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In addition to being one of the most common accessories, arrow rests can be one of the most expensive items you can purchase. At first, the price may seem excessive, but as you learn more about archery rests, you’ll see that they can be an excellent investment. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of arrow rests available, and how they differ in price. To get a better idea of the price ranges of each type of arrow rest, we’ll discuss a few of the most popular models available.

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Carbon composite arrows

A carbon composite arrow is the hottest material in the world of archery, but they are also the most expensive. Carbon composite arrows are made from an aluminum core covered with a carbon coating to increase their speed. They are much stronger than fiberglass arrows, but don’t have the brittleness. While carbon composite arrows are the most expensive, you should still consider other factors when choosing the right one.

The production process for carbon arrows can lead to some imperfections. Many carbon arrows do not have perfectly round shafts. Because of this, there is a certain amount of spine consistency imbalance. In fact, only a small number of shooters have the skill to notice these differences. The result can be a slender, stiff arrow that won’t fly as far as it would if it were a perfectly round shaft.

Easton Full Metal Jacket

The Easton Full Metal Jacket is a premium X Diameter arrow. Its aluminum foil wrapping helps increase penetration, durability and kinetic energy. This arrow is the most expensive in the market. It is the most extreme arrow in the market and is manufactured from aluminum with an insert of HIT (High Impact Technology) to maximize FOC. However, it is not compatible with the Easton Deep Six point.

The Full Metal Jacket is a hybrid design of aluminum and carbon that allows it to offer all of the benefits of both materials: the straightness of an aluminum arrow and the durability of carbon. The jacket also helps reduce friction and allows for easier target pulls. It is the most expensive arrow in the world. This arrow also delivers a consistent spine 360 degrees around the shaft. The jacket also reduces the weight, which makes it easier to pull back before firing.

Carbon Express

The Carbon Express is one of the most expensive arrows on the market, but it’s worth every penny. This arrow is heavy, yet lightweight, and remarkably straight. You can purchase this arrow online or at any retail store in the world. And you don’t need a store assistant or a heavy shopping bag to do it. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest to use, and may be hard for beginners to master.

The Carbon Express arrows come in a variety of grain weights and shaft lengths, and they are available in packs of half a dozen or more. The arrow shafts are made of high-grade carbon, and the arrow is engineered to fly with better speed and penetration. Aside from being extremely accurate, they are also very durable. The weight of the arrow is crucial, and 20″ arrows should be a minimum of 425 grains, with 525-grain arrows being more common for buffalo hunting.

Maxima Blue Streak

The Maxima Blue Streak is the ultimate arrow, and the highest-priced, too. It has a diameter of 0.340 inches, a 403-grain weight, and a 22-inch shaft. The back shaft is made of Diamond Weave carbon for ultimate stiffness and spine consistency. Its dual-spine design, which fuses two carbon materials for increased strength and flexibility, provides unmatched accuracy.

The Maxima Blue Streak is one of the lightest arrows in the Carbon Express hunting line, with pinpoint accuracy. It is made of Diamond Weave material, a Carbon Express-exclusive material that increases the stiffness of the shaft and spine for faster, more accurate shots. The arrow also features Dual Spine Weight Forward, a patented design that creates two spines in one arrow. This allows the arrow to better manage energy, resulting in faster spin and recovery time.


The MCKINNEY II is the most expensive arrow in the United States. It is developed over three years and contains carbon in every shaft to provide extreme lightness and precision. The price tag is well worth it, however, as these arrows cost more than $18,000 per shaft. A good arrow is an essential tool for archery, and these shafts are some of the best available. They are among the most expensive uses of money.