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Without rambling too often, I believe it is true that Sitka Gear is definitely worth the price for numerous reasons.

 No matter if you’re an experienced hunter or are just beginning your adventure One thing that everyone who hunts recognizes is that the equipment can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful excursion.

 If you’re still not aware of Sitka You’re missing out. Sitka is among the most renowned makers of top-quality gear and camo, Sitka is a favorite for explorers and hunters of all sorts. However, with such high prices what do you think is Sitka worth the price?

This article will explain the characteristics and benefits of Sitka Gear to determine why their products come at such steep prices, so you can determine whether or not to purchase Sitka.

High-Quality (Expensive) Materials

One of the main reasons why Sitka is expensive is that they employ premium materials to make their products. This means that their products are extremely sturdy and durable.

However, that means you’ll pay the cost. Let’s take a look at the specifics of their equipment so you can determine whether their equipment is worth the cost and figure out whether Sitka is worth the price.


The last thing you’ll want to do after shelling out for any piece of equipment is to see the product end up rotting after just several short usages. With Sitka, you are assured that the equipment you purchase will endure the test of time.

This is because they utilize the combination of Gore-Tex and nylon that makes their clothes resistant to the harshest weather. All of their clothes have double stitching and reinforced seams to ensure that they stand up to the test of time.

Odor Control

We’re all aware of how smell can affect your hunt. Animals have a superior sense of smell, consequently, when hunters emit an excessive amount of odor and animals are alerted that there’s a human within the vicinity. It’s not just a matter of ruining the hunt, but it can are also a nuisance for other hunters who are part of the hunt.

Sticka Gear is a master at tackling this issue with their equipment specially designed to provide optimal control of odor. The material they employ to fight sweat is Gore Technology.

Their clothing is designed to be high-tech using GORE-TEX fabric, which is extremely breathable and effectively combat odors and sweat. How? In every square inch of the FORE-Tex membrane, nine billion tiny pores allow sweat vapor to escape. So your skin stays dry, which reduces the amount of sweating and keeps your body warm.

As if that wasn’t sufficient, Sitka makes use of Polygiene Technology that neutralizes unpleasant odors using silver salt that is antimicrobial. The naturally-occurring salt is an effective antimicrobial that blocks the growth of bacteria that cause odor and fungi, ensuring that you’re fresh and smell-free during your travels.

Cold Weather Options

In the same way that their top-quality items let water vapor rise to keep you dry, they employ advanced material to ensure you stay cool and also keep heat in.

Thanks to the Synthetic PrimaLoft Gold Insulation, which incorporates Cross Core technology, their gear is designed to maximize heat retention and keeps their gear light and bulky, meaning you’re not weighed down.

Sitka They are aware that the management of perspiration is an essential element to regulate temperature. This is why their products permit water vapors to escape through their pore technology, keeping it out of the way for external elements (like snow, rain as well as sleet) to enter through.

Warm Weather Option

In the summer heat, it’s essential to minimize the amount of heat that is retained by your equipment to help you can perform at the highest level. This is the reason why Sitka uses such great care to design a variety of products that have adequate breathability features. They offer a range of light options that allow for breathability and movement. A majority of their equipment has a body-mapped grid. The microgrid fleeces help maintain your body’s temperature.

Season-specific gear

They design their gear to ensure that body heat can escape areas that are too hot and retain heat in other colder areas so that the equipment can be used in all kinds of conditions.

It’s a good idea to avoid wearing an excessive coat in summer or if you’re in-between seasons and the weather is unpredictable depending on the season, you can wear seasonal equipment that can be used regardless of the conditions.

Quality and Relaxation

Although they are expensive there is no doubt that their clothes and accessories are extremely comfortable. The fabric is extremely soft, which makes this equipment extremely comfortable. Certain trousers and jackets are so smooth and silky that it is like wearing pajamas. Not bad for hunting in freezing winter weather.

Also, soft pockets, as well as flip-over hand-muffs and face masks with built-in features, ensure that the equipment is easy to use and also comfortable.

Get Yourself Dressed Up With These Sitka Suggestions

You could protect yourself from head to the toe in Sitka Gear if you were inclined to do so. This will allow you to feel at ease knowing that you’re wearing top-quality clothes that are designed to last longer than the typical life span of clothing.

