The Top Four Hunting Rifles For 2017

Whether or not you are disappointed in the performance of the rifle that you used for deer hunting last fall or are just looking for something new to add to your gun cabinet, finding the best firearm on the market today can be a bit of a frustration.

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This is not because there are so few top tier deer hunting rifles available right now, but precisely because there are so many!

For that very reason, we’ve broken down four of the very best deer hunting rifles available for 2016. Choosing any of these amazing firearms is going to give you a decided advantage when you’re on the hunt. Let’s dive right in!

You Can’t Beat The Remington 700 Line of Rifles

When you get right down to it, there is a very real reason why so many deer hunters all over America choose a Remington 700 rifle when asked to name their favorite firearm. Potent, powerful and offered in a number of different chambers, this is a relatively lightweight but highly engineered piece of American firearms engineering that is prized for its amazing accuracy and knockout power.

MG Arms Ultralight Tops The List in This Price Range

Though you can slide into a Remington 700 rifle for right around $600 or $700, this deer rifle is going to set you back anywhere between $3,700 and $4,000 – or more – depending upon just how aggressive you get with accessories.

At 4 3/4 pounds it definitely lives up to its ultralight name thanks in large part to the stainless steel and Kevlar frame. This is another “otherworldly” accurate deer rifle, and will make your hunting buddies jealous.

Start Your Kids Out Right-The Marlin 336 Youth

Marlin Arms have been making amazing rifles for decades and decades now and the 336 Youth is likely the best gun for a young deer hunter to use their first few times in the woods. Though it doesn’t have the kind of punch, pop or power that some of its larger cousins do, it is lightweight and deadly accurate at ranges between 150-200 yards and by the way, it doesn’t kick like a mule. It’s price tag is inexpensive which helps to make this the perfect starter rifle.

The Ruger American Is Waiting To Be Customized By You

Hands down one of the best “barebones” deer rifles money can buy today is the Ruger American. It is offered in a number of chambers (including.308 and.270 Winchester) and is the perfect platform rifle for you to customize to your hearts content. With a ton of different accessories and add-ons designed specifically for this rifle, this can be a deer rifle that serves you well for years and years to come.

Each of the rifles outlined above have proven themselves time and time again out in the woods and all of them are more than capable of dropping a buck with precision accuracy. Depending upon factors like your budget, hunting style and desire for an “out of box” or starter project weapon, you’ll find that at least one of the four rifles will fit your needs.




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