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What is the most important feature in the case of a soft bow?

This is a matter that could influence the bow case you purchase. However, for many of us knowing which features to be looking for in a bow case could be a challenge to determine.

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So long as it offers an adequate amount of safety for your bow your bow fits correctly inside the case and it offers a sufficient amount of storage space for arrows as well as other accessories of small size and other small accessories, it’s all that’s needed.

Companies are always trying to enhance their products.

With an industry that is constantly changing, like the market for compound bows there is a need for the industry to remain on the cutting edge to offer the highest level of protection to the latest developments.

This is why we’ve tried to incorporate as many new soft compound bow cases as we possibly can.

Our Top 10 List of the Top Soft Bow Cases

The following list has weighed down the top 15 soft bow cases by averaging the customers’ feedback. The price isn’t taken into consideration, the assumption is that the satisfaction of the customers will determine if the case is worth the money.

Following the comparison table of bows, there is an in-depth overview of each bow that will provide you with more details to help you decide which bow is best suited to your requirements.

  • Legend Superline Backpack
  • Elevation Talon 46 Double Bow Case
  • SKB Field-Tek Deluxe
  • .30-06 Combat Rugged Bow Case
  • Easton Deluxe Compound Recurve Roller
  • Tarantula Supreme
  • Tenzing TZ Hybrid Bow Case
  • Tarantula Premium Bow Case
  • 30 06 Bloodline Signature Series Bow Case
  • Allen Gear Fit Pro
  • Lakewood Products Single Bow Case 45”
  • Allen Gear Fit X
  • 30-06 Outdoors Premium Parallel Limb
  • OMP Case Compound Pocket
  • Smooth Sided Plano

Padding Protection

In the wide range of bow cases available the differences are going to be determined by the amount of padding that comes with everyone, along with the speed at which it can be streamlined about bows and whether the handle can stand up to the constant wear and tear and the durability on the zips.

In general, the majority of bow cases provide a decent amount of protection for safeguarding your bow. The top part of the price spectrum will take the extra mile to ensure that the bow case isn’t too large, yet it will provide ample protection and also well-organized storage spaces with sections and pockets.

Bow Case Size

A crucial thing to consider is that like compound bows, which come in a variety of dimensions, so are the cases that are available to safeguard the bow. If you are using a small axle-to-axle bow, you won’t be going to require one of the biggest bow cases, as bows can be able to be moved around within.

It’s more crucial to ensure that the bow case you choose is big enough to accommodate your bow. Check out the bow case dimensions which are provided below for an excellent starting point for choosing which one is the best fit for your bow.

description of soft bow cases

After we’ve been able to look at the different types and brands of soft bow cases in the form of a comparison side by side we’ll take a more thorough look at each. Here is a brief overview of each product, as well as details of the product as well as the listed features. Go through the specifications of each one to gain more information about the features that distinguish the various products.

Legend Archery Superline Bow Case Backpack

One of the latest youngsters on the bow case block for archery includes The Legend Archery soft bow case and it has demonstrated how effective a bow soft case made of the compound can be. It offers a lot of protection for your bow, thanks to its thick padding and separated storage areas. It provides plenty of space in additional pockets for accessories.

The size of the case is 45.5″ and 16″ 5″ It is large enough to accommodate most of the compound bows being manufactured nowadays. It also comes with zippers that are oversize and comfortable to hold and use. They are also waterproof, so your equipment will remain dry throughout all harsh weather conditions.

In addition to providing you with comfy handles, you can carry your case you can also carry it across your shoulder with the strap that comes with it. It’s a convenient bow bag to use whether it’s only bows or has packed with everything else you need (releases broadheads strings, nocks, etc. ).

The Legend bow case is a fantastic piece of equipment ideal for securing your compound bow during the many hunting trips you’re willing to go on. It is also available in a range of colors that will suit any style and preference.

SKB Field-Tek Bow Deluxe Case

The gorgeous fabric that is used to cover the exterior of the bow case is a waterproof coating, making it a much more durable box for storage for the bow. The length of the internals of the box is 43″ which means that it is sufficient to accommodate any bow that is manufactured today.

