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Best Skinning Knives

As a deer, elk, or wild game hunter, you understand the critical role field-dressing your kill plays in ensuring its safety. Investing in an excellent skinning knife will determine your success on the field – whether in remote terrain or hunting from a local deer stand.

When shopping for a skinning knife, be sure to consider its length, material, and shareability.

1. Cold Steel Large Voyager

Cold Steel’s Voyager series knives are engineered to be the ideal “everyman” knife – comfortable, super sharp, and rugged, ideal for hunting, camping, and everyday cutting tasks. Each model is precision engineered and held to Cold Steel’s exacting standards of quality assurance.

These knives feature AUS-10A blades and the revolutionary Tri-Ad lock, designed by Andrew Demko to distribute weight between the blade tang and lock bar under both positive and negative pressures. This makes it significantly stronger and more stable than traditional back locks.

AUS-10A is an extremely tough stainless alloy that’s just as hard as AUS-8A but with better edge retention. This makes it the ideal choice for working knives due to its resistance to corrosion and ease of re-sharpening.

The Voyager series are equipped with ergonomic Griv-Ex handles (reinforced with heat treated 6061 aluminum liners) which offer exceptional comfort and secure grip even under prolonged use in demanding conditions. They come in various sizes as well as multiple blade and edge configurations.

The Voyager family also features the Tri-Ad lock, one of the strongest, most reliable, and low-maintenance locks available today. This yoke-like mechanism uses a patented “stop pin” to redistribute weight from positive and negative pressures – making it far stronger than traditional back locks that can only hold up to 800 pounds in hanging weights. Available in two colors for left or right-hand carry convenience, the yoke comes with color coding to indicate which way around to turn when activated.

2. Buck Ranger Skinner

The Ranger Skinner knife has become a favorite among hunters since its introduction in 2009. It boasts a 3 1/8 inch drop point blade made of 420 high carbon steel that comes razor sharp right out of the package. Plus, its edge holds well and it is corrosion-resistant – perfect for skinning the game with ease!

The 113 Ranger Skinner boasts classic looks and an ergonomic handle, making it easy to hold. Originally produced as a limited edition model, now you can purchase this production version at much more reasonable prices than before.

This sleek, sturdy handle is made of Dymond wood, providing it with a beautiful aesthetic and feel. Not only that, but its construction is highly durable as it’s constructed using multiple layers of wood that have been heated-pressed together with heat – it even has two pins to hold everything together securely!

This knife is one of the more affordable models in the Buck line, which is great news for hunters. While 420HC stainless steel used in its blade isn’t as tough as other high-carbon stainless steel, it still provides strength and durability that makes it one of the top hunting knives available.

This knife contains 0.8% Manganese and has been hardened to an ideal RC58 hardness, helping it maintain a sharp edge for extended use. However, it’s not as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel so maintenance is necessary to keep the knife free of rust. However, if you have the time and resources available then maintaining your knife shouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, this knife comes complete with a black leather sheath for storage and transport purposes.

3. Mandra

Cutting an animal’s hide off is a necessary step in getting meat from its carcass, and for this task, you need a quality knife. The best skinning knives are made of steel that stays sharp for extended use and can easily slice through hides with minimal resistance.

Skinning knives come in two primary categories: small blades designed specifically for one task and larger multipurpose models with broad, curved blades. Hunters with extensive experience and training often prefer the latter option.

The Mandra is a lightweight knife ideal for smaller tasks, like capping an antlered calf. The handle is made of sturdy birch wood while the triple-laminated stainless steel blade has enough width to make sweeping cuts with ease.

This Mandra necklace was crafted in collaboration with Les Stroud, better known as Survivorman, during the making of Survivorman: Romania. Crafted by hand in Norway from high-quality leather straps and meant to be worn around your neck or hip.

Its size may be intimidating, but it’s surprisingly comfortable to hold and won’t cause any hand discomfort after long shifts. Plus, sharpening with a whetstone is effortless – its edge holds better than most competitors’ too!

Martef-coated hunting knives are ideal for skinning meat, as the coating virtually eliminates friction between the blade and food. Furthermore, this coating helps keep your knife clean and shields it against corrosion.

Origin makes a wide variety of excellent skinning knives, but this mini-skinner is just right for small caping work around faces and hooves. Made with Swedish steel that retains an edge longer than most competitors while being slightly soft – making resharpening easier than ever before.

4. Cinco

No matter the size or shape of your prey, skinning and butchering meat requires a quality knife. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent options available on the market.

Aside from a blade design that’s strong enough to take a heavy cut, several other features will make your life easier when using your new knife. A good skinning knife should typically be made out of high-carbon steel which resists staining and rusting.

Second, search for a handle that fits snugly in your hand. This will reduce fatigue and maximize the performance of your tool.

Finally, search for a handle made of durable material with plenty of gripping power. This could be synthetic materials like G10 or polypropylene, as well as exotic woods like stag or mahogany.

The ideal knives will feature features that make life simpler, such as a flipper or handle that enables you to deploy the knife with one hand. Doing so saves a lot of time and energy, especially when your hands are tired from cutting.

Additionally, a quality skinning knife should have an ergonomic sheath that securely holds the blade, avoiding accidental slicing or tearing of your meat. This sheath should also feature a belt loop so you can carry your knife in multiple ways.

A quality skinning knife is an indispensable tool in every hunter’s toolbox. With the correct blade and handle, you can field-dress your catch, skin and butcher your kill, carve a tent peg, carve wooden boats – the list goes on. With regular maintenance, your knife will serve you as your go-to survival and camping tool for years to come.

5. Serac

The Serac is an ideal multipurpose knife for skinning a variety of animals. It has a thick blade and textured handle with plenty of grips, plus finger detents to secure your grip no matter what kind of wet, bloody, or slippery skinning job you are doing.

This knife is precision-engineered in the USA with top-of-the-line S35VN steel for superior edge retention. It’s a one-stop-shop all-purpose tool with an extra deep belly that won’t break scales and a drop point tip for tight spaces or fine detail work.

This knife is ideal for backcountry hunters who desire a deep belly blade, yet still, need to perform all their field butchering tasks without needing to sharpen it. At just 2.1 oz, its weight doesn’t affect handling so you have no excuse not to get one.

No matter your skill level or hunting experience level, the Serac is the ideal knife for your next big adventure. Its lightweight design won’t take up too much room in your pack or pocket, making it convenient to always have with you.

Another feature that sets this knife apart is its full handle grip with a modified skinning-style blade. It can cut through any animal you come across in the wild with ease, plus it has a ferro rod striker built-in to ensure sharpness. Although made in the USA, this knife comes at an expensive price tag of over $200; however, if you’re willing to invest a bit more cash, rest assured knowing this knife will serve you well and last years.

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