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If you’re looking to gain higher but don’t want the additional weight of climbing sticks, the answer could be a climbing stick aid or two.

A tree step-aide lets you add one or two steps for every section of stick you have without adding weight to the loads you’re carrying. You can add 4 to 5 feet to each climbing stick’s length by adding a two-step aid at either end.

This allows you to climb up higher levels without needing to carry any additional climbers on your back.

Certain dangers come when using a climbing stick aid in hunting.

In this article, we’ll take you through the advantages and risks of this type of aid as well as its major varieties.

The last section will give a brief overview of five different aids to help you determine what is the best climbing stick aid for your needs.

The advantages of using a climbing Stick Aider

  • There are many advantages to making use of this type of stick. Let’s look at the following benefits: It can help you climb faster than you would if you didn’t have one.
  • Allows you to be more flexible.
  • They can help decrease the amount of weight you normally carry yourself when searching. Since they’re light and small, they don’t add much weight to your gear.
  • They could reduce the cost of climbing sticks because the climbing aid is durable enough to last many years.
  • They may give you better access to higher-quality areas to hunt.

Risks associated with climbing sticks Aider

However, there are certain dangers that you should be aware of. They are listed below:

  • You may need to exert more effort to climb with this type of aid.
  • It is essential to make sure that you are at your best with the use of this device as it may cause injuries or accidents.
  • It takes time to become used to the aid.
  • The process of the installation could require some time to determine and implement.

Sorts of Climbing Sticks Aiders

There are three types of climbing stick aids which include carry-as-you-go semi-automatic wearable, fixed, and semi-automatic. We will discuss these in more depth in this section.

Aiders to Carry as You Go

Helpers to carry as you go are usually those you should carry with you when you ascend higher.

They’re usually the lightest that you can make by yourself with the fabric or weave.

Every time you wish to ascend the next stick you’ll have to remove the aid and then place it on each new stick.

Important Safety Notice NOTE

The Carry As You Go aider is thought to be an advanced technique for climbing and is only suitable for skilled climbers.

It is imperative to connect with the tree all time while using it. Make sure that your lineman belt or tether is secure.

Safety when climbing is paramount where climbing is concerned. If you aren’t comfortable using this type of equipment, then you shouldn’t use it.

Semi-Automatic Wearable Aiders

Semi-automatic wearable aids can remove themselves from the stick after every step you take. They usually include strings that you carry and adjust according to the needs of your body.

For climbing back down, you’ll be required to remove the aid manually after each step.

Fixed Aiders

Fixed aids can be permanently attached to your climbing pole. This is convenient because it doesn’t require you to attach and remove them regularly.

This is a good method to guarantee durability without the necessity of putting in aids that are separate to help out.

There isn’t an answer to what is the ideal kind of aid. It usually depends on the type of aid you’re seeking and the level of security they offer.

Commercial Aiders



  • Longueur: 20″ to 60″ (overall)
  • Weight: around 4 – 6 ounces
  • Fabric: 1-inch tubular webbing with plastic-dipped chain links
  • Other tools Frame buckles

Ultimaider is a highly versatile aid, with the capacity to alter steps’ height and being capable of removing or adding steps as needed.

This capability to alter the steps’ height is crucial as it acknowledges that individuals come in various sizes and require different lengths of steps to be at ease. In this instance, the step can be adjusted up to 20 inches, and then shorter to whatever length is most comfortable for you.

It can be used as a multi-step assistant that can be configured with 1-step, 2-step, or three-step configurations that are possible. It is available in three different shades: Coyote Brown, Light Olive Drab as well as Wolf Gray.

The flexibility doesn’t end with being able to customize your number of steps according to your preference. It could also be transformed into a Swaider, or by the addition of an endless loop of Amsteel, it can also be employed as a Versa aider.

There’s plenty to be uncovered by this aid and it is all covered in this comprehensive video review.

EWO Wire Rope Aider


  • Länge: 36″ to 48″ (overall)
  • Weigh: 4.2 ounces
  • Materials: Black vinyl coating
  • Other tools Bolts (socket head or the hex head)

This Eastern Wood Outdoors Wire Rope Aider is available in a variety of sizes to choose from. It can be used with all types of sticks.

To install the aid, you’ll have to use the eyelets and bolts that come with the aid itself.

You should verify the stick you’re using and whether it’s compatible.

It is of high quality and lightweight it is easy to count on this aid for your climbing requirements.

Lone Wolf Cable Aider


  • Longueur: 17″ and 20″
  • Weight: Around 3 ounces
  • Materials: Steel, PVC
  • Other tools Locknuts, bolts, and locks

This Lone Wolf Cable Aider comes in two lengths that you can select from. It can be used to accommodate any angle. The cable is durable and durable and can provide an excellent balance when you attempt climbing up.

But, you should only use this aid using the sticks supplied by Lone Wolf the company. If you wish to combine these sticks alongside other sticks, then you’ll have to purchase additional tools to aid you. They can be used with double or single step sticks.

Amsteel Aider


  • Length: 42″
  • weight:4-5 ounces
  • Materials: PVC
  • Other tools The bungee, the carabiner

Amsteel Aider is available in a variety of dimensions and colors. The one we are referring to measures 42″ overall. However, you can take a look at alternatives available in addition. Amsteel provides you with the possibility of asking for assistance in the form of a custom-designed aid should you require one.

This aid has a lengthy bungee rope to ensure security when you climb back down.

Backwoods Multi-Step Aider


  • Long: Various (two-step or three-step)
  • Weight: Around 4 ounces
  • Materials: Rubber hook, Coyote Webbing in brown
  • Others tools N/A

This Backwoods Multi-Step Aider may be fixed or a semi-movable or movable one. The one that can be moved has either three or two steps that can be attached to it by the hook. The webbing for these aids is created from Backwoods independently.

Learn more information about these aids once you have placed your order, so you can personalize the helper to suit your preference.

Black Diamond Etrier


  • Length: Five-step , six-step length (5′)
  • Weigh: 8.5 ounces
  • Material: 25mm (1 1) nylon webbing
  • Other tools Other tools

The multi-step guide is available in the six-step or five-step versions and is used primarily for canyoneering, mountaineering, and climbing ice, it can also be extremely effective for trees.

The steps are reinforced for added strength and safety. Made of 1-inch webbing with a strong clip-in and ballast point. Its length is 5-feet.

Although five steps might be considered too numerous for hunting enthusiasts, it’s most likely that the first steps are used together with your 2nd and 3rd sticks.

What is the best way to use a Climbing Stick?

There are many different ways that aids are employed and this is contingent on the kind you choose (CAYG and fix) and the level you want to climb to.

Alongside the commercial aids that are available from different manufacturers, Many saddle hunters have discovered easy methods of making their own.

Materials like tubular webbing PVC tubing, or steel rope are fashioned into simple and secure aids that work efficiently.

The following video shows one method to utilize the CAYG aid to increase the height of climbing with just the climbing sticks.

You’ll notice that the aid shown in the video is made with tubing to ensure that the loop stays open.

This will make it quite easy to get the foot in it when you descend or climb.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing a climbing stick to gain more height can make climbing up towards your tree stand as well as the saddle a breeze. Make sure to reduce the risk by taking the appropriate precautions.

We also have explained the three major kinds of climbing stick aids that you can pick from based on your preferences and your experience.

Through brief reviews of five of the aids, you’ll have a variety of choices that can help decide on a commercially produced one.

All you have to do is pick the one that will suit you the best during your hunt.

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