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We review the benefits and drawbacks of vertical as well as bow sights with horizontal pins when using multi-pin sights, and in the end, whether it is important.

This particular debate is concerned with discussing the differences between horizontal and vertical pin sights, we’re talking about multi-pin bow sights.

The majority of the time we see (and mostly agree to accept) the vertical pins through our single pin sightings. When it is multi-pin bow sighting for hunting as well as 3D archery, it is more common to have horizontal pins visible in the view window. The situation changed after Trophy Ridge patented its Vertical In-Line Bow Sight which is designed specifically designed for two or more pins that are vertically aligned.

Trophy Ridge Matrix

Since the advent of these sights, the debates (and discussions) have been debated about which is the better sight.

Therefore, we will review the benefits and drawbacks of each bow sight. We will also describe why some would prefer the pin-style bow, while others prefer the horizontal pins.

If you’re brand new to 3D shooting and bowhunting, have been exposed to the horizontal and vertical pin sights, and are wondering which one you should pick This list of known advantages and disadvantages of both could be helpful.

The Argument of Horizontal Pins

Being able to see where you’d like to go when hitting through the gap between pins.

The horizontal layout of pins indicates that there’s a distinct space between the pins that are ideal for shooters who are proficient at shooting at distances in between.

Also known for shooting the gaps to compensate for the occasions that the target isn’t precisely at a distance that coincides with one of the pins that are pre-set. it is possible to make a precise adjustment to the distance that is between pins.

You will get a more vertical reference

Horizontal pins do more than provide a guideline for the exact location of the target that you’d like to hit.

They also provide the best basis for determining what level you’re trying to go.

You can see the target clearly

Many consider that the horizontal pin enables them to locate the goal more quickly.

This is particularly the scenario for hunters that expect to see the dot that’s in the middle of the window and view the majority of deer they’re hunting.

Each pin can be used to determine 3 distances

When using horizontally spaced pins, it is possible to utilize each pin to achieve three exact yards.

It is done by observing the point at which the top edge and the lower edge of your pin land on the area of the.

This transforms a 3 pin bow view into a 9 pin sight, in terms of the distances you’ll be able to set yourself for.

The Argument Against Horizontal Pins

Pins Clutter In The View Window

This is a concern raised by hunters, specifically hunters who’ve used bows that have more than three pins.

A few sight-users believe they bow sights that have more than three pins appear crowded in particular with several pins that could obscure most of the targets.

It’s true that regardless of how many pins a view is equipped with, and the pins are set vertically or horizontally there will be some chaos in the windows.

It’s all about the moment the critical threshold has been at, which will determine the time you determine that the clutter is distracting.

The Argument For Vertical Pins

Vertical Pins are cleaner Looking

Many hunters appreciate the huge open sight window, which is visible when they’re shooting at an object. Vertically stacked pins can reduce the amount of noise that is visible by placing all the pins together in one line within the window.

The clean and neat appearance helps unwind the mind and eye of the shooter. It gives a more enjoyable shooting experience.

Helps with Practicing At Higher Distances

Certain hunters have discovered that using vertical pin sights provides an enhanced shooting experience at long distances.

This is due to the vertical lines created by the pins, which may extend just above the pin with the longest length within the window.

The practice of taking longer shots making use of the horizontal pin setup will definitely increase confidence at the range.

Faster Target Acquisition

Similar to the vertical single-pin bow sights hunter who utilizes multi-pin sights for vertical use has noticed that they have faster target acquisition.

This makes sense when there is just one pin sight to concentrate on. When you place the pin with the highest point on the target, the process will be much faster than finding the target by using a Horizontal pin-sight.

The Argument Against vertical pins

You Are Not Able To Hold Slightly or under A Spot

If you look at the vertical pins, you will see a black line with numerous bright dots arranged along with it. That is there’s no space between them that you can’t observe the target within.

This means it is extremely difficult for you to hit the target if the target isn’t at the exact distance that you have your pins set to. While it’s still feasible to shoot through the gap, the Pins block the targets, and it is difficult to be able to see the target you’re shooting at.

Hunters who have become accustomed to shooting this gap and have become proficient in calculating distances based on these gaps, find the pins set up for vertical shooting to be extremely restrictive in this regard.

If you use middle pins, you lose height and cannot see what you’re shooting.

It is difficult to discern the pins at the bottom in dim lighting conditions

Particularly when using a five-pin vertical pin sight, the bottom couple of pins may be difficult to spot in dim lighting conditions.

Hunters have discovered that under low-light conditions, it appears that there is only one pin inside the sight window, and all other pins disappear.

A Case For…Just Keep Your Eyes On The Target!

The most experienced hunters have stated how they’ve gotten beyond the issue of clutter within the view window.

The focus is on the point they wish to reach. Everything else is secondary.

After they’ve trained their brain to eliminate all other objects from the one location they’re aiming for regardless of whether the pins appear on vertical or horizontal pieces of metal is not important and irrelevant.

The most important thing is the repetition of doing the key moves correctly and not ignoring the rest.

A good shooting technique will outweigh what’s happening in the remaining 99% of the view window.

The Trophy Ridge “Vertical In-Line Bow Sight” Patent

Here’s a brief outline of the patent:

A bow sight that has a support structure and at least two vertically aligned vertical pins linked to the supporting structure is supplied. At least two vertical pins are equipped with the sight point.

By a different aspect of the invention, a bow sight with a support structure that is connected to two or more sights is offered. These sighting points are rotated adjustable so that they can be turned into vertical alignment.

Following a different aspect that is claimed in the patent, a bow sight is provided with a support structure and a sight-point that is attached to support structures and a dampener.


With the growing acceptance of single-pin vertical sights for hunters, it’s not surprising that many hunters prefer vertical multi-pins, too.

The variety of sights available is significantly greater when you use a horizontal set up and this could influence many newcomers to the game.

The plan is to buy two less expensive 3 pin bow sights One with horizontal pins, and the other with vertical pins.

Have a go. Try shooting as many of the arrows from the practice range as you can.

Once you’ve determined that you will:

a). Enjoy the feel of shooting this type of sight or

b). You feel that the view is blurred

…you are then in a position to determine when you can move from vertical to horizontal or vice versa.

The thumbs-up is offered for both kinds of sight, and it’ll ultimately depend on individual preference.

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