Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

The variety of compound bows that will be released for the season offers the entire range of bow hunting styles, as well as levels of experience as well as body styles.

The taller, larger bow hunters require bows that are capable to accommodate their bigger wingspan. They are also known as long draw bows, and though they’re not as common as other bows, they’re crucial for those in the market that rely on them.

 We’ve identified the long draw bows lineup of each manufacturer and put them together here so that it is easier to make comparisons.

Bear Species LD

The Species LD has been part of the Bear Archery range in previous years and will be in the future range.

It’s a bow with a single cam with a comfortable 80% release to aid in aiming and precision.

The bow comes with a draw length that is 32 inches, however, it starts at an incredibly tiny 25 inches. This bow comes in draw weights between 45 and 60 pounds. and 55-70 lbs. and 55 to 70 lbs. broad variety of shooters.

The braces have a comfortable height of 7 inches long and it comes with an IBO rating of 310 fps.

The bow’s features include EnduraFiber limbs which offer the greatest flexibility and weight control, as well as LockDown Limb Pockets for precise riser-to-pocket alignment.

This bow was created specifically for novice bowhunters and shooters in 3D.

Bowtech BT Mag X

The BT Mag X compound bow was first introduced in the year 2018 and is scheduled to make an appearance for the hunting season.

This bow was designed specifically for long draw archers and also comes with Bowtech’s SmartBow technology that all the other Bowtech bows utilize. It is an ideal hunting bow that can also be used as an archery bow for target shooting.

Overdrive Binary Cam system powers the bow. The system can eliminate the vertical and horizontal nock movement.

PowerShift Technology PowerShift Technology is present to enable you to quickly shift between comfort and performance with the shifting that is the FlipDisc.

Based on building around the CPX risers, this model has an FLX Guard to eliminate riser torque. It features draw length ranges that start at 29 inches and extends to 34 inches. Additionally, the 36-inch axle-to-axle length provides an extremely stable shooting platform.

Hoyt DoubleXL

This Double XL is a long draw bow with an extremely stable base, coupled with the power and control of performance.

The bow is suitable for hunters of any size and is suitable for big game hunters.

It is driven by the brand new ZT Hyper Cam system that is quick and smooth and is the fastest let-off cam available. The adjustable draw length ranges from 32-to 34 inches. The system can be attributed to a significant amount of performance with an IBO rating of 345 fps.

It has a sturdy aluminum bow riser that can provide a smooth draw and release, which will result in an unbeatable hand feeling of the shot.

Bow features include included a Roller Cable Guard, the X-Act Grip System to ensure that the hand is properly placed, and also the ShockPod Vibration Damping System that helps eliminate vibration.

Martin DSX Series 33

The DSX 33 is a more long frame model of DSX platform that provides bow hunters an option that is suitable for the larger frame person.

The bow is equipped with an axle-to-axle length of 33 inches, and the draw length is ranging between 28 and 31 inches.

It utilizes its DSX Cam System that has two tracks, each with a control and buss cable. One track moves in while the other out to power the bow. This creates a very easy shooting platform.

The bow is silent in the hand without making any noise and there is no hand shock. A large part of this is due to the addition of a completely adjustable roller guard.

The absence of hand shock may be explained by the design of the riser that has been swollen up around the neck. The riser is also equipped with two tiny reverse bridges that add substantial strength.

In it is the RRAD Weight Distribution System which can be adjusted according to the needs of archers.

The bow weighs a bit more at 4.3 pounds and comes with an IBO rating of 335 FPS.

Mathews Atlas

The Atlas is a great choice for larger-framed archers who need an extended draw bow to accomplish their task.

In this instance, the max draw length for the bow would be 34 inches. It is a brace length of a tolerant 7.75 inches.

The Crosscentric Cam Technology provides a smooth draw. It is paired with a Switchweight module to adjust the weight of the top in increments of 5 pounds.

It is offered in the 60 70, 65, 70, and 75-pound peak weights.

You can also customize the experience by using mods that are available with 80% or 85 percent let-off.

Other features that are integrated into Atlas Atlas are those that are part of the CenterGuard Cable containment technology as well as the Engage Grip to aid in proper hand placement, as well as the EHS+ damper to help with Post shot vibration reduction.

Xpedition FX

Its FLX compound bow is a cross-over bow designed to be able to handle the demands of hunting or the precision of shooting competitions.

The bow is constructed from the X-Loy material, a unique product manufactured by Magnate that is a mixture of carbon-infused alloys. The result is the material being light but more durable than aluminum.

The latest LVR camera system is designed to create an extremely efficient system for cams that produces high-range energy levels. It’s quick.

A brand new ETS (Energy Transfer System) cable system is preloaded and restricts the speed of movement of cables to improve their efficiency of them and improve their performance.

The bow is 33.625 inches across from the axle and features the solid riser that is held solid by the new X Lock the limb system.

The draw length is 27.5 up to 32 inches, with half-inch adjustments conceivable.

The height of the brace can be measured at 7.125″ as well as the IBO rating maximum speed is 338 fps.

Longer frames, more risers, more max draw weights, and heavier and quicker, the bigger frames are suited well in the season.

There’s a hunter compound bow that is suitable for every type of bow hunter from the above selection.

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