Walker’s Razor Slim Ultra Low Profile Compact Design Adjustable Range Shooting Headphones

Walkers Razor Slim Ultra Low Profile Compact Design Adjustable Range Shoot

The Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Ear Muffs feature 23 dB of noise reduction and low noise/frequency tuning. They are comfortable and feature a metal-wire framed headband. The ear muffs are also compatible with compatible devices.

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The slim design makes them a great choice for long gun shooters. The lightweight design keeps them from being too uncomfortable while shooting. They also work to reduce the volume of sound, which makes them easier to carry. In addition, they connect to any standard receiver.

The slim electronic ear muffs provide optimum hearing protection, thanks to its slim design. The low-profile ear cups are about an inch thick, while the ear cup houses a microphone and speaker, as well as wizardry to connect them. The headphones use two AA batteries.

The Razor Slim electronic ear muffs are designed with a low profile and adjustable range. They offer high-end audio quality and a 0.002 second response time. The ear muffs also include an audio input jack.

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