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The most effective bow case is the one that is sized to fit the bow, shields it from bumps during transportation, is easy to carry, and is within your budget. Ideally, it should be in compliance with TSA standards to allow you to transport your bow in a safe and safe when traveling to remote locations. We’ve come up with an extensive selection of high-quality bow cases made of a hard compound that put the most suitable case at your fingertips.

 The bow case made of hard shell market is heavily dominated by three major brands. While there are many other brands available when we look at the best-rated models, they are part of Plano Molding, SKB Cases, and Flambeau Outdoors.

 What should you be looking for when buying the hard bow case? Security is definitely top of the list since the ultimate goal is for your bow to be unharmed after traveling. Other important aspects include storage space, security, and cost.

Flying With Your Bow?

It is necessary to have an approved case for transporting your bow. Check out our complete analysis as we provide the finest bow cases to travel with your bow.

Our Top 10 List of the Top Bows Made of Hard Compound Cases

The following list weighs down the most popular 12 hard bow cases assessed by averaging the reviews of customers. The price isn’t considered, as the reason is that the satisfaction of the customers will determine whether the case provides an excellent value for the price.

After the comparison list of bow cases, there is an extensive review of each case which will provide you with more details to help you decide which one is best suited to your requirements.

Models / Makers

  • SKB iSeries 3614 Parallel Limb Bow Case
  • The Plano 108110 Bow Case
  • Plano Parallel Limb Bow Case
  • SKB Hunter XL Series Bow Case
  • Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series
  • SKB Sports Hunter Series Bow Case
  • Flambeau 6461SC Safe shot
  • SKB ATA Double Bow, Bow/Rifle Combination Case
  • SKB Injection Molded Single Parallel Limb Bow Case
  • Plano Protector Series Compact Bow Case
  • SKB iSeries 5014 Target Bow Case
  • Plano Bow Guard SE Pro Series 44 Bow Case

Description of Bow Cases Made of Hard Compound

Now that we’ve been able to conduct an instant comparison of available bow cases, we can have a more detailed glance at each.

Check out the more thorough overviews of each of these bow cases presented above to get a better understanding of which is best for your needs.

SKB iSeries 3614 Parallel Limb Bow Case

Protection of compound bows with parallel limbs is the purpose of this case, and it’s done very efficiently. The custom foam inserts guarantee that the bow is properly placed. The case comes with wheels, making moving it around the case easy. The case is equipped with trigger release latches that can later be fitted with TSA-approved locking latches.

This is the best bow storage case, which comes with protection from dust and water in a waterproof design. The cushioned grip also gives you a more enjoyable experience. It is the most expensive case on the list, but it’s also the case with the highest ratings.

The Plano All-Weather Bow Case

Many hunters have decided to give this all-weather bow case a thumbs-up. It is constructed with a thick wall to provide the contents with the best protection. Inside, the high-density interior offers the bow a smooth surface to tuck within.

The lid can be used to store storage to store carbon fiber Arrows. The locking mechanism is certified by the airline PillarLock system which allows it to be used for flights. The case is 48″ in length. This is enough to accommodate any modern bow.

Plano Parallel Limb Bow Case

The bow case that is parallel to the limb allows you to have the option to customize the storage area to fit the dimensions of the bow that you own. It features a pillar of foam positioning system that can be placed in the location you prefer to hold your bow in position. Arrow storage is available inside the lid, and the case comes complete with a utility bow to provide additional storage.

The case can be locked and is designed to meet security standards for airlines. The interior dimensions are 41 inches and should have enough space for any parallel limb hunting compound bow. One of the most appealing aspects of this bow is the cost.

SKB Hunter XL Series Bow Case

It is a bigger variant of the Hunter Series case (which is also highly reviewed). It is made to support the larger varieties of bows like those of the Z7 or Z9 series, as well as the quiver which can be kept attached. It comes with a soft lined insert made of EPS that serves to guard the bow more effectively.

The case has been designed to hold bows only. No extra storage for accessories has been included, which some might see as an inconvenience.

Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

The All-Weather bowcase (hence the AW name) provides exceptional protection of the bow against all kinds of weather conditions.

The case is not only waterproof, but it also shields against dust and dirt.

The padding inside is treated with an inhibitor to prevent corrosion and rust.

The interior is padded with high-density foam. It also has an area for storage for arrows that are attached to the top lid, along with an area for the bow quiver too.

It’s large enough to accommodate the bulk of modern compound bows.

The case’s walls are solid, The case can be lockable.

