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A crossbow’s firing is different from other kinds of archery. They fire faster and with more force. 400fps is among the most popular abilities of the crossbow. That means that a typical target isn’t capable of absorbing the jolts caused by bolts. Which are the top 10 targets that stop 400fps?

The impact of targets can be hard on your arrows and bolts. If you fire a crossbow the arrow may penetrate completely through the target or be so jammed that it requires tools to get it out. Don’t let this put you! We’ve come up with 10 of the top targets for your crossbow with a speed of 400fps.

The Doghouse XL 450 by Bulldog Targets is sturdy and easy to carry for shooters

It is the Bulldog Doghouse XL 450 is an extremely heavyweight champion in the field of dealing with crossbow fire. It can withstand bolts that reach 450 fps and weighs just 60lbs. It can be put anywhere and it includes a two-finger removal of arrows on all targets it offers. Two-finger removal safeguards against the bolt from warpage and fletching.

It is comprised of eight squares of the target with the company logo on the right-hand side. When fired by an arrow, the fibers of polyester inside hold the bolt in place, and after it’s removed and retracted, they bounce back into position. If they bounce they create a smooth surface for arrow firing at any speed. It’s weatherproof and can be put anywhere to help with hard angles.

A few reasons to consider investing in a Doghouse XL with 450 targets are:

  • portability – Although the Doghouse XL 450 can indeed take adversity from bolts for crossbows, however, it’s lightweight enough that you can carry it wherever you want to. The handle is simple to hold, and it could permit hanging the target if the position was just right.
  • Durability The term “dense” usually means that the target will break down on the inside. But, with Doghouse you will get specifically coated polyester fibers that protect the box better than traditional targets.
  • Two-Finger Pulls The most noticeable feature of this series of arrows is the bow’s two-finger pull capabilities. No matter the poundage you use on your bow has, you can pull them away from the target using only two fingers.

Purchase the Doghouse XL 450 target from will not leave you disappointed. The targets can sustain severe damage, yet remain an effective and functional target. The various targets in the box provide a variety of ways to spread the arrows and fire damage.

The SpyderWeb ST is a Great Target for any Type of Crossbow

It is the SpyderWeb ST targets are among the few targets on the market with no speed limitations. There are no limits, which means that shooters can use any bow regardless of its strength and how heavy, and the target can be able to handle the impact. The Spyder comes with a variety of target points that are crucial to ensure bolt and fletching durability.

With SpiderWeb, you’ll have an easily portable and sturdy target that provides you with the capability to cut down on warped and damaged bolts. It is possible to buy an arrow pulling tool that can help you wrench out the bolts. Bolts can drive deeply after a few hits on the same area. Be careful as certain bolts may crimp under normal pliers.

A few details on the reason why SpyderWeb is a fantastic purchase include:

  • no speed Limits This No Speed Limits guarantee is among the most important reasons to purchase a SpyderWeb. It is possible to shoot any type of bow, or crossbow to the target and it’ll hold against the flame. This is essential when hunting with a group of friends who do not possess the same equipment for hunting.
  • Spylar-True The Spylar-True material comprises the threaded components within the box. It’s a material that is as tough as nails and creates an insulator between the exterior cover and the interior’s thick material.

This No Speed Limits SpyderWeb line of targets is a fantastic purchase. They’re compact and easy to carry and can stand up to the hefty amount of arrows firing. The faces of the target are crisp and clear. the box is ideal to protect the materials inside.

Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat from Morrell is a great product and easy to carry

The Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat from Morrell Morrell is yet another outstanding company in the field of archery accessories. The YJ-380 Dual Threat model is ideal for any bow and is equipped with a range of targets. It can be rotated to permit you to take crucial shots off-center that is crucial to hunting in the wilderness.

It can block crossbows and compound bows with a maximum speed of 380 FPS (so not exactly 400 FPS however, it is close).

The handle for carrying that is attached to the top corner of the target is an extremely important element of the goal. The lightweight nylon handle lets the box be hung almost any place. Sometimes, there’s no space to shoot a long distance from your backyard. The ability to hang the box when you travel to a farther viewpoint lets you experience hunter situations.

The most notable things in Morrell Yellow Jacket are: Morrell Yellow Jacket are:

  • Quality Name Brand
  • Several Aim Points
  • Easy to transport

There aren’t any more well-known names in archery than Morrell. They make high-quality products that their customers love and make lifelong fans of their equipment. Their Yellowjacket design of targets is perfect for crossbow or shooting arrows and works perfectly with any hunting equipment you own.

