Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

best caliber for hog hunting in texas

In hog hunting in Texas, you will want to carry a firearm of the right caliber. Depending on the type of hog that you are hunting, you may choose a 243 Winchester or a.30-06 or.270 Winchester. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a caliber for hog hunting.


The.30-06 is the best caliber for hog hunting in Texas, but there are a few other options worth considering as well. The Model 94 is a popular choice among local hog hunters in East Texas, where the terrain is jungle-like. This rifle offers a carbine-length barrel, smooth lever action, and a 30-30 round that is effective at killing a hog at 150 yards.

Although the 308 is ideal for long-range hog hunting, the.30-06 is also effective at close range. The 62-grain Barnes TSX bullets used by the Hog Hammer have proven to be effective. For added firepower, some hunters use 25-06 rounds. While the.30-06 is a good caliber for close-range hog hunting, it should be able to handle most types of hogs.

.270 Winchester

While the.270 Winchester caliber is popular for hog hunting in Texas, a different caliber will be better for hunting in brush. In such areas, a 45-70 or 30-60 round will work perfectly. While it is not a super-fast caliber, a 12 gauge shotgun will drive a hog backwards in a full charge and penetrates the hog’s shield better than most rifle bullets.

When hunting hogs, you’ll need a heavy hitter. These pigs are tough and have deep, thick vitals and a tough cartilage shield. So, you’ll need a hefty caliber to get the job done. A.270 Winchester caliber is an excellent choice for hog hunting in Texas and many other states. It’s also easy to get an extra magnum, which makes it a versatile caliber to carry with you.