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When you are deciding on the ideal recurve bow for women, there’s more to consider other than the models made available with pink. Female archers have different requirements as compared to male archers and selecting a bow that will meet these needs is essential.

In the end, What are the top recurve bows for women?

The top 10 recurve bows for women archers will concentrate on the elements women need to think about when selecting the right bow, including the size of bows, the takedown difficultness, the wide grip draw weight and the actual physical bow’s weight.

Women generally require less draw weight than adult males. A general rule of thumb is an average draw weight of 25 to 35 pounds will work well for females of smaller or medium-sized size. If, however, you’re planning to hunt, you’ll need a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds.

Be aware of your measurements

A single of the crucial details you’ll require when looking for a recurve bow is your draw length.

The length of your draw is what you can measure your arm’s span in inches. It is measured from the point of the middle finger to the next while your arms are stretched on both sides with the palms facing forward. It is after that, divided by 2.5.

It is crucial to determine the draw length before purchasing your bow! If you shoot using a bow that is not properly sized can hinder your accuracy and result in injuries. Shooting ranges or archery shops can assist you in determining the length of your draw.

Here’s a shortlist of bows we’ve picked to include on this list is not in any particular order:

  1. Samick Sage
  2. Bear Mag 48 Super Mag 48
  3. PSE Razorback
  4. Ragim Leopard
  5. Martin Jaguar Elite
  6. Bear Grizzly
  7. SAS Spyder
  8. Martin Panther
  9. Hoyt Satori
  10. SAS Courage

I hope this list will assist you in finding the perfect Recurve! Let’s get into why this is my best choice for women.


It is the Samick Sage has considered one of the tops recurve bow on the market for those on a smaller budget. In actuality, it is the Samick Sage is one of the most popular recurves sold around the globe. The main point is that it’s the Samick Sage is well designed and well-built, as well as affordable.

The riser is composed of Maple as well as Olive Dymondwood with the limbs being laminated with Maple along with fiberglass. (Extra limbs can be purchased from Amazon here! )

It doesn’t require any tools or equipment to make use of this bow. The screws for the limbs can be tightened by your fingers. 

Samick Sage Samick Sage is a classic which is on virtually every list of recommended bows, but it’s a bigger bow, similar to that of the PSE Razorback, but weighing about a 1 pound more.

Contrary to the PSE Razorback, this bow is a reliable item when you plan to hunt with it. If you’re planning to hunt in the woods, ensure that you use the minimum draw weight of 40 pounds for smaller game and at least 45 pounds for bigger game.


Draw Weight Draw Weight# 50# or 45#, or 55#

Draw Length 29″ maximum.

AMO Length: 62″

Amount of Bow: 2.9 lbs

Brace Height 7 1/4 ” 8 1/4 “

  1. BEAR SUPER Magn 48

The Super Mag 48 was created in 1966, the main person who used it was the bowhunter who hunts from treestands, or when moving through the woods. It is also an excellent option for bow fishing. The long 48″ size makes this bow an excellent option for female archers.

It is a small, single-piece bow that is flexible and mobile, yet can deliver a strong and precise shot.

It’s a stunning bow that is stunning. According to the information they say the bow on their site the Riser is constructed of Bubinga with limbs that are laminated with clear maple. It is backed by high-strength black fiberglass.

The bow’s tips are made of layers of white and black fiberglass. A center-crowned arrow shelf that includes Bear hair rest, and a side plate made of leather.

However, due to its shorter design, the bow isn’t advised for archers who have draw lengths exceeding 28″ as you’ll likely suffer from stacking or grave finger pinch

This bow could be somewhat difficult for those who are new to bows however, if you’ve got solid form and a sturdy technique, and desire a swift bow that you can use to hunt and scout, the Super Mag could just be the bow you need.


Draw Weight Draw Weight# 45# 50# or 55#

Draw Length 28″

AMO Length: 48″

Bow Weight 2.5 lbs

Brace Height N/A


PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment) is among the largest and most well-known producers of archery gear. Therefore, it’s not surprising that they design and manufacture bows of a variety.

The Razorback is among these bows that are a favorite. It is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a bow that can still punch even at lighter draw weights.

Another appealing bow. The riser is made of the walnut Burma beech, white wood. It is paired with fiberglass and hard maple limbs.

PSE has simplified your life and has made this bow simple to put together and remove. Limbs are attached easily with the screws provided, without the need for the Allen wrench! Save them for your IKEA furniture since you can tighten the screws manually.

The design is also very comfortable for people who have smaller palms, with the perfect shaped and sized riser grip. Contrary to Super Mag 48, this bow is a lot bigger. Super Mag 48, is a more substantial bow that measures the equivalent of 62″ long.

This being said that the physical size that comes with the Razorback is less heavy than Super Mag 48. Super Mag 48 and available withdrawal weights that are significantly less.

However, the less draw weight means that it isn’t an ideal choice if plan to hunt with it. This bow is PSE Razorback is sturdy affordable and ideal for practice on target with excellent accuracy of up to 30 to 40 yards.


