when to make mock scrapes

Making mock scrapes is a great way to attract a buck, but you should also take other information into consideration before you make your setup. You should consider your target buck’s bedding habits, preferred food sources, and favorite scrape sites. Then, you can make a realistic mock scrape based on that information.

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Staging areas near food

Mock scrapes are an effective tool to use when scouting deer. They encourage staging near food and can keep deer out of shooting windows. They also focus deer’s attention away from hunters. If done properly, mock scrapes can help you get a quartering shot when a buck enters a field.

Mock scrapes can be done in several different ways. Some scrapes take place during the day, while others happen during nighttime. In some situations, exposing the soil near the staging area is enough to jumpstart the fake scrapes. However, the scrapes may not be realistic in all cases. While scraping is usually a nocturnal activity, there are times when a buck will do it during daylight hours.

The best way to create a realistic mock scrape is to create staging areas near food and mineral sources. These staging areas are similar to the locations where deer use waterholes. They are used as glue to connect other habitat features, and they should be situated where food and timbered travel corridors meet.

A staging area can be a few different things, but in general, it’s the location where deer spend the day before they move on to the food plot. It can be an area for doe family groups and buck sign. These areas are usually located around 150 yards from a food plot. They are also good places to see bedding from doe families.

Mock scrapes are an excellent cover option. A mature buck will respond to fake scents if he recognizes them. These are especially effective if you are observing late-cycle unbred does. The bucks will filter out these women quickly.

Licking branches

One way to mimic the behavior of a deer is to create a mock scrape. The key to creating a mock scrape is to carefully choose the location of the scrape. The best location is on the edge of a field or the intersection of several trails. A tree with overhanging limbs is ideal. However, the perfect licking branch is rarely available.

It is best to use a licking branch that is about 5-6 feet off the ground. The location of the licking branch depends on the area, the type of tree, and the preferences of individual bucks. The licking branch is best installed prior to attaching the baseplate, so the branch can be properly placed.

Bucks don’t always make scrapes under licking branches. However, they do use licking branches to leave scent all year long. When rut time comes, they will begin scraping the ground and leaving scent at licking branches. This behavior can be imitated by setting up stands near licking branches.

After determining the location of the mock scrape, the hunter must choose a branch that is high enough to create an effective mock scrape. Depending on the location, a beech branch will be a better option than a large, unbranched tree. Adding scent to a branch will make it look like the deer are actually using the scrape. Make sure to use a branch that is at least five feet off the ground, with a branch that is broken and worn down.

Adding hemp rope to a branch or vine is also another way to enhance the mock scrape. The hemp rope will trigger the same behavior as the small sapling, triggering a deer’s interest.

Buck urine

Mock scrapes can be dangerous if you don’t use the proper technique. A mature buck is very observant and knows what its primary predator smells like. He also knows the shape, size, and sound of humans. In addition, he knows that humans have a lot of tools that can hurt him. Luckily, mock scrapes are relatively safe and effective if you use the right timing and placement.

The best place to make a mock scrape is near bedding areas. Buck urine can also be used as a cover scent. This will make buck curious enough to scratch the scent off of branches. You can use timed droppers to reduce the need to visit a mock scrape frequently.

Buck urine is more effective when used in pre-rut stages. It works best when applied early to mid-pre-rut, but once the rut starts, it’s less effective. Nonetheless, it can still be effective throughout the rest of the season. Moreover, it’s safe to use buck urine in pre-rut to attract does, but it’s less effective during the rut.

To mimic the buck’s behavior, try to replicate a scrape with a branch that he uses to interact with. Usually, a branch at least five feet off the ground is a good choice. If you don’t have a branch near where he interacts, you can transplant the branch and attach it to an oak tree nearby.

Another method is to scratch a mock scrape into the ground when hunting. It’s best to make these mock scrapes when the buck is actively searching for does. A buck will see and smell the freshly made scrape if it’s in a high-percentage area.

Synthetic urine

When to make mock scrapes with synthetic urinary scent is up to you. Some users have had great success using scent drags as early as 100 to 300 yards from the stand. Mock scrapes can be a powerful hunting tool if they’re used correctly.

A good way to attract deer to your property is to use synthetic urine in mock scrapes. Its scent attracts deer and will entice a buck to scratch off your scent. If you can get a deer to scratch off your fake scrape, you’ll have a better chance of catching him! Mock scrapes with synthetic urine can also be mixed with the scent of a female. Using synthetic urine in this manner will trick a buck into thinking a female in heat is attracted to another buck, which will increase his chances of becoming aggressive.

There are several advantages to using synthetic urine in mock scrapes. First, it’s more affordable than odor killers. Second, it’s easier to use. Several manufacturers offer synthetic urine scents. These scents can last for a long time, unlike real urine. They’re also more easily transportable and don’t spread CWD.

Mock scrapes are most effective when used early in the season when deer are less likely to visit your property. Since a buck has little interest in them until breeding season, they’ll be less likely to visit if the scent is artificial. However, if you’re planning on a mock scrape after rut, use it after the rut. Otherwise, it will scare the buck.

Tarsal gland scent

When making mock scrapes, it is important to wear scent-eliminating clothing and durable rubber boots. This will provide a barrier against the scent dispersing from the area. In addition, you should avoid scratching the dirt or stepping in the scrape. If you can, wear latex gloves to protect your skin from the scent. These gloves can be easily stored.

In the past, hunters have used the tarsal glands of deer for scenting. However, these glands are often missed by hunters. Hunters are now able to buy bottled tarsal gland scent. Some companies even provide a deer scent in each bottle.

Using scent can help you better understand the behaviors of bucks. In some cases, scent is important for attracting big bucks. Putting a scent on a branch or tree makes it seem more realistic. In other cases, it helps you attract big bucks during the daytime.

The scent of tarsal glands is a good indicator of an approaching deer. Tarsal glands contain urine, lipids, and bacteria. Some of these can make people sick. However, the scent shouldn’t be too strong because it will scare away deer. If you can’t use the scent right away, you can freeze it in a ziplock bag and store it in the freezer.

If you plan to use scents in mock scrapes, you need to choose a location where the buck is likely to visit. Choose an area where there is a low hanging branch. This is the most important part of a deer scrape because this is where the scent of the buck is deposited. Try to tie the branch to the tree that the buck prefers.

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