Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

The Best Duck Hunting Places in America

best duck hunting places

There are many great places to go duck hunting in Oklahoma, including public lands, wetland-development areas, and 27 properties under the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Oklahoma is known as “The Show-Me State” and is perhaps the best place to hunt waterfowl during mid-migration. The state’s two major river systems bring in plenty of waterfowl during this time of year. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned hunter, you can find great hunting in Oklahoma.

Salt Lake City

If you’re looking for the best duck hunting spots in Utah, look no further. Salt Lake City’s Great Salt Lake has great public access and is home to a variety of waterfowl species. A 75-mile-long body of water, the Great Salt Lake is ideal for waterfowl hunting, particularly during the late season. The salt water is also ideal for duck and goose hunting, because it provides a habitat that suits a variety of hunting styles.


The Stuttgart area is home to the world’s champion duck calling contest and the Wings Over the Prairie festival, which draws 60,000 people and thousands of hunters from around the world. If you’re looking for the best places to duck hunt in Arkansas, look no further than Stuttgart. There are hundreds of guides and hunting lodges in the area and dozens of species you can target. If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider a duck-hunting trip to Stuttgart.


If you’re looking for the perfect spot to take a duck hunt, look no further than Guntersville Lake, located in northeast Alabama. This body of water is more than 76 miles long, full of grasses that ducks rely on for food. A part of the Tennessee River chain, Guntersville is one of Alabama’s largest lakes. While duck hunting in Alabama is not as common as hunting in other states, there are some great spots for duck hunting in the area.

Beaver Dam Lake

While most people associate a Mississippi lake with fishing and golf, duck hunting is actually a very popular pastime at Beaver Dam Lake. In 1883, it was the birthplace of the Duck Club on the lake. The members were well-heeled businessmen who shared their passion for hunting. “What Rarer Day” is the song that was written 82 years ago, and it could have easily been about Mike and Lamar Boyd.

San Francisco Bay

The Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge sits on 30,000 acres of wetlands in San Francisco Bay, a perfect place for duck hunting. Millions of migrating birds stop here every year to feed and breed. This beautiful sanctuary is situated in the shadow of Oracle, Google, and 7.5 million people. It is home to 280 species of birds and has been designated as a national wildlife refuge. During the winter, you can even find Buffleheads, Common Goldeneye, and Eared Grebes.

North Dakota

The state’s diverse habitats provide excellent duck hunting opportunities. North Dakota has extensive PLOTS programs, a vast network of Wildlife Management Areas, and hundreds of thousands of acres of federal waterfowl production areas. State school lands are also generally open to public hunting. In addition, hunters can enjoy some of the world’s best fishing, while pursuing the game of their dreams. Whether you’re a first-time duck hunter or an experienced pro, there’s a North Dakota duck hunting experience that’s right for you.

North Carolina

Duck hunters in North Carolina should dress in neutral colors that blend in with the surroundings. Brown camouflage is the best color for hunting ducks. Layering is an excellent idea, as it prevents hunters from overheating. Bring your waterproof jacket, waders, and a large cooler. You can ask for help from a local guide, as they can offer valuable tips. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission website offers helpful information.

South Dakota

As one of the most important bird-producing regions in North America, South Dakota has high recruitment and breeding levels, making it the best duck hunting state in the world. The state is considering a Central Flyway state, which means that its ducks migrate throughout the continent. While the portion of South Dakota west of the Missouri River is considered “unglaciated,” and is comprised largely of impoundments used to water livestock, it does have some of the highest breeding duck populations in North America. USFW provides a map of the highest breeding duck populations per square mile in South Dakota.


There are a number of top locations to go duck hunting in Maryland, including the renowned Chesapeake Bay region. Divers and sea ducks can both be found in this area. Diver duck hunts involve “big rig” long-line sets. Expert decoy placement guarantees a good shot at the species you’re seeking. Additionally, you can also hunt greater snow geese, buffleheads, and mallards. The team at Black Duck Outfitters will work with you to ensure that you have a successful hunting experience.


If you are looking for some of the best duck hunting in the country, the state of Utah may have just what you are looking for. With drought conditions in the state, many core breeding areas were dry this summer. This resulted in low spring runoff, leaving many wetlands in the state completely dry. This was detrimental to the duck population. But thankfully, a few key duck hunting spots still remain open throughout the state.