Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

best over and under shotguns for pheasant hunting

There are several models of over and under shotguns to choose from, but in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Beretta A400, Stevens 555, and Franchi. These models are easy to use, accurate, and well-balanced. Beretta Silver Pigeon – 6.8 lb. 20-gauge – is one of the most famous of these guns. Its opposing trunnions eliminate the need for underhooks and have a low-profile line of sight.

Winchester SXP

The SXP series is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with a crossbolt safety mounted ahead of the trigger guard. This model is also made with a walnut stock and features an Inflex recoil pad to divert recoil away from the face. The gun is available in five models, each with a different barrel length ranging from 12 to 20 gauges.

Beretta A400

The Beretta A400 is a high-quality over and under shotgun, perfect for pheasant hunting. This 12-gauge gun’s barrel is a bit longer than its nominal.729-inch counterpart, and features a longer taper from chamber to main bore and a raised rib as a sighting plane. It also has a larger bolt handle, a large safety button, and a reversed barrel for left-handed hunters. In addition to a rotary bolt, the Beretta A400 has an ejection system on the left side of the gun.

Stevens 555

For an affordable, reliable over and under shotgun for phearsant hunting, look no further than the Stevens 555. Available in 12-gauge and 20-gauge, the 555 features an aluminum receiver and a special steel insert that reinforces the breech for added rigidity. Each model comes with five interchangeable chokes and a manual extractor. Lastly, the 555 is lightweight and offers a long pull.


When you go pheasant hunting, you want to have a comfortable, lightweight gun that will carry through brush and tall grass. Pheasant hunting is a long day of walking and you will need a gun you can comfortably mount and carry without thinking. The Franchi over and under shotgun is an excellent choice for this purpose. You can choose from various models and gauges.

Weatherby ORION(r) I

If you’re considering purchasing a new over and under shotgun, the Weatherby ORION(r) I might be a good choice. This gun has a low profile receiver and a glossy grade A walnut stock. It features a rounded Prince of Wales grip and forearm. The weight of this gun is seven pounds, and it comes in both 12 and 20 gauge barrels.

CZ Upland

Upland hunters love their side-by-side shotguns. With the CZ Upland G2 shotgun, the original Bobwhite has been upgraded to offer improved durability, elasticity, and ergonomics. The gun weighs only 5 1/2 pounds, comes with five interchangeable chokes, and is made to be easy to handle. The barrels are 28 inches long.