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what are the best compound bows

Buying a new compound bow can be a tricky process. You’re going to need to do your homework and do some research to figure out what are the best. This is especially true if you’re going to buy a bow for competition. There are certain things that you should look for in a bow, such as speed, weight, and durability. You’ll also want to know the cost and what kind of warranty you’ll get with the bow.

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PSE Xpedite

Whether you are in the market for an aluminum flagship or are simply in the market for a new arrow to drop, PSE has you covered. With a variety of models to choose from and a slew of carbon flagships, you can’t go wrong. Xpedite is no different. The PSE Xpedite has the right blend of performance and fit. The Xpedite is outfitted with a cable-containment system that’s unlike anything else on the market. This makes it a no-brainer for hunters looking to add a little oomph to their game.

For starters, the Xpedite comes equipped with an adjustable cable guard with roller guides. The company also offers a Wedgelock that cradles last two inches of limbs. This is a nice touch and helps to ensure that the bow is always in tip-top shape. The Xpedite is not for the faint of heart though.

Xpedite also boasts a highly adjustable cam design that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Its top end boasts 352 or 360 fps depending on what modules you choose. You’ll also find a lower stabilizer mounting system that will help you get the most out of your archery budget. With an MSRP of just over $500, the Xpedite is certainly the best buy in its class. Regardless of your preferences, you can rest assured that your new Xpedite will be a pleasure to use.

Sanlida Archery Dragon X8

SANLIDA has long been known as the name of the game when it comes to making quality archery equipment available to the masses at a price that’s affordable. Its top of the line bows are typically a fraction of what some of the more popular brands charge. In fact, the company has been at the forefront of bringing high end gear to the entry level crowd for the past few decades.

The Dragon X8 is no exception, and it is a great looking bow with a short 30in axle to axle and a strong and stable aluminum alloy riser. Aside from the impressive looking arrow, the X8 packs a few high end tricks up its sleeve, including the largest draw weight ever seen on a Sanlida compound bow. Despite its modest frame, it still delivers impressive arrow speeds, a feat made all the more noteworthy by the fact that it was designed to accommodate an incredibly wide range of draw weights.

Regardless of the size of your budget, the Dragon X8 is an absolute steal. For around $800, you can get your hands on the high end of the market and get your shot off. Aside from the aforementioned stipulation, the X8 comes with an assortment of standard archery requisites such as a Hori-Zone bow quiver, a Springer release aid, a dozen carbon arrows, and a few other goodies.


Designed to fit the needs of the average archer, the Divergent compound bows by Bear are ideal for anyone looking for an affordable, high-performance bow. This lightweight bow is easy to carry and features several design features that are often found in high-end bows.

The Divergent’s Trophy Ridge React H4 sight offers ultra-bright fiber optics, a rheostat light, and a full containment Whisker Biscuit arrow rest. The bow also features hybrid cams, which allow you to adjust your draw length from 25.5″ to 30″ in half-inch increments.

The bow’s sleek string stop reduces vibration and noise. The bow is outfitted with a Narogrip grip and cable guard, which helps make this bow easier to use.

The Divergent has a 28-inch ATA, which is great for smaller archers. It shoots arrows at speeds of 338 fps. This bow is outfitted with a short axle-to-axle, which makes it a great choice for shooting from stands or blinds.

The bow is available in 45- to 60-pound weight options. You can find the Bear Divergent at chain stores like Cabela’s and online at Bear Archery. This bow is a great value and represents years of research and development by the company.

The Divergent’s Trophy Ridge react H4 sight is suitable for all archers. It offers quick, on-the-fly adjustments. The rheostat light allows you to adjust your arrow’s flight in seconds, even in dim light. The bow also comes with an allen wrench for setup.


Spectra-E is Darton’s latest compound bow and is a serious contender to be the bow to beat. This model takes the Darton Spectra name into a new direction that is not available on the previous generation hunting bows. This model boasts a number of features that will make it stand out from the crowd.

The Spectra-e has a few features that are worth mentioning, such as the Equalizer Cable System, which is a fancy schmancy name for a feature that provides balanced shooting by balancing the weight of the limbs. This is important to all archers, but especially bow hunters.

The Equalizer Cable System, or ECSL for short, is a technological marvel that will give you the confidence to take on the toughest shots. While it may not have a hefty price tag, the peace of mind it will provide will be well worth it.

The other notable feature on the Spectra-e is the ASYM Tri-Track Cam System, which offers micro adjustments in 1/4 inch increments. This is the technology that allows you to let off 70 to 90 percent of the arrow’s energy. This will give you a more consistent draw, and help to reduce the amount of hand shock you will feel.

The Spectra-E may not be the fastest compound bow on the market, but it is a sweet-shooting machine. Its 32-inch frame makes it easy to shoot. It’s also built on the Maverick XT riser system, which provides stability and balance.

Elite Enkore

Among the many compound bows on the market, the Elite EnKore is designed with shoot-ability in mind. It is a well balanced bow with a solid back wall and wide-stance BulletProof limbs. It also features a comfortable and smooth draw. This makes it the perfect choice for hunters who are looking for a bow that provides comfort and shootability.

Compared to other compound bows on the market, the EnKore is priced lower. The bow also features similar specifications to other bows in this category. The IBO speed rating is 340 fps, which means it can shoot a 468-grain Easton 6.5mm Acu-Carbon 340 arrow.

The EnKore also features a sleek build. It uses the ASYM Tri-Track Cam System to achieve silky smooth draw cycles. It also has a large dwell zone for a more comfortable draw.

The EnKore also includes the Versa Performance Mod. This feature allows you to tune the bow by using an electronic tuning device. You can adjust the tension of the cables on the bow’s limbs with the help of the LTR roller cable-management system.

The bow’s DeadLock Technologies are designed to help you achieve repeatable accuracy. Its unique design also helps reduce arrow noise and improve arrow light.

The Elite Precision Grip is another impressive feature. It offers an ergonomic and comfortable hand position, and it is machined directly into the riser handle. It also comes with wood side plates for added functionality.

Bowtech Solution

Designed to provide a smooth, silky draw, the Solution SD bow is a great choice for short-draw archers. Its DeadLock cam system allows for quick adjustments and permanent accuracy. It’s also ideal for spot-and-stalk hunting.

The Solution SS bow’s optimized center-pivot riser reduces post-shot vibration. It also has a low-profile Clutch Grip that’s comfortable to use. It’s available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green. The bow is also available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Realtree Edge.

This SR350 bow weighs 4.4 pounds. It’s shorter than the Solution, but its axle-to-axle length is longer. This helps to ensure that the bow stays steady at full draw. The arrow’s 371-grain weight at 281 fps creates 65 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. It also produces 0.46 slug-feet/second of momentum.

The bow features an axle-to-axle of 33 inches, which gives it a good weight. The brace height is 6.625 inches. It’s not quite as slender as the Eva Shockey Gen 2, but it’s still a nice size for female archers. It’s also easy to tune. The cams can be adjusted from Performance to Comfort settings with the simple turn of an Allen wrench.

The bow’s lightweight design makes it suitable for treestands and ground blinds. It’s also a good choice for bowhunting in the mountains. Its 32-inch axle-to-axle compound provides a smooth and accurate shooting platform. The bow is also designed to minimize pin-gapping.