Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

best texas hog hunting outfitters

As the wild hog population in Texas has grown, hog hunting has become a very popular sport. This nocturnal sport is both exciting and adventurous. There are many reputable hog hunting outfitters throughout Texas. A few of these include Independence Ranch, Dos Plumas Ranch, and Prone Outfitters. Below, we’ll give you a short list of the best hog hunting outfitters in Texas.

Prone Outfitters

If you’re looking for the best texas hog hunting packages, look no further than Prone Outfitters. With a number of custom packages, you can choose from the All-Inclusive option for $599, or opt for the one-day hunt at $250. You can also opt for the three-hour hunt, which costs $149, or for the Slam/Hog Hunt for $1499. The hog hunting packages at Prone Outfitters combine a target-rich environment with an efficient and effective hunting style to make your hunt a truly memorable experience. The hunts include unlimited species of small varmints and predators.

The success rate of a hog hunt is 90 percent, so you’ll want to wear clothes that don’t make a lot of noise. You’ll be outdoors most of the day, but you’ll want to be warm enough to keep warm, and you’ll be able to hide your scent with camouflage. In the evenings, hog hunting can be cold, so bring layers of warm and heavy clothes.

Dos Plumas Ranch

If you want to hunt wild pigs in Texas, Dos Plumas Ranch is the right place for you. The ranch offers guided hog hunts on private land. You can use bows and rifles. The ranch also has a shooting range for those who like to use bows. Texas hunting licenses are not required for hog hunting in the state, but you will need a non-resident 5-day special hunting license if you plan on pursuing rams and predators. Active-duty military personnel can get a free license. Licenses can be purchased online or at any local WalMart in Texas.

Hog hunters can enjoy a hunt at Dos Plumas Ranch because of the affordable price and ample game. The ranch also offers comfortable and spacious accommodations for their guests. Hog trophy fees aren’t included. Moreover, there are no trophy fees, which makes them one of the best hog hunting outfitters in Texas. The ranch is situated in the heart of Texas, less than 4 hours away from Austin.

4 Amigos Ranch

If you’re interested in hog hunting but have never been to Texas, you’ve come to the right place. The 4 Amigos Ranch in Eagle pass, Texas is a top destination for hunters. They have been offering hog hunting adventures for nearly 40 years, and their reputation is well-earned. In addition to hogs, they also offer rams, elk, and even exotic species, including nilgai. Big game hunters from across the country come to hunt hogs at the ranch.

Guests are offered a three-day, two-night hunt, which includes a trophy ram with full curl. All hogs will be provided, and you’ll also be guaranteed at least six predators, including fox, ringtail cat, and skunk. Although these predators are abundant, their numbers fluctuate throughout the year.

Independence Ranch

If you’re interested in an exciting nocturnal adventure, hog hunting is the sport for you. Since wild hog population has increased, hog hunting has become a popular sport. Independence Ranch provides a fun and adventurous atmosphere for hog hunting. Their facility is located within an hour’s drive of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. You’ll also have the opportunity to hunt six different types of predators, including fox, ringtail cat, and skunk.

While it’s difficult to hunt hogs from a helicopter, a seasoned veteran of the sport can help you get a great shot. Independence Ranch in Austin offers a hog hunt for $750 per person. Other hog hunting lodges in the area range in price from $500 to $11,000 per person. Independence Ranch is a fantastic choice for the first-time hunter or kid.

Dakota Stowers

The top of the line operation that Dakota Stowers runs is second to none. From hiring only the most knowledgeable and skilled guides to making sure the hunt goes as smoothly as possible, this outfitter has it all. My experience with Luke and Wyatt, our two guides, was top-notch. Summer, Dakota’s wife, is incredibly personable and goes above and beyond to make sure that all of our needs are met.

The ranch’s location makes it a great destination for hog hunting. Located midway between Dallas and Houston, this ranch advertises itself as the best hog hunting lodge in Texas. They are a family-friendly ranch, which means that the pig hunting experience at this ranch is perfect for kids and first time hunters alike. In addition to the top notch service, Dakota Stowers also offers overnight options, including the option to use a hog dog to help you catch the animal.