Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

best hunting bullet for 308

If you’re looking for the best hunting bullet for 308 Winchester, you’re on the right track. This article examines the Barnes 130-grain TSX BT, the Nosler AccuBond, the Remington Core Lokt, and the Federal Fusion. We’ll also discuss other popular bullets. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between these bullets. We’ll also discuss how the different weights of bullets affect their accuracy.

Barnes 130-grain TSX BT

The Barnes 130-grain TSX BB bullet is designed for long-range accuracy and terminal performance. Its 100-percent copper body and multiple rings cut into the bullet’s shank offer remarkable expansion and ballistic performance. Featuring a blunted, razor-sharp tip, this bullet can also penetrate targets as deep as three feet. The 130-grain Barnes Tipped TSX bullet is handloading-only.

The Barnes 130-grain TSX BB is hand-loaded and has a muzzle velocity of 3020 fps. A single round of this bullet can kill an Alaskan caribou at 270yds. However, due to its limited ability to impart a broad wound and small exit wound, the BT Hunting is best used at long ranges.

Nosler AccuBond

The Nosler AccuBond hunting ammunition for 308 is a highly versatile hunting bullet that’s hard, accurate, and consistent. It’s a great choice for mixed-bag hunts, as it’s tough enough to take down dangerous game but expands enough to be deadly at long range. This is the perfect one-size-fits-all hunting bullet.

The core of the AccuBond is void free, which helps it shoot flat. Its pointy white tip contributes to its high ballistic coefficient and balances expansion, erosion, and penetration. It retains about seventy to eighty percent of its weight and penetrates slightly less than the Partition. The Nosler AccuBond is an excellent choice for most hunting scenarios.

Remington Core Lokt

A 30-year-old hunting bullet from Remington has been redesigned with a Core Lokt tip for improved performance on game. While this bullet isn’t as fast as its predecessors, it’s still more consistent and has excellent terminal energy. These features make it an excellent choice for long-range hunting. And if you’re looking for a hunting bullet for your 308 rifle, Core Lokt is a great choice.

The Core-Lokt is available for many popular centerfire rifle cartridges. It is a deer hunting bullet that’s known for killing big game quickly. And it’s affordable too! This hunting bullet is available in several different cartridges, including the popular 308 Winchester. Here are some other benefits:

Federal Fusion

If you’re looking for a high-performance hunting bullet for your 30-08, you can’t go wrong with the Federal Fusion. This round offers higher muzzle velocity and longer range than any other bullet in this roundup. Its heft and superior components also make it useful for a variety of applications beyond deer hunting. Whether you use it for deer or other game, the Federal Fusion will pay for itself with clean kills and excellent accuracy.

The federal fusion bullet is the best hunting bullet for 308 and the federal premium line features the legendary Nosler Partition bullet. This bullet offers a maximum muzzle energy of 2,600 foot pounds, perfect for hunting big game. This is a perfect bullet for hunting large game, so make sure to use a heavy one. The Federal Fusion is also suitable for hunting smaller game, as its low-density design will prevent it from exploding.