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The price of arrows varies depending on the cost to quality as well as the amount you’re looking to buy. I’ve tried bowhunting, as well as target archery and each arrow has its unique characteristics in the context of its intended use.

How much do arrows cost? Arrows could cost as little as $40 for a set of 12 cheap arrows for practice, $65 for a six-set of mid-range bow hunting arrows, and about $80or more for a set of six premium competition or hunting bows.

Perhaps you’re in to shooting for competition or want to improve your bowhunting capabilities. The first step is to look for and purchase high-quality archers.

I’m sure a lot of people are on a tight budget, and the price can be a bit different depending on the amount you’re willing to spend and the type of product you’re looking for. The cheapest arrow probably isn’t going to be the top archer, but that doesn’t mean that the highest-priced isn’t the best.

It all depends on what you want to accomplish.

Are you in search of bowhunting arrows for practice or practice arrows? Perhaps you’re looking for a high-end arrow for competitive shooting targets.

Before we begin, let’s define a few terms.

Arrow Weight

The weight of the arrow is measured in grains. To give a reference 1 ounce is 437.5 grams (or the equivalent of 438 in rough estimations).

Each arrow shaft will have the weight rating that is listed on them, measured in grams-per-inch or GPI. If you have an arrow with 7 GPI and is 30 inches long it will weigh 220 grams (not including inserts, points vanes, nocks, or inserts).

In addition, the other arrow parts, as well as accessories, can be measured using grams to allow you to easily calculate the weight of your archery.

The Straightness of Arrows (aka Accuracy)

For this article when we talk about accuracy, we are referring to an arrow’s straightness. This is typically in the form of an ” +/-” number in the arrow’s specifications.

For instance, if the specifications for the arrow say ++/+/- 0.006 inches, this indicates that the straightness of the arrow doesn’t deviate from the straightness axis that runs along the length of the arrow greater than 0.006 inches.

With that background, let’s talk about Budget Arrows.

Budget Practice Arrows

The arrows that are budget-friendly are going to be the cheapest, lower-quality arrows. They can cost around $3 for each or about $40 for a package of 12.

When you’re first beginning in archery, it is likely to be practicing often, which means lots of bows. When I first began practice with targets there were so many lost arrows that I could not keep track of them.

It’s okay!

That’s how we can improve. Make sure you adhere to a budget and begin with the most practice arrows you can. A majority of these Arrows are available in packs which is an excellent alternative to buy in the bulk.

Check the website Amazon for the top sellers of practice bows. The arrows listed on this list are sold in packs that include at least six or more.

If you’re a novice to archery, you may be thinking about why practice arrows cost more or what the distinction is between this low-quality bow vs. better quality hunting archery arrows.

Low-quality target arrows are significantly heavier and often less likely to break, and not extremely long-lasting. (No regardless of what the description claims.)

They are more brittle in their spine, which means that accuracy and straightness can be affected too. The typical budget arrow will have an average straightness tolerance of +0.01 / 0.006 inches or less. Most of the time, it will not even be included in the specs!

A majority of practice arrows are constructed of the less expensive material of fiberglass. Fiberglass is cheap and is an excellent choice for an inexpensive arrow however, they are hard to make custom-sized and are susceptible to splitting, making them less robust.

It is a risk and can hinder your aiming at long distances since the flight line is likely to wiggle. This is why that you shouldn’t shoot with arrows that target.

The weight is much less and won’t penetrate as deeply as much as a quality hunting arrow would.

The weight of a projectile or any arrow used during a shooting game will be measured in grains. This will reveal how much weight the arrow weighs per inch. This will affect the speed and penetration of bows.

For targets training, you’re likely to need the arrow to weigh in the total ( that is the shaft and vanes insert the nock, field point) about 5-6 grains per pound in a draw. If you’re using a bow that has 50 pounds of draw weight, it is recommended to weigh between 250 and 300 grains.

The 30-inch carbon arrows made by Tiger Archery are an excellent practice arrow for beginners because of the interchangeable field points. They are constructed of carbon, which is more durable and can hold straightness better than fiberglass.

Do not practice with arrows when bow hunting due to the absence of penetration and precision from long distances, which can result in chronic and repeated pain to hunting.