Here are six suggestions of what you could pick from the wide Sitka Gear collection.

Weather Jacket Cold Weather Jacket

Incinerator Aerolite Jacket

This jacket is among the warmest whitetail jacket with a waterproof lining available. It’s made of GORE-TEX material to keep you warm during the hunting in the late season in the event of snow or rain settling on.

It includes features like synthesized PrimaLoft Gold Insulation that incorporates Cross Core technology and has a lightly brushed finish to help eliminate water.

Warm Weather Jacket

Kelvin Active Jacket

This jacket is one that the hunter who is active wears because of its lightweight and breathable fabric.

It is made of an 80g Polartec Alpha Insulation plus a DWR-treated nylon face that reduces noise. It can be used as a light outer layer in mild weather conditions, or as a comfortable middle layer in hot weather.

Weather Pants Cold Weather Pants

Timberline Pant

This softshell pant provides the type of clothing that you require when scrambling or stalking in the most difficult conditions in the backcountry in mid-to late-season hunts.

The reinforced nylon knees and seats provide waterproof protection. It is also breathable, which keeps your body cool.

Active Pants

Traverse Pant

This is a light pant that is intended to be worn by hunters who are likely to cover many terrains and want the flexibility to move free of any limitations. It is made of a 4-way stretch polyester to ensure a perfect fit and ease of use.

Early Season T-shirt

Ascent Shirt

A breathable, breathable shirt with UPF protection. It is designed for the warmer temperatures that are common in early-season hunting conditions. It’s backed with mesh to let you breathe and zippered chest pockets.

Cold Climate Shirt

Zip-T Heavyweight

The shirt is made of lofted fleece insulation. It is high-yielding with a zipper to let it warm. It comes with built-in scent control through the Permanent Polygiene(r) Odor Control Technology. This is the kind of mid-layer shirt that a hunter who is blind or stand-based needs to stay warm while spending long periods in the sun.

Innovative Design – Practical Features

Sure, every hunting coat will come with pockets for hand warming pouches However, Sitka is one step further by offering an improved design that includes a lot of useful features.

For instance, many of their winter clothes have an intelligent design that features a waterproof bottom to ensure that your bottom remains dry even when you sit down. They also have knees with reinforced joints (with a pad that can be removed) to shield your joints and knees as you travel through the wilderness.

To further enhance the design, the pants feature soft snaps that mean you can access everything in your bag without alerting animals that you’re near.

Advance Camo and Concealed

The quality lies in their clothing’s design and how they perform and also their appearance. Like any hunter that a top-quality camo style is essential to the successful hunting experience.

Sitka’s gear is specifically designed for extreme, intense environments (like deserts) that can be difficult for other camo clothing and styles. With their highly advanced design and camouflage, you’ll be assured that you’ll blend into any setting at any time.

But, Sitka Gear may not be the best choice for those who don’t care about the way they appear, and simply need gear that doesn’t alter their human profile/outlines and is not concerned about camo.

The Brand and the Marketing

It’s not a surprise that Sitka is among the most prestigious companies that sell high-end hunting equipment. What did they do to the top? Yes, it’s a fantastic product but also marketing, marketing, and marketing.

They must pay for these costs somehow and that cost is built into their price. In a sense, you’re paying them to market themselves to the premium market for camo. Although the price they pay for marketing might result in Sitka equipment being expensive, however, it’s their way of getting the word out to promote these high-quality products.


What is it that makes Sitka such a costly place? There’s a reason behind the reason they’re priced so high. They employ high-end components to make their gear perform superior to their rivals. Since it’s made from such high-quality, durable products, you’ll know that when you purchase their equipment, it will last for the rest of your life.

Overall, Sitka is a premium gear manufacturer that might be the perfect choice for some, but not for other people. If you’re worried about cost, you might want to check out deals or sales if intrigued by the equipment but are concerned about it is beyond your budget.

Through the Way

A brief disclaimer here…I am not associated with Sitka Gear, nor has Sitka Gear paid me to write this article. This is just my personal opinion based on my own experience and observations.

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