SKB Sports Hunter Series Bow Case

This Hunter Series bow case was designed to be able to handle new hunting compounds bows, along together with quivers.

It is constructed with a strong ABS shell that provides ample protection from the elements.

Inside, protection is made possible with a valance bend system which helps to create a perfect fit for the bow. Water-jet-cut polyethylene system for arrows allows the use of up to 12 arrows that can be stored with the bow.

The types of bows that are identified by the firm that may be kept in this instance include Mathews Z7 Extreme, Mathews Reezen, Mathews Monster, Mathews DXT, Mathews Drenalin, Mathews Outback, Bowtech Admiral, Bowtech Captain, Limbsaver DeadZone, Hoyt Alpha Max, Hoyt Power Hawk, Kodiak Outdoors Titan 34 Target, PSE X Force, as well as many more.

Flambeau 6461SC SafeShot Compound Bow Case

It is a newer model in a series that the company calls”the SafeShot compound bow range. It has a strong polymer material that forms the exterior case’s shell. The lid’s interior and base are reinforced by support pillars to ensure that the case is not crushed. This means that the bow that is stored inside will be secured.

The inside of this lid lies a rack system that allows up to 12 arrow shafts to be secured to the lid. Additionally, it has built-in 3 and 4-blade broadhead changers.

This case comes with four lock hasps as well as four latches that ensure that the case is tightly shut. The bow will stay secure in its place due to the dense foam lining as well as the use of hook and loop straps to tie it down.

SKB ATA Double Bow and Rifle Combination Case

The Best Bow as well as Rifle Case

This is a dual-purpose bow case, made to hold two compound bows with parallel limbs and a bow compound as well as a rifle.

It is made of moldable polyethylene, which has extremely high molecular weight and is the material employed in the US military to make containers and cases.

The latches are strong and manufactured according to ATA 300 Category I specifications making them ideal for travel by air.

The lower score for this case stems from the fact that it is small as well as fitting 2 bows in it has proved to be difficult.

The only caveat to using the box is that you must check the bow’s size before finalizing the purchase.

SKB Single-Parallel Limb Bow Case Injection Molded

This is a very robust bow case specifically designed to accommodate bows with parallel limbs, ideal for hunters who travel often. The injection-molded construction provides the case plenty of strength, without the requirement for reinforcement in metal to make it light. The inside dimensions are 40 inches which give the possibility of fitting bows that go up to 36″ axle-to-axle very comfortably.

The only place the case is slipping somewhat with its style is the straps that are used to secure the bow. They are only two (4 make them more sturdy) and are tough enough to scratch the bow’s surface.

Plano Protector Series Compact Bow Case

This is among the most sought-after bow cases for hard bows on the market. It’s a basic style that fits small hunting bows with frames with a maximum of 33″ axle-to-axle comfortably. It’s also wide enough to allow the bow to be put away with the quiver still in place. The case is equipped with its PillarLock System to ensure the bow is secure and will not move around.

The case is lockable and it meets ATA requirements to be air-worthy. It also includes storage for arrows inside the lid, with room for six arrows. The last thing to be considered is price and, with some significant discounts on the market, the Protector can be an excellent value for money.

SKB iSeries 5014 Target Bow Case

It is an oversized double because that can be used to store two target bows or even a bow and rifle together. The case’s dimensions are designed to accommodate bows for targets with an exterior length of 50 inches. The case is built with an asymmetrical bunk bed arrangement and rigid foam partitions not only shield the equipment but also keep it in place.

The locking system is comprised of four padlocks that are reinforced and allow for the use of locks that meet ATA standards. The case is waterproof and dustproof, as well as resistant to damage caused by impact.

Plano Bow Guard SE Pro Series 44 Bow Case

This is a bit larger bow case than others designed for the storage of hunting bows. The 44-inch length indicates that it’s ideal for large to medium bows. It can also permit that the bow is kept with the quiver of the bow attached. The case’s interior is lined with high-density foam that protects the bow. It is secured by straps that are constructed to stop the bow from shifting. In addition to the arrow holders that are made of foam, which can accommodate more than 12 bows, this case also includes an accessory box along with a broadhead tool and two adjustable compartments.

At the price, this is an ideal bow case to fulfill the requirements of most hunters.

The Most Effective Bow Case for the Money

The most cost-effective bowcase is SKB Sports Hunter Bow Case.

This case has been selected as a value-for-price because of the protection quality that the tough ABS shell offers. In addition, it has a sealed seal, which gives the best protection from dust and weather on your bow.

Its ability to come with numerous features at prices that are around the $90.00 mark is remarkable.