Draw Weight 20#, 2530, 30# or 35#

Draw Length 28″

AMO Length: 62″

The Bow Weight is 2.2 lbs

Brace Height 7″


Its Ragim Brown Bear is a bow that is a 58″ bow that can be taken down recurve bow with the riser is topped with exquisite exotic woods. It’s a stunning bow! The design is organic elegant, beautiful.

I like minimalist and simple designs. Do not cover it with logos or writing and I’ll award you bonus points. This applies to everything from t-shirts and hoodies to recurve bows, so this is one of my favorite designs! 

It is possible that you aren’t acquainted with the Ragim brand But don’t fret it’s a new company based in Italy but they’re getting noticed by offering high-quality products.

The Leopard is a precise as well as a smooth bow for hunting that has an extremely comfortable and secure grip. Its length is around 58 inches and its weight of 2.4 pounds, it combines the slim dimensions that is PSE Razorback with the compact size of PSE Razorback to the hunting abilities that come with its cousin, the Samick Sage.

The Leopard features a machine-sculpted handle, which provides an extremely high degree of ease of use. This bow is an excellent option if you’re seeking something practical, quick, and stunning capable of taking off some games.

A few users have reported issues with accuracy dropping after 35 yards, however, this is most likely with the heavier draw weights.


Draw Weight 20# 25#, 30# 35# 40# 50#, 45##,55# or 60#.

Draw Length 29″ 30- 30″

AMO Length: 58″, 60”, 62”

The Bow Weight is 2.4 lbs

Brace Height 6″ 7 1/2″ – 6″


Martin Jaguar Elite Martin Jaguar Elite is another very well-known take-down recurve.

Jaguar Elite Jaguar Elite offers a more refined version of the Jaguar bow, but with a more sleek design and less mass without sacrificing reliability or accuracy. It is Jaguar Elite is 0.2 lbs lighter than the previous model, making it easier to carry and handle.

The assembly for the Jaguar Elite is pretty straightforward but you’ll have to get the Allen wrench to connect the limbs to the riser.

It weighs just 2.6 pounds at 2.6 lbs, the Jaguar Elite is a great option for those who have to carry it and move around with it throughout the day on a hunting expedition.

The accuracy of this recurve is amazing, and it performs like expensive bows. It’s also extremely robust and is suitable for anyone from novice to experienced.

With a more modern look than previously featured recurves on this list, the Jaguar Elite is still a visually amazing bow. The stunning design incorporates wood that is reinforced by laminated fiberglass that makes it extremely tough.

The riser is made from magnesium and aluminum which creates the recurve study lightweight and light. 


Draw Weight The draw weight is 29# 35# 40# 50#, 45## or 55#

Draw Length 29″ to 30″


The Bow Weight is 2.6 lbs

Brace Height 6 3/4 ” 7 3/4 “


The Grizzly is a different great product of Bear Archery. This recurve is ideal for novices as well as advanced archers. It is ready to use from the time you open the box.

Take note that this one-piece bow is sold at a rather expensive cost, however, coming made by one of the best reputable and ingenuous manufacturers in the industry, it’s certainly not overpriced.

It’s a fantastic device that’s been a favorite option for archers for long and long. If your budget is sufficient and you’re not willing to sacrifice it, it’s worth it.

If you’re okay with the fact that the Grizzly isn’t equipped with an option to remove it from its design, it’s an ideal recurve for a small, lightweight with enough power to hunt bigger game. The draw is smooth, with only a small amount of hand shock.

The traditional bow’s single riser is made of red hard-rock maple. It also has similarities to other Bear bows, its limbs are were glued with clear maple and high-strength black fiberglass. The Grizzly comes with a crowned cut-on arrow shelf in the center, the bear’s hair rest, and leather side plates.


Draw Weight Draw Weight: 50#,55# or 60#

Draw Length 28″

AMO Length: 58″

The Bow Weight is 2.0 lbs

Brace Height 7 1/2 ” 8 1/2 “


Another excellent recurve option for female archers is called the Southwest Archery Spyder. It is identical in design to Samick Sage, but with an improved structure and style. This is because the Spyder was designed by the same group responsible for the highly acclaimed Sage bow.

It is often referred to as the ‘Sage v2′, or the Samick Sage killer Spyder’ The Spyder is a step up from its Sage model and it is much lighter and more comfortable to grip, has a wider selection of draw weights, and an attractive finish.

However, just like the Sage, The Spyder is slightly bigger than the bows with smaller dimensions in this list. If you’re thinking of buying this bow, be certain to get the length of your draw measured to make sure that the recurve you are considering is the right one for you.

If you think the Spyder isn’t too heavy for you, its lighter appearance will certainly make it an ideal choice for navigating the woods throughout the day long.

This compact takedown comes with an attractive redwood-finished riser and limbs constructed of laminated hard maple and matte black fiberglass. It also has smooth edges, pockets for limbs with reinforced tips.


Draw Weight 20# 25, 30,# 35# 40# 45# 50#,55# or 60#.

Draw Length 29″

AMO Length: 62″

Amount of Bow: 2.3 lbs

Brace Height 7 1/2 ” 8 1/4 “

  1. Martin PANTHER

The Martin Panther certainly lives up the title: it is an elegant, refined piece of tech.

