.

While pendulum sights may provide a more accurate target, they require constant adjustment. They are also not recommended for competition shooting or 3D shooting. A pendulum sight uses a pin mounted on the pendulum. And this pin is often inside a bracket, making it difficult to adjust the pin. These bow sights are expensive and should only be purchased by experienced elk hunters.

Fast Eddie XL

The Fast Eddie XL bow sights are an excellent choice for elk hunting because of their compact slider mechanism and MRT (Multiple Ring Technology) technology. These sight housings feature three different ring sizes to adapt to different light conditions. This technology also helps in detecting UV light, which automatically dims the pins during sunny hours. This technology enables hunters to make accurate shots even in dim light.

For elk hunting, fast bow sights are essential, because elk are usually on the move. Hunting elk with a bow usually means calling them in, as the animal can move from forty yards to twenty yards in a matter of seconds. A sliding sight can cost you a shot, so you want to choose a sight that will allow you to shoot at as far away as you reasonably can.

You can set the Fast Eddie XL for elk hunting by using a calibration tape at 20 yards. Once you’ve adjusted the dial and correct elevation, try shooting at 60 yards. Use the calibration tape and feel the pointer at that distance. You can also dial in your elk bow sighting by considering the draw length, weight of the arrow and the broadhead, and of course the elevation of your arrow.

When compared to other hunting sights, the Fast Eddie XL features bright pins and minimizes glare. This feature is essential for shooting elk with a bow and avoids the common problem of eye strain. Another benefit of the Fast Eddie XL bow sight is its size and weight. Its machined aluminum design and its large size prevent it from being prone to slop and play, two features that can make hunting with a bow a challenging endeavor.


The Oracle bow sight is a sophisticated machine that eliminates the guesswork involved with ranging. Its built-in laser helps you find your exact aiming point at any distance. Using this bow sight gives you the confidence to make that one perfect shot. But you must understand that the cost of the Oracle bow sight is not cheap. It costs $829. Nevertheless, it is worth every cent if you’re willing to sacrifice accuracy to take your dream elk.

The Oracle bow sight is also glass-free and requires a coin-cell CR123 battery. It displays a series of LED aiming points along the blade. When you range, the sight displays the correct pin dot, and it has a fail-safe 20 yard fixed pin. The sight also allows for 2nd and third axis adjustments. Its right-handed version is available as well.

Oracle single-pin sights are another option for hunters. This model is ideal for elk hunting because it allows users to adjust the distance between their target and the sight. Its field of view is wide enough to accommodate the eyes of an elk. One of the most appealing features of this type of sight is the ability to adjust on the fly, even when the hunter isn’t at his or her best.

Aside from a wide variety of options, the Oracle also has a rangefinder. Some sights come with a ranging engine, but these aren’t mainstream. However, they can give you the added advantage of tracking the number of shots you’ve made with your bow, as well as the angle at which the animal was hit. This technology makes the Oracle the perfect bow sight for elk hunting.