The Benefits of Using A Bow Case with a Hard Compound

There are several reasons why one might prefer a hard bow case with a compound bow instead of a soft case. A hard bow case provides some advantages in terms of bow protection, and will most likely be utilized in cases where storage is long.

It is the case if you’re planning to travel for extended durations, especially traveling by air.

 If your bow(s) is taken out of your fingers for all of your travelings you’d prefer the security of knowing they’re well-protected inside a case that is hard-coated.

Although a soft bow case is padded and gives bows in it the case a certain amount of protection, these bags are subject to some extremely stress-inducing times when they are loaded onto and off the train or plane. A bow that is put into a tough case placed inside the cut-out foam space will be protected better.

We’ve further outlined the reasons people believe that cases with a bow are the best option.

Bow Case Security

Security is a major concern when you transport your bow. It’s not just about making sure that nobody steals your bow even if it’s not in your sight. There are also legal rules that are in place.

If you’re traveling on a plane and are bringing your bow in baggage, it is the requirement that the box the bow is kept in is approved by the airline. If not, the airline will not allow you to transport your bow. If you are buying a brand new bow case, it is essential to know if the bow case is accepted for use on planes.

To aid in this, we’ve included the column below which shows whether the bow is certified by an airline. In some instances, the bow may not have been configured to comply with ATA Standard 300 category I however it can be altered to incorporate the required locks.

For a comprehensive listing of bow cases, you could consider for use on flights, look at our guide to the top bow cases to use for travel.

Wheeled Bow Cases

The weight is not a problem when it comes to transporting compound bows and other accessories as the industry is conscious of the need to make things as light it can be. This being said that the addition of wheels on top bow cases makes it much simpler to carry when you’re carrying other cases and other equipment.

Bow cases that have wheels let you treat the case as an additional item of luggage. It can also facilitate the move from one location to another. Consider it a “nice feature to own” instead of an essential element in the box.

Waterproof Bow Cases

Don’t fall for the idea that your bow will not get wet in a bow case that claims to be water-proof. Many bows have been left by their bows on the back of their truck and driven through a rain shower, only to discover the waterproof case brimming with water when they return home.

If you’re looking for an enclosure that keeps your bow dry regardless of how harsh the conditions are, you must choose a watertight case. This kind of case will declare its IP67 rating, this is a certification that states the case is impervious to water, even when totally submerged.

Padding Protection

Find an accessory case for bows that allow you to alter your interior. Good bow cases come with cushioned protection, however, none of them let you customize inside so that the bow won’t allow for any movement in any way.

The cushioned protection should extend to the straps provided to keep the bow. Some straps are quite rough and have been reported to scratch the bow’s finish that they are holding.

High-density foam is an excellent kind of padding. Layered felt is also softer and creates a comfy mattress on which bows can sit.

Plano offers an ingenuous PillarLock system that allows users to choose the location of the padded rests set to eliminate the chance of the bow moving around if it isn’t suitable for the cut-out portion.

Bow Case Size

While they are extremely desirable ways to store bows, some might be hesitant to use an actual bow case. Here are a few of the negative opinions that some individuals might think about having a hard bow case.

  • The case itself isn’t elastic. If you purchase the wrong case or one that isn’t sufficient in length to accommodate your bow, there’ll be no “wiggle space” to make it be a good fit. In the same way, there will not be enough space for small items to be stowed in the case due to the design of the foam insert that is used to hold the bow.
  • Bow cases made of hard plastic are typically larger than soft ones. If you’ve not managed to purchase a wheeled bow case and you plan on carrying it for a certain distance the weight could become an issue.
  • Certain cases won’t let you just put the bow inside and close the lid. Some hard cases require you to dismantle your bow so that it is snugly inserted, which means that you will be setting it up and taking it down each time you travel.
  • The case is likely to get scratched. It is up to the individual to decide if this is good or bad, or both are subject to debate. If you’re a frequent user of flying, chances are your bow case likely to be impacted by baggage handling processes and soon look worn out and scratched. Many may view this as good as the case is doing its job, but others might be irritated by the fact that the bow case swiftly starts to show indications of wear.
  • Cost. This could be an issue for certain people and can be a decisive element. In general, the cost of hard bow cases is indeed greater than the soft bow case.

If you don’t plan on traveling by air with your bow or want an alternative to storage that will be less expensive then you must think about soft bow cases. As you can see from the list of Bow Cases for Soft Bows, there’s a wide range of top-quality bow cases that are available at affordable costs.

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