This gorgeous bow is one of the highest arrow speeds available today. This recurve has a lightweight and has low vibration, meaning that this Panther is also low on power loss, with each bit of energy that you put into it being transferred directly into the archer.

The Panther is slightly bigger, measuring the length of 62″ in length. However, the bridged riser machined is among the most smooth and fastest recurves available that you can find. It is equipped with patent-pending Vibration Vortex VEMs that help create a perfectly balanced bow.

The glass and laminated wood legs create a smooth draw. the rubberized grip provides an easy aiming experience. It is almost impossible to feel hand vibration or hand shock while shooting the bow.

The only negative… that assembly.

It’s not a problem It’s not like the assembly of your Panther is a Herculean job however there is no doubt that this dismantling bow is more difficult to use as compared to other bows listed on this list.

The Martin Panther is a good choice for a female archer because of its power, speed, and lightweight design.


Draw Weight Draw Weight: 29# 35# 40# 45# 50# or 55#

Draw Length 29″ to 30″

AMO Length: 62″

The Bow Weight is 2.6 lbs

Brace Height 6 1/4 ” 7 1/2 “

  1. Hoyt SATORI

The Hoyt Satori is not simply bowed, but an entire bow system. It is comprised of three distinct riser and limb designs. The risers are offered with sizes 17″ and 19″ and 21″ lengths. The various combinations of limbs and risers will produce bows ranging between 58″ or 66″ long. Hoyt has created the recurve to be suitable for any archer.

This Fred Eichler Signature collection Satori is innovative and blends contemporary and traditional aesthetics with technological advancements. The high-performance limbs of Satori are smooth, robust, and long-lasting, while the riser is made of hard-rock maple, aerospace carbon, and a glass wedge.

Draw weights are measured on a 21” riser. make sure you add 2# to a 19” riser and add # when shooting using a 17 riser.

This mix-and-match system offers you lots of flexibility and choices. It is possible to construct the ideal bow to suit your shooting style and size with one of the top bow makers in the field.


Draw Weight 35# 40#, 35#, 45# 50#,#, 60# or 65#

Riser Length: 17″, 19″, 21″

Limb Length Limb Length: Limb Length” 60″ 60″, The Limb Length is 58″, 60″”

Bow Weight 2.25 lbs

Brace Height 7″ to 8″


This Southland Courage hunting bow is a ‘back to basics kind of recurve that is taken down. It’s not equipped with any expensive bells or bells. It is a basic bow that has ease and comfort at the core of it. This makes it an excellent bow for anyone who is still learning or figuring out your technique.

The assembly of the take-down model is easy, however, you’ll require that Allen wrench once more. It will be impossible to fix these screws manually.

The bow’s limbs are made of an edging made of makore and maple and are topped with high-strength fiberglass. They are also extremely sturdy and won’t twist upon you. The riser is made of an amazing Bintangor, Chuglam, and Makore hardwood laminate.

The riser is also designed with an ergonomic design. The bow is so light that even archers with smaller statures can carry it for hours on end without getting tired or having hand cramps.


Draw Weight 35# 40#, 35## 50#,55#, or 60#.

Draw Length 29″ to 30″

The length of the AMO is 60″

Bow Weight 3.0 lbs

Brace Height 6-” 6″ – 7″


It is a huge selection of gorgeous and diverse designs of recurve bows on the market that you can choose from a variety of options.

From the simple one-piece design to the more modern machined takedown and Hoyt’s “Build-A-Bow method, females who want to be archers no need to use equipment made for men who arch.

Technology has created small, light bows without sacrificing power, speed, or accuracy.

Like all purchases, you should know precisely what you want from your bow before when you decide to buy. If you plan to hunt with it, you’ll require specific specifications that differ from if you only want to shoot for targets.

Once you’ve narrowed down exactly what you’d like to get from your bow, and what style and size bow is the best match, you’ll find the ideal bow.


The Best Bow Recurve Brands

The leading archery manufacturers in manufacturing include Bear Archery, Martin Archery, Hoyt, PSE Archery as well as Samick Sports.

Bear Archery is considered to be the ancestor of modern recurve bows. Their most popular product is called the Grizzly, which is considered to be one of the tops recurves on market.

Martin Archery was created in 1951 by a small group of dedicated Archers. They are perhaps most well-known by Martin Saber and their recurve bows: the Martin Jaguar and also Martin Saber. Martin Saber.

Hoyt is involved in the field of archery equipment for more than 80 years. They manufacture recurve bows for hunting and archery competition. The recurves they use for the competition are featured during the Olympics and each gold medalist in individual archery during the 2012 Summer Olympics shooting a Hoyt Recurve.

PSE Archery began to be founded in the year 1970 and its main focus was compound bows. However, they do make extremely fine recurve bows such as the PSE Blackhawk and the PSE Mustang Heritage. Both bows are excellent options for target or hunting archery.

Samick Sports is best known for its Samick Sage takedown recurve bow. This bow is the ideal choice for beginners who are just starting in archery as well as for archers looking for a top-quality beginner recurve bow.

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