Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

tactical crossbow

When it comes to hunting, tactical crossbows are one of the most popular weapons available. This is mainly because they are powerful, reliable, and easy to use. They also offer a large range of features, which means you can find the perfect bow to suit your needs.


The Gearhead X16 tactical crossbow is an innovative combination of a crossbow and a compound bow. It delivers arrows with a crisp 350 fps. It uses an adjustable trigger pull, a five-position foregrip, and a unique arrow suspension system.

The crossbow’s three-layer laminated split-limb design reduces weight and allows for adjustable length of pull. Ballistic nylon tips protect the ends of limbs and allow for durability even in direct impacts.

The X16’s stock features a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest pre-centered at the factory. This system eliminates horizontal and vertical nock travel, increases accuracy, and eliminates power cable wear.

Designed to be taken down and stored easily, the X16 is easy to carry and assemble. It arrives in two pieces and fits in a soft travel case.

Volt 300

If you’re looking for a tactical crossbow that can be used to shoot arrows, then the Crosman Volt 300 is the one for you. It has a red dot scope and a composite stock that will give you the speed and accuracy that you’re looking for.

As for the most important thing to remember when choosing a crossbow, you should keep in mind that a good quality bow will make your hunt a lot more fun and efficient. The best models will have an easy cocking action, be quiet and have a high rate of accuracy.

When it comes to cocking a crossbow, there are several different options, including a cocking windlass, an ambidextrous palm grip, and a pushbutton cocking system. While they are all effective, a manual cocking system is the most intuitive.

Snake Eye

Snake Eye Tactical Crossbow is one of the best tactical crossbows on the market. It is a pistol-style crossbow that is easy to use.

This crossbow is a good choice for hunting small game, and for target practice. It has a 165 FPS shooting speed and an auto safety cocking mechanism.

The Snake Eye Tactical crossbow has an accurate shooting range of up to 20 yards. It also has an anti-dry fire feature, which keeps the shooter safe from dry firing.

It is made of lightweight and durable materials. It has a soft lock floating bristle arrow retainer that keeps the arrows in place, so the shooter won’t be harmed by dry firing.

Snake Eye Tactical has a total length of 17”, a width of 16.5”, and weighs just 1.62 pounds. The aluminum barrel provides a tough and durable finish.


The Onyx Tactical Crossbow is a cocking device that is capable of taking down large games. It comes in a slick black finish and is designed to utilize compressed air. As a bonus, the bow limbs can fit in a bag where the traditional crossbow won’t. You can also opt to cock your arrows, but you’ll need to buy an aftermarket cocking aid to get the job done.

If you’re not a diehard archer or hunter, the Onyx Tactical Crossbow may be out of your league, but it’s still worth a look. With its impressive list of features, it will help you make the most of your time on the range or in the field.

The most expensive component is the bow itself, which is made of aluminum. It’s about as wide as it is tall, albeit a little narrower than most conventional crossbows.


The X-16 tactical crossbow from Gearhead Archery is one of the top crossbows on the market. It’s built like a finely crafted rifle and offers incredible accuracy. With a quick breakdown feature, hunters will love the ease of assembly and disassembly.

Unlike traditional crossbows, the X16 does not require a rope cocker. It’s also designed to deliver arrows at a rate of 350 fps. This makes it a favorite among composite-stock crossbow users.

The X16’s unique design provides an arrow barrel guide that guides the arrow to its point of impact. In addition, it uses a forward whisker biscuit to help eliminate vibration noise. Aside from the arrow’s guide, the X16 uses a dual-sealed bearing for smooth and precise movement.

The X16’s compact size makes it easy to carry. It measures just over 30.5 inches, making it smaller than the average airline carry-on.