The Doghouse XP by Bulldog Targets is small and can withstand heavy impacts

Doghouse XP Doghouse XP is the smaller version of the Lil brother’ that is similar to XL 450. It’s a smaller target with a size of 2’2” by 2’0′ and it has the bigger capacity of the XP’s stopper. It weighs about 30 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and shoot for difficult shots. Each face is equipped with a couple of good spots to shoot using broadheads or field tips.

All Plus Series of the Doghouse XP comes with the two-finger removal method. After you have a goal that requires you to pull every bolt after every exercise, you start to appreciate the possibility of being able to take them off quickly and securely using your hands. Make sure you don’t be too enthusiastic and remove the fletchings. Make sure you grab the bolts near the bottom when pulling.

The aspects which make XP distinct include:

  • Two-Finger Removal
  • Small and Portable Compact and Small
  • HTML1 Capable of Withstanding the rigors of Fire 400 FPS

It is available in two sizes: Doghouse XP comes in Standard and Series models and is an ideal target that will be a perfect fit in the hunting or camping area that you may possess. It’s a bright and clear target that has huge fans who are impressed by its durability. It is among the toughest targets available! It’s not even allowing bolts to penetrate further than 12 inches.

The Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target Has High visibility and multiple targets

One of the great things concerning the Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target is that it is available in both white and black. This makes it more easily visible in any setting. The handle is recessed which will not take harm when you shoot at it. The reverse has an extensive area of target that has the shape of a huge deer. It’s also made of a very durable foam material.

PolyVision is the kind of foam that is the bulk of the object. It suffocates the impact of 400fps and can stand up well to multiple hits. The secret to the Block is that unlike older multi-layered targets the Block is joined with Polyfusion foam. This makes the Block strong and can withstand more abuse.

A few reasons to include the Block in your hunting gear include:

  • Durability
  • Polyfusion Foam
  • Bright Target Areas
  • Entrail Outline

The Block is a fantastic goal that will give you hours of fun and pleasure. The box is protected by the thick material for arrows on the inside, which makes it last much greater time than any other goal. It was designed specifically for crossbow hunters. It can be shot from any distance, with precision and security.

It is the RhinoBlock created by Rhinehart is accurate and fun for Users

The first thing that stands out of this RhinoBlock is its 3D-drawn outline Rhino vitals which are the targets. When you flip it there are a few tiny targets that enable you to improve your precision. If you are hunting for the smaller game using your crossbow, these small targets allow you to get the right shooting practice while preserving the exact spot on the goal.

One of the great things about RhinoBlock is that it allows you to take it off and change the rhino insert to fit the animal you’d like. When placing an order, consider the kind of animal, and then request it in the form of a purchase. They’ll send you a couple of different inserts. selecting the correct face for your target will give you an accurate simulation of hunting.

HTML0It is the RhinoBlock is an ideal option for a crossbow due to:

  • Unique design The truth is that a target with the appearance of the silhouette of a Rhino on the loose is thrilling and original. Although you’ll never be able to hunt the creature, having the silhouette of your target is probably the top thing. Shooting targets can be a great way to practice, but it should also be enjoyable. Different targets can add flavor to your practice.
  • Removal Panels – RhinoBlock lets them hit their targets attainable with the use of a removable panel. The target can be removed if it has taken too many shots. A new one can be put to replace it. The removable panel makes the target last longer than a typical box target.

RhinoBlock is a popular choice by crossbow hunters and for great reason. The targets are made of solid material and offer plenty of capacity to stop bolts and Arrows that exceed 400fps. The ability to place them on any surface and to blend into them is a huge advantage. When you get better at hunting you will have this target close by.

Delta McKenzie Crossbow Bag Target

Sometimes, having a simple to reach a target that is easy to carry around is all you require. This Delta McKenzie drop bag is the kind of bag. It’s bright and comes with several targets that are easy to spot and hit. The most important targets are located both on the back and front as smaller targets fill the material pieces on the sides.

The thing that makes this bag so attractive is how easy to carry. It weighs just 11 pounds. With the fabric inside it, it can be squeezed into any spot to create a hard-to-hit target. The blaze orange covers mean that no matter where you decide to position the target you will have a target space that can handle the bolt.

The main reasons you should select for the Delta McKenzie are:

  • The bright orange High visibility is essential for a target in a drop bag. It is essential to take this bag out into the woods for the shoot is crucial for the shooter, as the bright hue helps them see the target regardless of the distance they’re shooting from.
  • It is easy to pack The squishy shape that comes with this Delta Drop Bag is perfect to withstand impact, but can be squeezed into small areas for traveling. Targets for crossbows like this can be an asset to any hunting gear that you create.
  • high impact Although it may not appear like much it’s a very durable bag. Delta can resist crossbow shots well over 400fps and bounce back. The exterior material part of the bag is made of nylon which heals injuries to the target in a matter of minutes. This signifies that bags are suitable for a long time of use.