There’s ample storage room as the compartment for bows has large zippered pockets that extend to the front and back wall. There’s ample space to store an arrow box inside the front pocket on the lower side and small items can be stored in the pockets to the side. The price for this model is upper end, and it will be understood why when you examine the quality of the materials used.

Elevation Talon 46 Double Bow Case

This Talon 46 bow case is mostly designed to fulfill the requirements of an archer who is often in the middle of travel.

But, there’s no reason why a bow hunter or competitor in 3D should not be able to make use of the features built inside it.

Anyone searching for a case to allow for a longbow that connects the axle and axle will find this case the ideal case.

In addition to having space to accommodate two rigs and internal dimensions inside each bow storage compartment measuring 46 inches x 18 3”, there are pockets that can store other gear.

The bow is handled with the cradles for cams and strings included, along with bow tie-down points and a semi-structured shell that provides additional security.

Stabilizer pockets both short and long and an arrow pocket specifically designed for you. 46′ 10 3”, means that all your equipment can be stored safely and securely.

The pocket on the back of the case is designed to accommodate complete target faces that would be big enough to hold various things like clothing, or other items you’d like to store.

On the exterior, there is an arm and shoulder strap for easy carrying. the base comes with skid plates to ensure that it is strong.

Notice: If you only have one bow and don’t require the extra space of double bow cases The company also makes the Talon 46 for a single bow as well. 

.30-06 Combat Rugged Bow Case

This bow case comes with two compartments inside which allow the storage of two compound bows. The 41-inch long length implies that it can include the majority of hunting bows that are on the market at the present.

The exterior characteristics that make up the exterior of this case are attractive with two full-length zippers, making access to bows simple. There are three pockets for storage that can be closed with sturdy zippers. They are ideal to hold small items of the accessory.

The storage compartment for arrows on the outside is an additional useful feature that is one of the strengths that the bag has to offer. It can be carried by either the handle that is cushioned or the shoulder strap.

The main point is that if searching for a high-quality soft bow case to purchase, this is the case you should consider.

Easton Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Case

This is a premium soft-sided bow case launched in 2019 to give archers extremely versatile and useful storage and travel case.

It is fitted with a compression-molded semi-rigid bottom, which provides extra protection when it is used to transport your bow. Underneath, there are smoothly-running roller bearing wheels which allow it to be pulled depending on your preference or transport it with the cushioned handle.

In addition to the tough and sturdy zippers that close the case, it’s additionally reinforced by broad buckled straps to strengthen the whole structure. The ability of this case stems from its ability to be appropriate for holding either the compound bow or recurve bow, both with the security provided by the presence of a double seatbelt system that can effectively anchor bows down.

Furthermore, the bow is constructed to a specific size, which means it can hold the bow and your equipment so that you will only carry a single case. It’s a hybrid hard/softshell that provides your bow with all-around protection.

The case comes in two dimensions: 36″L x 15 “W 9” H as well as 39″L x 15″W and 9″H to accommodate various sized bows.

Tarantula Supreme Bow Case

Tarantula is a brand that has been around for a long time. Tarantula brand is sold through the Sportsman’s Outdoor Products umbrella and the brand has been able to produce top-quality archery equipment at the most affordable cost.

This Supreme bow case is not an exception. It is designed in a way that both older compound bows and the contemporary compound bows with parallel limbs will all be able to fit easily.

The Supreme is the kind of bow case that is soft-sided that hunters with a tight budget will come to appreciate. It was less than $50, it’s cushioned and large enough to hold all bows used in hunting and could be considered the most suitable bow case available for the price.

The bag also offers ample storage for accessories that include an arrow pocket and four accessory pockets that are smaller each of which is zip-closed. The bow is secured in place by the strap of gear so that it will not move when it’s being moved.

