Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Vortex optics are among the most sought-after options on the market.

They manufacture and design riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, red dots, and more in their modern American family-owned facility.

Vortex Optics products come with a VIP Warranty that ensures they remain in excellent condition for the lifetime of the item. Should any damage, defect, or manufacturing issue arise, Vortex Optics will repair or replace your product at no additional cost to you.


A Vortex night vision scope is the ideal option for hunters who need to see what they’re shooting at in the dark. It boasts high-quality optics and comes with an exceptional warranty, plus it’s remarkably lightweight and durable – making it a great addition to any rifle.

Night vision scopes are specialized rifle scopes that utilize technology to illuminate an image in the dark. Their special reticle allows you to see what you’re shooting at even when the sun has set.

Night vision scopes come in two varieties: digital and thermal. Digital devices function similarly to regular digital cameras that have been tuned for use in dim light conditions, while thermal scopes use infrared heat to generate an image.

When most people envision night vision scopes, green phosphor screens come to mind. But other color options exist as well – white phosphor being one of them. Many hunters and shooters prefer this option due to its enhanced contrast without producing eye strain.

When purchasing night vision devices, another factor to consider is how long the battery will last. Generally, these cameras run on batteries that provide 150 hours or more at maximum brightness and 30,000 hours at minimum brightness.

Longer battery life is essential for night vision scopes, as it helps you remain sighted and ensure the device works correctly. Most NV scopes use CR1632 batteries which are easy to replace and resistant to gun recoil.

For long-range hunting at long distances, the Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15×50 rifle scope is your ideal option. This scope features a Second Focal Plane reticle that stays the same size regardless of zooming in or out.

This scope boasts a wide field of view and can detect targets up to 400 yards away. Its reticles are easy to read and use, making them an ideal choice for anyone new to night vision. Furthermore, its reticles are adjustable – an essential feature for those wanting the most from their scope.


Your Vortex night vision scope’s reticle feature allows you to identify and track targets more precisely, increasing accuracy when hitting your target. Furthermore, this reticle can estimate distance and wind correction – useful information when hunting or performing tactical operations.

A reticle is a symbol that appears on the front of a scope, typically depicted as either a dot or a line. Depending on user preference, this reticle can be illuminated with a red or green light for enhanced visibility.

When the reticle is illuminated, you can see it in low-light conditions. This helps you identify targets during dusk and dawn.

Many Vortex riflescopes feature this feature. You can select from various brightness levels and turn them on or off the reticle with buttons located on the left side of the device.

Another advantage of a reticle is that it is unaffected by changes in magnification. This property can be extremely convenient, as you no longer need to constantly reposition your sight picture when changing up the scope’s magnification setting.

The reticle feature isn’t always necessary, but it can add to the visual appeal of your optics and give you a better sense of your target. This is especially useful in low-light situations when identifying groups of individuals more accurately.

Reticles are much simpler to use and adjust than other night vision equipment, making them the go-to choice for many users. Plus, reticle compatibility extends beyond night vision devices; it works with various other devices like laser range finders as well.

When looking for a riflescope, it is essential to take into account all features and specifications of the product. Doing this will allow you to make an informed decision that meets your needs.

If you’re searching for a top-tier, high-performance optic that’s both user-friendly and dependable, the Vortex Crossfire II 1-4×24 should be at the top of your list. This scope offers exceptional clarity as well as an incredibly versatile top-end magnification at an unbeatable price point.

Battery life

A vortex night vision scope is an excellent option for hunters and law enforcement officers who need to get close to their targets. These devices can help acquire targets quickly, potentially saving lives. Make sure your optic has a long battery life; making the choice now will pay off in the future.

A high-quality vortex night vision scope should come with a lifetime warranty that covers all parts and materials. This guarantee eliminates any worries about potential issues with the device, plus it helps you get your money back if something goes awry with it.

Vortex Optics offers exceptional customer support as well as design, engineering, and pre-inspection of its products at its modern American family-owned facility. This ensures they offer high-quality items at an unbeatable price point.

If you need a reliable and powerful night vision scope that will last for years to come, the Vortex Sparc AR should be your top choice. This site is designed specifically for AR-type rifles with 10 brightness levels (the lowest two are compatible with night vision), as well as an impressively long battery life of 300 hours at maximum illumination and 5000 hours at minimum illumination.

The Sparc AR features an intuitive user interface that enables you to adjust magnification and reticle settings according to your requirements. Plus, its quick zoom lever lets you quickly switch between shots for optimal clarity.

Furthermore, the reticle is highly accurate and versatile enough for use at any range. This versatility makes it ideal for all sorts of target engagements – including small game hunting or predators.

EOTech’s XPS-3 Holographic Sight is an excellent option for shooters looking to hone their shooting skills. It features a fast holographic display, 4 night-vision compatible settings, a dedicated night-vision button, a larger viewing window, and FHQ technology which virtually eliminates stray light emissions for zero forward signature. Plus, its low weight makes it perfect even for law enforcement professionals on the go.


If you’re searching for a lightweight and compact scope, Vortex has some models that meet this criterion.

The Viper PST Gen II is an excellent option if you need a lightweight scope with some of the features expected in an NV optic. Furthermore, its versatility makes it suitable for use on various rifles.

It may not be the lightest NV scope available, but it weighs in at just under 22 ounces – on the lighter end for a 1-6×24 scope. That being said, it still isn’t as lightweight as some of the higher-powered alternatives available.

On the contrary, this model boasts many of the features typically associated with more expensive models. It has an IR reticle activated by pressing a button, as well as a digital compass and laser range finder, plus it includes an embedded communications system that enables soldiers to wirelessly tag waypoints, targets, and friends.

I’ve used this scope on multiple rifles, and it has held up admirably. Watertight (O-ring sealed) and fog proof (nitrogen purged), it has withstood drops, scratches, and some abuse well.

Another feature I appreciate is the quick-detachable turrets, which allow for rapid access to aiming points in an emergency. Plus, there’s an external rotation indicator that shows which turret is turned left or right.

You can also use the turrets to fine-tune your reticle. They offer coarse adjustments of 1/2 MOA, which should be enough for most calibers without allowing you to drift too far off target.

Vortex offers a selection of night vision scopes (NV scopes) suitable for use on various rifle types, from bolt-action deer rifles to fast-shooting ARs. They come with various magnifications and can be combined with various accessories like night vision goggles, laser range finders, and tactical flashlights.