The Rinehart 18:1 is a Great Target Area.

The majority of crossbow targets are cubes or squares. The square shape provides an extensive target area. Rinehart 18:1 features 18 targets that are shaped like a cube that is perfect to practice small-game target shooting. Each target is a bright green target that is visible at any angle.

If you’re looking for an effective setup for difficult-to-hit targets it is this one you’ll want. Rinehart is a great target for hard-to-hit targets. Rinehart is also among the most durable targets available on the market, and it can withstand crossbow shots at up to 500fps. Its foam is self-healing which means that the longer you fire at it greater damage will endure.

The main reasons you should purchase the Rinehart 18:1 areas follows:

  • Many different targets The fact that there are a variety of options lets the shooter create any hunting scenario they can think of. Different scenarios ensure that hunters stand a greater chance of hitting their targets when they practice regularly with those shots.
  • odd-shaped targets It cannot be overemphasized how often you should shoot smaller targets. Smaller targets improve the accuracy of your aim, allowing you to get more success within the forest.
  • The Bright Colours The bright green-colored targets are easy to spot even in dim lighting. A focus area on when the lighting is dim is beneficial for your eyes. Also, locating the target in dim light is helpful in your hunt.

The highest of the bunch in terms of popular targets are the targets with an 18:1 ratio. The tiny and poorly placed targets offer shooters the chance to make their practice tougher and increase their chance of capturing wildlife in the open. The target can be placed wherever you want and can be carried when you camp or train outdoors in the forest.

Rhinehart Woodland Boar HTML0 Rhinehart Woodland Boar is accurate in the field and Simple to Set-Up

Rinehart creates one of the most thrilling hunts available. The Woodland Boar target is perfect to simulate real-time hunts. It comes with target rings that indicate what distance from the mark you’re in each round so you can improve your shooting. Its height makes it hard for you to get it right, as well as the colors can easily blend in with the surroundings.

Rinehart is renowned for creating an extremely tough and durable target. The woodland boar isn’t an exception. It can withstand 400fps bolt firing while easily placed wherever and still be visible. This target is tough enough that it can withstand broadhead fire as well as field tip fire, without loss of foam material strength.

One of the great benefits of this Woodland Boar target are:

  • Realistic and Lifelike
  • Rings to Practice Targets
  • Minimal and portable
  • Foam Inserts
  • works when used with Broadheads and Field Trips

Shooting at a target that replicates your game will be sure to give you an advantage in the direction of the actual hunt. The small size of this target and its color give it an edge that makes practicing just as important as hunting. Making the effort to replace the inserts will guarantee that you’ve got a precise and reliable target.

The Hurricane Bag by Field Logic is an Up and coming Bag with a lot of potentials.

Field Logic creates one of the most sought-after up-and-coming crossbow bag bags that are available. Its two-sided Hurricane Bag features a large trace of deer tracks on the back and a vast variety of targets on the front. Targets are white, with neon green lines, making them easily visible even in dim light which makes them ideal for shooting at any point of the day.

The thing that makes this bag loved is its transportability. It is possible to lay this bag down on its side or hang it from the tree to get the ideal target area you desire. This is a bag that lets you smack it on top of your equipment and then take it almost anywhere you’d like to travel. The tough nylon exterior will not rip or tear in the course of use.

The most important advantages of Hurricane bags are: Hurricane bags include:

  • Easy to carry
  • 2Sided Targets
  • High Visibility Color
  • Off-Centered Targets for Rarely
  • 1,000 PSI Resistance

The Hurricane is a great buy for those who own a crossbow. It’s durable and is available in vibrant colors, making the targets visible. The deer entrails on the front are different from targets in the back, so you can keep the target several years before you need to purchase another target.


A crossbow target with the capacity to handle 400fps bolts can be a thrilling and educational experience. Many businesses on the market focus on making a target that will make hunters better as well as more precise with your crossbow. Select a product that makes it difficult to hit from straight angles to give you a more authentic hunt experience.

It is essential to have portability when you are looking to purchase the ability to carry a crossbow. Many come with handles that let you hang them from trees or even off the fence post in your backyard. The placement of the target in various locations makes you more prepared to shoot the game wherever you may be at the edge of the fields. Precision is essential for both the animal and you.

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