As archers (if you are planning to hunt with bows) it is essential to have an arrow that is of good quality for bow hunting. In this article, I’ll discuss middle-range bowhunting bows.

Mid-Range Bowhunting Arrows

Mid-range bowhunting arrows are of better quality than the typical fiberglass target archery. They are specifically designed for bowhunting and have the required precision and penetration.

If you’re looking for the best arrows, you should begin using Black Eagle Arrows, Gold Tip Arrows as well as Carbon Express. We go into the arrows archers of the highest level are using to they go bowhunting.

You might be wondering why these arrows are more expensive, and how they can benefit me in the long term.

It’s the tolerance level!

They are much more accurate!

A standard straightness score for arrows used in mid-range bowhunting will be about +or+ 0.003 inches or higher.

In the beginning, take a look at the spine to examine the available spine. Many hunting arrows in the mid-range are available in 400, 350 as well as 500-spine.

The spine is provided in various measurements to demonstrate the arrow’s bend or flex. This helps to determine the weight of the arrow. If you begin at 350 and work your way up, you will notice that the higher the spine is flexing.

In general, compound bows should be made using smaller (stiffer) spines within the range of 200-350, while traditional bows should have more (weaker) spines that range from 400-500.

Then, you will see the GPI that ranges from 7.5-9. This is heavier in comparison to a target arrow since you require more weight for greater penetration.

The greater the weight of the archer, the better your arrow will be able to get into bone, muscle, and organs in your game.

If you’d like to know how to better understand The Kinetic Energy and bowhunting bows, you must read this article that addresses the question:

 Does an arrow of 40 pounds sufficient for bowhunting?

When you examine these arrows, you’ll be able to see the tolerance to straightness (example +/-.006). There will be an inverse or positive indication of the straightness axis. Then, you will see the number that indicates the tolerance capability.

Tighter tolerances mean better consistency. Better consistency means better accuracy.

The material used in mid-range bowhunting arrows is nearly always carbon fiber. These archers are made to have excellent endurance.

Bowhunting arrows are smaller and custom-made. You can purchase the shaft for your arrow, and then let your professional shop cut it down and set it according to your desired draw length. They can also install field points that are weighted, weighted inserts and other nocks, flinchings, and wraps for additional customized options.

As a professional hunter it’s worthwhile to invest in high-quality bowhunting archers. Not only will it enhance your hunt, but also the trophy.

Quality Hunting and Competition Arrows

It is not everyone’s choice to spend the price of $90 or more for a premium hunting bow. However, if you’re an expert or shoot in competitions, you’ll see yourself gazing at these premium brand bows.

I’d suggest checking on Carbon Express Maxima for a first look. They’ve been enhanced by incorporating a dual-spine weight forward feature.

It’s a combination of two carbon materials that form two spines that form one an arrow, resulting in a quicker recovery, and handling energy from kinetic better.

Carbon arrows provide great speed and an improved impact on targets over longer distances. They also come with weight forward technology which makes the front portion of the arrow stronger than the rear part, which gives the best impact.

Another excellent arrow is Velocity Valkyrie by gold Tip. This arrow was designed to be fast. It’s lighter in weight but does not diminish its killing power due to the carbon technology. This brand provides.

It has an +.003 degree straightness tolerance. It has 5 spines in 300, 340, 400 500, and 600 to accommodate different adjustments to the equipment.

Arrows of higher quality will have the straightness, flex, and spine tolerability, and durability archers are looking for. However, archers using these arrows come with specialized technology to aid in flying patterns and distance.

They’ll also have the option of customizing different parts that can be replaced and will also have the shaft cut to make it easier to adjust the length of the arrow.

The majority of these arrows are made of carbon fiber too due to their lightweight and their ability to handle higher tolerances with incredible speed.

If you’re looking to make an accurate shot and get more distances, the cost is well spent on these Arrows.


Depending on the function of the arrow will determine which you need to get for your bow as well as the type of activity.

At first, I would suggest buying an inexpensive arrow for improving your shooting technique. However, as you become more confident, you will be able to attend competitions, and you will learn to hunt.

The more powerful arrow you can get and spend the money for the best will be well worth it.

Understanding the various parts of the arrow as well as how each one affects your force required for impact as well as the distance range can help you improve your shot.

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