Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
types of bows

Archery is a tool used for 10,000 years in the arsenal of humans. Nowadays, archery relies on several different kinds of archery styles that are suitable for a variety of circumstances, from hunting competitions to recreational.

People pick up bows for a variety of reasons. And they have an enviable and long-standing place in the history of mankind. Today, a wide range of types of bows are available to suit a wide range of purposes.

We’ve put together an assortment of bow styles to help you figure out the bow that will work best for you. The best part is that you can choose to take on more than one.

Parts of the Bow

The archery bows of all kinds have three primary components including risers, limbs, and bowstrings.

Before we begin to take a look at different styles of bow it’s crucial to understand what you’re looking at. The bows may appear and behave differently in various styles, but they all serve the same purpose across different styles.


The limbs can flex and give the force to push into the arrow and move it forward. They are connected to the riser and secure the bowstring in both nocks.


Risers are usually the middle section of the bow. It contains the grip, the arrow rests along with the window for sight. It is usually constructed of wood, and occasionally composite materials. The riser you require changes depending on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. Be sure to determine which arm you are drawing on before purchasing!


The bowstring is comprised of different materials that have an end loop. The bowstring is used to hold the arrow and generates an extra amount of energy that will allow you to shoot an improved shot.

The bow technology has made significant progress and has evolved from wood to carbon fiber. However, the basic designs aren’t far off from their roots.

4 types of archery bows


Made for beginners and experts The recurve bow is one of the oldest bows that have been used by mankind. The first bows were made in 800 B.C. The long history that has shaped the recurve bow makes it the most tried and true bow that we have listed.

The limbs are curving towards the bowsman this can confuse when making the bow. The bend of the limbs creates more power to release into a shot than straight-limbed bows. That is why it’s able of great force.

Recurve bows are often made out of many layers of fiberglass carbon, or even wood, along with a composite or wood riser. This is why like all bows that are dry fired (firing in the absence of an arrow) is extremely risky. Every bow will suffer damages from dry firing and this damage can harm your body in the process. Do not do it.

However, it is the ideal bow to learn and progress with. Recurves are currently the sole bows that are allowed to be used in Olympic Games. Olympic Games, so if shooting sports is your aim then a recurve bow is what you want.

If you’re only beginning to learn archery, you should try this bow Samick Sage Takedown as your first bow. It is highly recommended for novices and offers a variety of draw weight options (how difficult pulling away from the bowstring) and length.


Straight dating back to the time of the medieval age The longbow is awe-inspiring in its simplicity. It’s a long wooden pole with strings at both ends.

Due to the absence of technological advances, The longbow is among one of the toughest of the four bows to manage and shoot precisely. When the bow becomes larger, the draw weight increases as well. The bows were extremely powerful archers to fight and gave powerful power.

Since we’ve left this time the longbow is commonly used for shooting targets. But experienced hunters will still use longbows as well as recurves to the field. They can destroy any kind of game using these weapons.

The challenge of pulling back the longbow without aids such as sights makes it one to be used by the experts. However, this is the easiest bow you can make if seeking to begin a new hobby as a bower.


Compound bows are among archery’s most advanced technological innovations. It was only in the 1960s when the compound bow became popular.

The use of cams, pulleys along cables, to your bow can allow the archer to carry heavy draw weights without much effort. That means that once you’ve gotten past the strain of drawing the first time and you can keep your bow with ease and have longer to aim properly.

Although you can get an older-fashioned wooden appearance with recurves and longbows, however, it is all-composite material. Wood tends to change in flex and strength as conditions change. On the other side the other hand, composite materials are durable, long-lasting, and sturdy.

The motion that a compound bow produces may be adjusted to a high degree to achieve precision over distances of a long-distance, with the help of releases and sights. It is also much simpler to attain using the rotating cams and release. It’s not surprising to find that hunters usually opt for a compound bow while traveling to hunt big game.


The crossbow is a variation of the traditional archery design and turned it on its side and added a trigger release system.

The point-and-shoot technique can be used using crossbows much more quickly than other bow types. Since the crossbow can take on this shooting style it’s a great choice for those looking to learn about bowhunting, but don’t have time to spend practicing.

The limbs of crossbows are shorter and have a virtually non-existent riser since the grip is in the bow. The shorter bow needs an even greater draw weight, and it is a crank mechanism that is used to pull the bowstring back. After the arrow has been tied, it is easy to focus then pull on the trigger.

In the majority of states, it’s legally permitted to hunt with crossbows only during shooting seasons for shotguns or rifles It’s crucial to understand your state’s laws for crossbows. It’s also a good alternative for those who have disabilities that hinder the shooting of a standard bow.

Final Thoughts

The bow you choose could be used to take with you to Olympics as well as to the woods of the elk, or even into the backyard to have some amusement.

For all kinds of archery the more time that you do, the more you’ll end up hitting the bullseye. Have fun shooting!