Tenzing TZ SB39 Hybrid Bow Case

A water-resistant soft bow case is a useful piece of equipment, and this Tenzing SB39 gives you that in a fashionable outer shell. Its padding measures 1″ thick, and it has a back panel that is made of impact-resistant to provide the best protection for your bow. The bow is made to be big enough to accommodate the latest compound bows. It also has two tiny mesh zippered pockets that allow for the storage of other accessories. 

Tarantula Deluxe Bow Case with Tackle Box

This is a high-quality bow case designed to be able to fit all the contemporary bows with parallel limbs as well as older style bows.

There is an internal flap inside the case to secure the bow to ensure it stays in its place.

There’s also an interior pocket for storing gear along with an additional pocket to store arrows.

A small external pocket is built inside this case’s front. It includes a small tackle box that comes in the box.

3006 Outdoors Bloodline Signature Series Bow Case

The soft bow bag is packed with storage options, along with ample space that will provide ample safety for your compound bow.

In reality, it has two main storage compartments, which makes it large enough to hold two bows.

Smaller items can be placed in pockets throughout the case. The fact that there are seven storage compartments located on the exterior of the case ensures that you’ll have plenty of options to store small items.

The total capacity of the case can hold a capacity that is 5080 cubic inches. it is made of a very dense material that makes the case dry.

Allen Gear Fit Pro Bow Case

This case is 40 inches long and, as per the manufacturer, will accommodate bows that are up to 34 inches in length. Alongside being protected enough to provide ample security for bows,, the case is made up of seven additional pockets. One of these pockets is an arrow pocket measuring 34 inches. The pockets as well as the main compartment are all secured by zippers, making it an ideal bow case for hunting that can be used for any purpose.

The handle is well-padded so that it is extremely easy to use. 

Lakewood Products Single Bow Case 45″

Are they a soft bow case, or a hard bow case? The company refers to its bow case as soft-sided cases, and it sort is on the soft bow case list. The case in question is the 45-inch case that can be used to store and carry compound bows measuring from 43-3/4″ in length.

It is a top-loading case, and the bow is placed vertically and is tucked into foam padding to protect it. It’s simple to keep and retrieve the bow in this particular configuration. Both sides are constructed of ABS plastic that is durable and is strong enough to take any bumps or knocks you might deal with it.

Along with space to store a long compound bow, the case is capable of holding the equivalent of 18 bows as with other pieces of equipment and gear. The case is fitted with a shoulder strap, so it can be carried and carried.

Allen Gear Fit X Bow Case

This is an excellent bow case that is directly within the middle-cost range of cases on this list. With a price of around $70, it is the best value for money when you consider what it has to offer. Its interior has been lined with suede to give a smooth finish, and the walls are well-padded to guard the bow from damage. Straps are provided not just to hold the bow in place but to protect your arrows. The exterior is fitted with 10 pockets, which are shut using flaps or zips, and can carry a variety of accessories and smaller items.

.30-06 The Outdoors Premium Paralimben Bow Case

A simple bow case that has been designed to accommodate modern, parallel limb compound bows. The case is 41 inches long and includes an arrow pocket that measures 32 inches and an accessory pouch that measures 8 inches by 8 inches. The price is among the major benefits of this case. 

Outdoor Mountain Compound Bow Products Case

It is a compact bow case designed for short-framed compound bows, like those made for younger and female archers. The bow case is only 36 inches, and you’ll be able to cut just a few inches off it to gain the storage space inside. The case isn’t equipped with additional features like pockets, which means it’s not able to organize small objects with the bow. The handles are situated on the larger side which makes it easier to carry.

Plano Soft-Sided Bow Case

Its Plano Soft Sided bow case is available in different sizes, ranging from 37 inches up from 44 to 37 inches. You can pick the size that is most suitable for the type of compound bow you’d like to keep. The case is designed to protect the bow with a layer of high-density foam. It has a zippered compartment that can be used to store a bow case, as well as two mesh pockets as well as another small pocket each of which is closed by zippers. Although the MSRP of the bow case is $115, you can buy it for just $80 which makes it a better price-to-value.

Things to Consider When deciding to purchase a Bow Case Soft Compound Case

It is not advisable to immediately jump into purchasing a compound bow case. What appears to be insignificant can make huge differences in the decision-making process.

