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The lightest and most lighted nocks for sale are Archers Flame H-Nock and the X-Nock Arrow nocks that weigh in at 8-10 grams.

Check out the next lightest one, the Nockturnal G-Nock nocks with arrows that have been illuminated that weigh 15 grains.

 It is crucial to keep in mind that you must consider the length of the shaft that you will fit your nock into.

For the G-Nocks the size is adjusted to accommodate the micro diameter carbon arrow shafts with a diameter of .165 inches in diameter.

The diameter of the arrow plays an important role in determining the capacity of the nock. This is because the larger diameter of the arrow shaft calls for a larger (and more heavy) nock.

Nock Weights are based on the diameter of the shafts for arrows.

An easier method to compare the weights of lighted nocks for arrows is to evaluate them by the diameter of the shaft they were designed for.

It is more beneficial for us to compare the size of nocks to accommodate .246″ diameter shafts with other models designed for the same size shaft. We will do this comparison later on the site.

Because arrow shafts come in a variety of sizes, it is essential to use nocks that are designed specifically for these diameters or to fit adapters (which can increase the weight).

Weight Comparison of the Leading Nocks with Lighted Weight

The following table gives you an exact idea of the weight you’ll add by placing a lighted nock on your arrow. It could be a surprise to realize how light a light nock is.

 The latest carbon hunting arrows are quite tiny diameters, with the most commonly used being:

  • Archers Flame
  • Nockturnal
  • Lumenok
  • Glory Nock

To give you a better idea of the comparison For further comparison purposes, to further compare, Wasp Vesta illuminated nocks are compatible with .246″ archer shafts. Additionally, they weigh 28 grams.

Nock Out Contender lighted nocks. nock out contestants Nocks with lights are available for all typical arrow diameter sizes including X GT and S. They weigh between 21 and 25 grains.

It is worth noting that the NuFletch igniter Nocks are available in all of the sizes listed (as well as the size “G” dimension) however we could not get a weight estimate.

A Little More Information About the Archers Nocks with a Flame Illuminated Light

Archers Flame is the Archers Flame range that comprises four different sizes and types of nocks. They include the X-Nocks H-Nocks Super Nocks as well as Crossbow Nocks.

The H nocks are compatible with the Easton ST Epic and ST Excel shafts. They weigh as much as 10 grams and are touted by the company as the “fastest light-up nock available”.

The X Nocks can be used with 5mm diameter shafts, such as those used in the Easton Axis, Full Metal Jacket Beman MFX, and Full Metal Jacket types of Arrows. They also weigh as much as 10 grams.

These Super Nocks are larger and weigh up to 21 grams. They are compatible with Gold Tip, Carbon Express, Beman ICS, Beman Matrix, Easton Evolution types of archers and can accommodate up to 98 percent of carbon arrows that use a Uni-Nock system. These nocks are considered vertical bows and retail at $25.00 for a set.

These Crossbow Nocks weigh up to 20 grams and fit any bolt that is crossbow-compatible. They are slightly more costly at $30.00 per pack.

Does the weight of An Arrow Nock Matter?

Nocks that are not illuminated and traditional in design are significantly lighter than those illuminated.

The issue is whether more weight is a good quality or bad thing, or has no effect in any way.

Like all other pieces of equipment used in bow hunting, weight is a key factor to take into consideration when buying a choice.

When adding weight to an arrow some individuals are cautious to put the weight in the center of the arrow, and others want to add a bit more towards the back.

Anyone who plans to use lighted nocks might be a bit concerned that they might be adding unneeded weight to the rear of an arrow. They’re concerned that they’ll cause the balance to shift off.

The difference in weight between Lighted Nocks and non-lighted Nocks

The weight difference between the standard nocks and the lighter ones can vary from 8 to 15 grams.

For the majority of hunters, this difference in weight is not significant – about 1 percent, which can only marginally change your FOC.

This difference in weight is compensated by the advantages the lighted nock brings to your Arrow.

The first is that the obvious, conventional arrow nocks don’t get illuminated, so they’re difficult to spot.

The entire purpose behind illuminated arrow nocks is that they allow hunters to) be able to see the direction of their arrow’s trajectory and ii) identify their arrow if it goes off the goal.

As it happens since the standard nocks do not have to be burdened by batteries and the hardware that is required for illumination They are considerably lighter.

What is the weight difference? In this case, we find that Bohning nocks weigh a total of between 8 and 10 grams. For the majority of the lighted nock makers, this is about one-third of the weight.

Are light Nocks worth the weight?

In the short term, yes, they are worth the weight. Particularly if they help to improve your shooting efficiency or help you track and locate your archers.

There are some disadvantages with lighted arrows nocks in addition to the weight added.

These nocks have rechargeable batteries. Although the battery lifespan for the majority is between 40 and fifty hours, these could possibly run out of energy at the worst moments.

If you don’t have yourself with spares, you could end up with heavy nocks that won’t ignite.

They also create an additional risk of failure to your equipment. Every piece of equipment that is built using “newfangled” technology creates a new place where accidental knocks could cause it to be destroyed completely. This could happen with your illuminated nocks.

And, of course, there’s the additional cost. Nocks with lights cost significantly more than standard nocks.


It is not surprising that the most light-colored and lighted nocks are designed to be sized to fit the smallest diameter of arrow shafts.

Nockturnal has created one of the G Nocks boasting minimal weight.

If you contrast the nocks made to work with larger diameter shafts for arrows It’s Glory Nock’s Glory Nock range that just can beat their competition.

It’s crucial to emphasize that even though the differences are small. It’s about grain or two between the two.

When they’ve been correctly bonded to the arrow, they’ll begin to play an important purpose in tracking the archery’s every move.

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