Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

best vacuum sealers for wild game

You should invest in a good vacuum sealer if you plan to preserve wild game. There are several models available. Here are some top recommendations:

Foodsaver V4400

The Foodsaver V4400 is the ultimate vacuum sealer for hunting. This unit features automatic bag detection and built-in roll storage. Its LED lights help guide you through the entire process, including the time it takes to seal your food. The unit has a built-in cutter and seal rolls for your convenience, as well as a drip tray for catching overflowing liquid. This versatile unit is dishwasher safe.

This machine is great for hunters who want to store their meats and other venison. With its powerful motor and large fan, this machine can easily crush tough meat. It comes with 10 precut pouches for easy handling. It can also seal multiple packets at once. The food-sealing process is easy and quick with this machine. Using it is easy, too, thanks to its large control panel.


If you’re a hunter, you’ve likely heard about VacMaster’s line of vacuum sealers for wild game. The show, starring brothers Dave and Tim, is known for its realistic appeal to fellow hunters. In each episode, these hunters share their experiences, VacMaster knowledge, and life experiences, in an effort to inspire the audience. But did you know that these vacuum sealers aren’t just for hunters?

The VacMaster vacuum sealer for wild game helps hunters preserve meat and fish at the best possible quality. Whether you’re storing meat for long-term storage or just want to keep your meal fresh, using a vacuum sealer can ensure a delicious and nutritious meal for weeks or months. Its stainless steel construction and superior suction make it an excellent choice for hunting. The sealer can handle bags up to 15 inches in width.

Outrigger Outdoors

Among the many benefits of Outrigger Outdoors vacuum sealers for hunting is their waterproof design. These vacuum sealers are suitable for any hunting occasion and come with an accessory hose to vacuum-seal wine bottles. A hunting wife or girlfriend will appreciate this gift for keeping their medicine and bandages fresh and preserved. The waterproof design makes them easy to carry. Moreover, they can easily seal the packages without a hassle.

If you plan to vacuum-seal deer meat, the Outrigger Outdoors Fish and Game Vacuum Sealer is a perfect choice. The fish and game sealer is available with a wet mode that automatically adjusts its sealing technology for moist foods. You can also extend the vacuum packing process so that the food can be sealed without a trace of air. Although the vacuum packing removes most of the bacteria and air, it will not guarantee that fish and game are completely safe. Ideally, you should freeze the meat before it spoils.


The GERYON vacuum sealer is designed to handle the heaviest meat and other items while hunting. It weighs about 2.2 pounds and comes with built-in indicators. This machine features two seal levels, one for hard meat and the other for soft meat. It can also seal multiple smaller bags at once. This vacuum sealer is compatible with various sealer bags, including the cheaper poly bag.

The GameSaver GM710 Food Preservation System is specifically designed for hunters. It’s capable of performing 80 consecutive seals without any cooling down time, while a typical vacuum sealer has to cool down after six to eight seals. Besides its rugged design and easy to use controls, this unit also features a 12-volt DC power adapter. This means it can be used in any vehicle with a 12-volt lighter port.


KOIOS vacuum sealers for wild games come with everything you need to preserve your prized catch. The plastic unit is larger than most but light and easy to carry around. This hunting vacuum sealer features an easy-to-use control system that makes it easy to seal packets with a single press of a button. It can even crush hard game meat to prevent it from spilling. It is also easy to use and stores easily in a backpack or car trunk.

KOIOS vacuum sealers for wild games are designed to keep food up to seven times fresher than ordinary refrigerators. They come with two modes, dry mode and moist mode. Its powerful performance ensures continuous usage and durability. This vacuum sealer is ideal for both professional and home use. You can use the vacuum sealing mode to preserve small game birds, fillets and other items up to 3 pounds in weight.