Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Vittoria Corsa NEXT G20 Road Bike Tires for Training and Competition

The new Vittoria Corsa N.ExT road bike tires feature vulcanized treads and a nylon casing. They are a significant upgrade from previous Corsa iterations, which had cotton casings. While cotton Corsas have been around for a while, the new tire has several features that will make them stand out from the competition. Specifically, they are claimed to provide better puncture protection and more grip, particularly on wet surfaces.

The Corsa N.EXT is available in four sizes. They fit well on wheels with an internal width of 17mm. However, they do not hold air well and will require frequent re-pumping. This makes them suitable for road bikes that use hookless rims.

For racing, the Corsa N.EXT is an excellent choice. It is the first road racing tire with a QR Code. The code is printed on the hot patch and provides useful information about the tire. This includes recommended air pressures, tube sizes, and tire mounting instructions. In addition, the code provides the location of your nearest Vittoria dealer.

Vittoria has a long history of producing reliable road bike tires, and Corsa N.EXT G 2.0 is the brand’s new road bike tire for training and competition. Its unique compound technology increases speed and grip. It also features a triple-layer nylon casing to increase durability.