Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

best knife for skinning hogs

If you are a meat lover, you may be wondering which is the best knife for skinning a pig. There are a variety of different knives that are perfect for skinning pigs. The Dexter-Russell 6-inch blade is a good example of a knife that is well-suited for hog skinning. It features a perfect bevel ratio and unique honed blade. Its polypropylene handle has grooved texture. The carbon-steel blade is also sharp and has good edge retention quality.

Case Folding Hunter

A good knife for skinning hogs is a must for any hunter. While normal hunting methods may work, they will not produce the same results. To skin a hog, you will need a knife that has a flexible, multi-purpose blade. The Case Folding Hunter skinning knife has two blades: a multi-purpose clip blade and a dedicated skinner blade.

This blade shape features a concave drop at the end of the blade and a straight spine. This feature improves balance and places the blade tip closer to the center line. Case’s highly rated Hunter knife has this style of blade. If you are skinning hogs, you’ll appreciate its convenience and precision. If you’re planning to skin a hog on the farm, you’ll want to invest in a knife that will do the job in a quick and effective manner.

ATS 34: ATS 34 is a high-carbon stainless steel that undergoes a cryogentic process, which makes it perfect for hunting knives. This type of steel is also used by custom knife makers, including Case. Case first used ATS 34 steel in the limited production Tony Bose knives. It has a distinctly orange-black color, and is stamped with the name of the company. The knife’s cover typically features a metal strip on the mark side.

Outdoor Edge RazorBlaze RB-20

The Outdoor Edge RazorBlaze RB 20 knife for skinning hogs is a well-made field-dressing tool with a replaceable blade system. This replaceable blade system makes it easy to replace a dull blade. The blade system supports the knife’s cutting edge to prevent the blade from breaking or becoming dull. The knife comes with six replacement blades and a Mossy Oak sheath.

The Razor-Pro is available with six 3.5-inch replacement blades. The knife also comes with a nylon sheath with pockets to hold other knives and supplies. It’s available with a black or blaze-orange handle, or with a KRYPTEK(r) camo sheath. The orange handle makes it easy to spot on the ground.


The USMC KA-BAR is a large, heavy-duty knife that is capable of batoning larger pieces of wood than most survival knives. If used by a Neanderthal, the knife may end up damaging the protective guard. But the ka-bar has many benefits that make it a viable option for skinning hogs. Here are some advantages:

This high-quality hunting knife comes with a leather sheath and is remarkably sharp. It is highly recommended for experienced boar hunters and includes a complimentary leather sheath. The 656 Pursuit Large is another great option, as it uses legendary heat-treating to create the ultimate blade for pig skinning. With its wide blade, it is strong enough to pierce thick hides. It is lightweight and has no handguard.

Another advantage of the Ka-Bar knife is its ease of sharpening. Its seven-inch blade is made of tough 1095 Cro-Van, which is the best steel for modern fixed-blades. KA-BAR also adds chromium and vandium to make the blade resistant to corrosion. A blade with this combination of materials is easy to sharpen, so you can make it sharp as needed. Another important feature is its clip-point blade, which has a distinctive “clip” near the tip. It has a beveled edge for ease of penetration in tactical situations. Most reviewers fail to note this important detail.


When it comes to hog skinning knives, one of the most well-known brands is Dexter-Russell. Its six-inch blade is honed for perfect bevel ratio and comes with a polypropylene handle with a grooved texture. Its carbon-steel blade is sharp and retains its edge well. It is ideal for the home skinner who wants to save money on the purchase.

Dexter-Russell has a variety of styles and materials for its knives. Its butcher knives come with a non-slip grip that’s easy to clean. These knives also feature a patented Sani-Safe handle that’s impervious to moisture and high and low temperatures. These quality knives are dishwasher-safe and designed for commercial kitchen use.

If you’re planning to skin hogs at home, a Dexter-Russell knife for pigs is the perfect choice. Its curved blade and strong steel will allow you to get the job done quickly and effectively. With a knife that’s made with commercial skinning in mind, you can be confident that it’ll last you for a long time.