Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

best coyote hand calls

There are many great coyote hand calls on the market. You may be considering getting the Primos Coyote Hand Call or the Dan Thompson Red Desert Howler. Or you may want to try one of the many predator calls available on Predator Tactics. However, it’s not always possible to practice hand calls for hours on end. Luckily, electronic coyote calls are now available and can hold thousands of different coyote call sounds. Moreover, these devices are also compatible with downloads of predator call sounds, allowing you to change sounds as needed to educate coyotes.

Dan Thompson Red Desert Howler

A good coyote hand call is not cheap. Depending on the brand, they can range from $20 to $100. These hand calls are great for long-range calling and mimic a variety of coyote and rabbit vocalizations. You can also use these hand calls to mimic other animals, such as elk bugles or duck calls. They are a good choice for coyote hunting because they are durable and easy to use.

Depending on the brand, these hand calls can be used to imitate a variety of sounds, including a hurt jackrabbit scream, a fawn bleat, and a coyote’s ‘harvest’ call. The sound is a challenge to the animal, and should be repeated for a minute or so. A challenge bark is not a good choice if you’re trying to attract a female or a young male – they won’t respond to it!


The Primos Coyote Hand Call comes with an easy-to-use diaphragm that replicates distress calls of a young deer. The distressed sounds are designed to increase coyote confidence, and they are just as effective as turkey cries. Although this call may not be as easy to use as the Crit’r Call, its quality and volume are second to none.

This coyote call also comes with a horn for increased volume and range. It is highly versatile and can make a variety of different sounds including the vocalization of two different coyotes. The mouthpiece can be changed into a horn and hunters can produce coyote vocalizations while other animals are in distress. The Lil’ Dog also features a detachable reed for different sounds, including bird, rabbit, and rodent distress calls.

The Foxpro Coyote Hand Call is made of a durable, high-quality material that can withstand harsh environments. It also features a rotating speaker that produces realistic sound and attracts the coyote’s curiosity. Despite its size, this phone comes with a powerful speaker and four speakers that will allow you to get the best results from it. This phone is made to last a lifetime and will make hunting easier than ever.

Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson, owner of Stoney Wolf Productions, has become a household name for making some of the best coyote hand calls. He is an innovator, designer, and master of several different types of predator calls. Interestingly enough, he has forgotten more about coyotes than most hunters. This is the key to making your calls as effective as possible, and he has made some of the best available.

The Dan Thompson Weem’s Cottontail is a perfect choice for fox hunting, wolf hunting, and attention crow calling. Its high-pitched sound is reminiscent of wounded hair. It is also loud, making it perfect for hunting large wooded areas or long distances. It’s also easy to use. And, while the Weem’s Replica is relatively inexpensive, it’s worth every penny.


A 4K9 coyote hand call can produce realistic distress and coyote vocalizations. Its open reed and rubber megaphone-contoured tube make pitch hitting a breeze, even in cold weather. The call’s reed is also redesigned to fit more comfortably in the hand. You can even get a hand-held version with a raised edge for protection from the reed freezing in cold weather.

This predator call is easy to use and has an excellent volume. However, the buck call produced the most distress tones in my lineup. This isn’t to say that coyotes can’t be called with any of the other calls. These calls can be used in different situations, but they are ideal for coyote hunting. Some calls produce distress tones that are more difficult to produce than others.