You Can Match Your Bow Case to Your Bow

Consider the kind of bow you’ve got before deciding on a specific case. This may appear to be an obvious thing to do, however, the truth is that certain bow cases are specifically designed for compound bows with parallel limbs while others are more compact and aren’t suitable for a bow that is a target.

Do you like leaving your quiver tied to your bow? This is important when you are deciding on an easy bow case or hard bow case.

Do You Have Storage or Moving with Your Bow?

What are you hoping to gain from the bow case you have in it while your bow is stored? If your primary motive for getting storage for your bow is to offer a safe space to store it during your journey from your home to the range, then the soft bow case is an excellent option. If you think there’s an excellent chance the bow bag is likely to be in quite a sharp contact – with other people, bumps in transport, or stormy weather, you should think about rethinking your soft bow case and consider a more sturdy bow case made of hard material.

Air Travel And Your Bow Case

The flight journey can be extremely damaging to your bow case, and the contents inside. Baggage handlers have the responsibility of transporting a large amount of luggage in a very short period, and will not make a point to take care of an easy bow case.

There have been reports of several issues using soft bow cases in planes, however, there have been several instances of poor results. If you are traveling by plane, it is advised to make use of an airline-approved bow case. If nothing else, it will provide you with more assurance.

Take a Look at your Archery Accessories

A bow case doesn’t only hold the bow you have compounded. A variety of accessories are required when you use your bow. The ability to put everything else inside the pockets of your bow case is a huge benefit.

Bow cases that are soft like The Legend Archery bow case are ideal for those who also carry a lot of archery equipment with them. Find a bow case that has various compartments and pockets that keep everything within its own space.

Storing Bows In Compounds

We are discussing getting rid of your bow after the season has ended with the hope of it being secure and secure throughout the years of inactivity.

A lot of people prefer hanging their bows vertically, on hooks covered with rubber or on racks, and display them as saucepans or pots inside the kitchen of a chef. A different option is to hang them horizontally on a shelf in closets.

To make sure that the bows are free of dust and safe from prying eyes (as little fingers) it’s a great option to arrange for long-term storage by placing bows in small bow bags.

One of the best benefits of Bow cases made of soft material is they are the ideal low-cost solution for storage for your compound bow outside of season.

The cases are made to give you all the security that a solid case could provide thanks to the padding inside and robust exterior.

This means you can put away your compound bow inside the house, secure knowing that it’ll be ready to be picked up and taken out at the beginning of the new season, with little adjustments and preparation.

Include Bow Case Accessories

Once you’ve bought the bow case, you might be surprised to discover more options for storing the archery gear. You have your compound bow covered but having everything in the same case means that you’ll need the right solution to store your arrows as well as smaller parts and accessories.

Archery Accessory Case

Once you’ve bought your bow case, you might discover that there are other options for storing bows and other archery tools.

You’ve completed your compound bow but fitting everything into the same box means you’ll need the right solution for your arrows as well as smaller parts and accessories.

A quality bow accessory case will be able to be slipped into an easy bow case, it will be large enough to accommodate a decent amount of small items and will be organized to separate everything, and will be tough enough to give security.

You can purchase one of these top-quality cases for less than $30.00 and could be added as a bow case without worrying about damaging other bows like an oblong bow.

Arrow Holders

The majority of top-quality bow cases have archers in an interior wall. They are typically in the lids of the hard bow cases, but they can be found within the soft case.

It’s possible to carry six or twelve arrows using your bow. They are safely held in place by the graspers for the arrows which guarantees that the arrows will not move about during transport.

Arrow Cases

If it’s impossible to attach grippers for the bow case, then you could opt for the alternative of purchasing an archer case. This is particularly beneficial for people who have soft bow cases since an arrow case capable of carrying more than 12 arrows won’t consume much space and can provide sturdy protection for your archers.

Additionally, you will find that they’ll be kept in an organized manner which makes them simple to find when you’ve completed your trip.

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